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  1. No problem, as it was for someone in Europe, I figured the search engine might not figure out the error like it would for someone in Canada or even the USA
  2. I think it is MCI racing if I recall
  3. looks good, thats to bad for the minor car crash, but considering how many police cars get rolled and crashed in the tv show, it just adds some character
  4. Ok, thanks, that body should work pretty much perfectly for me, thanks again for the measurements, I will probably get myself one of those soon.
  5. Ok, that is promising, and the wheels can still retract into the body when the suspension is depressed? (They aren't rubbing on the body)
  6. Ok thanks, because they do build in extra room, because the tires are 190mm wide, so they make the bodies a little wider so the tires don't rub, how much wider varies by manufacturer, but some definitely make it more then is needed, and all I really need is like 5 more mm!
  7. Yeah, I right now an using the team bluegroove body, which is supposed to be like 185mm so smaller, and I just cut out the wheel wells bigger with the wheels protruding, but as it's real world track is closer to 190/195mm, I was wondering if the "190mm"of the kyosho body might have meant more like 200/205mm real world measurements
  8. Ok, just wondering as my RC car is 195mm front and 200 rear, if it did fit it would be really tight, like within 3-5mm
  9. Thanks, could I get the front and rear track width as well, thanks again.
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