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Found 25 results

  1. Dukes are up to the usual shenanigans again this time Ponch and Jon get involved It takes place around 1978-79 Ponch and Jon get lost and wind up in Hazzard County Jail and of course, the Duke boys “bail” them out then all the fun begins.
  2. Byron Cherry(Coy Duke) and Christopher Mayer(Vance Duke) mysterious disappearance on this animated series when Tom Wopat (Luke Duke) and John Schneider(Bo Duke) return. Any of y'all out there on HazzardNet with yer ears on have any theories as to why the departure is not explained like it was in the live action series? Had to vent. This is something about the cartoon that bugs me.
  3. Hello y'all! Would any of the fanfic writers here on the HazzardNet be interested in writing stories with me? Or can I join in on a story of y'alls?
  4. Dukes Trivia: The Dukes of Hazzard(1979-1985)shared some of the writers and directors from Gilligan's Island(1964-1967). T or F?
  5. Dukes Trivia: What are The Dukes of Hazzard connections to The Andy Griffith Show?
  6. Y'all I'm interested in writing Dukes of Hazzard fanfics in the Round Robins category. Looking for a writing partner. Roger Duke ya interested cousin?
  7. Hey y'all. Anyone of you have this classic guide book to the series?
  8. Hey y'all. I am a fan of everything Dukes old original and new. When someone enjoys 2005 abd 2007, does it make 'em less of a fan?
  9. If Hazzard County had baseball, soccer, hockey etc. teams, what would they be called?
  10. If any of y'all could sit down and have dinner and a beer or a moonshine with any Dukes cast member, who would it be and why?
  11. 1. Sheriff Rosco P. Coltrane 2. Deputy Enos Strate 3. Deputy Cletus Hogg 4. Deputy Wilbur Fudge 5. Sheriff Big Ed Little 6. Sheriff Floyd 7. Sheriff Emmitt "Spike" Loomis 8. Sheriff Snead 9. Sheriff Ragsdale 10. Finchburg Sheriff
  12. Dukes Trivia: What are The Dukes of Hazzard connections to Gilligan's Island?
  13. Let's all start a Dukes of Hazzard Book Club. Who all has read David Hofstede's The Unofficial Companion and Billie Rae Bates Them Dukes Them Dukes and Eric Alter's Gone Racin', Richard Jensen's Trespass in Hazzard County, Jon Holland's The Roads Back to Early Hazzard etc. And what did y'all think of the books?
  14. Who do y'all think the most attractive female guest/minor character on The Dukes of Hazzard was? Remember these are characters who only appeared one or a few times, not counting Catherine Bach/Daisy Duke. If possible, include pictures. (If this hasn't already been done before.).
  15. Dukes of Hazzard Fun Fact: Did y'all know the General Lee's confederate flag was originally planned for the hood, but WB decided when they saw the design on paper that it looked stupid that way, so they moved it to the roof? And originally, the car was to be called Traveller #99 and be primer gray.
  16. From the album: stand

    these pic rock
  17. Hello, first time poster. I made a Dukes of Hazzard / General Lee inspired electric guitar that I thought Dukes of Hazzard enthusiasts may be interested in checking out. I stripped and repainted it in the General Lee image, and wired in a device to play the car horn ("Dixie") with a press of a button through the amp. View the following youtube video to check it out. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J3Jyo--GwtM Thanks!
  18. Do any of y'all know anyway to watch/download the Moonrunners film free and without viruses/spyware?
  19. Hello, im new to the whole dukes of hazzard thing and so far ive only watched one season, and its so funny and i love the feeling of the show, it has a homely vibe to it, but i cant find the english subtitles for season 2 ANYWHERE! could anyone please email me the subtitles for every season from season 2 onwards? My email is mmo_gamer_pro@hotmail.com, yeah dont judge me, i made it when i was 12 and that was more than a decade ago.
  20. Forgive me if I've placed this in the wrong section. I'm new here and am still trying to navigate my way around. I just posted an introduction to myself in the Introduce Yourself section. Go check it out. The reason for this post is to see if anyone would like to re-watch the show from the beginning. I am starting Season 1 early next week! Whoever else wants to, we can discuss the episodes as we watch them! Just let me know =D
  21. Over at Fanfiction.net, there is a new DOH Round Robin thread!! This one is a little bit different than others I've seen. It came from an idea that my husband's football forum did, and it seemed like a lot of fun. Whereas most RR's have each person either choose a character or write an entire chapter, for this RR everyone is limited to 2 sentences per post to continue the story and can write about or introduce any character they choose. With only 2 sentences at a time, things can turn goofy or crazy pretty quick - my husband's RR ended up with space aliens taking over Monday Night Football. You can find the Round Robin HERE, or under the the Dukes of Hazzard forum section, please read the info before posting. Come over and have some fun!!
  22. Hello, my name is Driver. I wanted to join this forum because I've decided to re-watch The Dukes of Hazzard series from the beginning and I thought it would be fun to talk to other fans of the show. To be honest, I have not watched it since the first run in the 80s. With the exception of a few reruns of course. I've recently had the yearning to fully immerse myself into the program again. Not only to watch it but to talk about and hear about different aspects of the filming, actors, settings and era of The Dukes of Hazzard. I also have a special story of meeting the cast when I was a child. I would like to share it once I get to know the people on here! My DVD of Season 1 should arrive Monday and I am excited to re-live the memories. Anyone else who would like to start over from the beginning and watch with me, let me know! It would be great to experience it with you!
  23. John..John..John! I want to meet John! Oh how I wish I could meet John! He's not just my favorite Duke, but my favorite actor and all time favorite celebrity. John..John..John, I want to meet John..I've been to Dukesfest, I got his autograph there, but that is not what I mean. An autograph, when you really think about it, is just a line or two and a name scribled across something. Standing in an autograph line for an hour or two hours or longer, waiting for a few seconds while an autograph is scribled out, then being rushed out the door, that is not actually meeting someone, not to me it isn't...John..John..John..Oh how I long to meet John! I'd like to have an hour with him, just an hour, that is all. An hour with just me and John, just to sit, have coffee or tea or whatever and chat and tell him that I think he's an awesome actor and what a kick I got out of Collier and Company....an opportunity also, to get to know him, just a little. Get to know HIM, the real John, not just some character that he played...John..John..John...Oh how I wish I could meet John..I could go on and on and on..but I'll stop now..I think you all get the idea, I really want to meet John! (p.s. I'm not really a mad woman, just honest...and I think lots of people have at least one person they'd really like to meet and have an opportunity to sit and talk with for a while, even if they don't express the desire as I have just done) Keep it 'tween the ditches y'all!
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