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    I am 3_ years old, I grew up for the most part in Georgia in addition to Texas and Kentucky
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    Atlanta, Georgia
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    I enjoy the outdoors, adventure, crossword puzzles and board games. I'm an artist & huge music lover

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  1. I actually have the first three seasons waiting to watch but am only on episode 8 of the first season. I'm taking my time so that I enjoy it. It is actually going to take some getting used to the change after episode five. I much preferred the episodes filmed in Georgia. It seemed more authentic.
  2. Well I'll risk being repetivie ;). LOL. Welcome to HNet. Always great to meet old and new Duke fans. Welcome aboard!

  3. Welcome to the HazzardNet!

  4. Hey Chris! I'm Driver. New here as well. It's cool to find someone from across the pond that is a fan of the show. I'm re-watching the series from the beginning. I start next week. I'm excited!
  5. Hey, I'm Driver. New here as well. Funny and eerie thing is my headline on here is almost exactly the same as yours haha I think we may be the same age. I believe I was about 4 or 5 when the show started! Lookforward to discussing it with you.
  6. Hey muddyk! My name is Driver. I'm new as well. I'll keep you in my prayers as you're serving us proudly. I grew up watching the Dukes and I look forward to discussing it with you!
  7. Hey Conall. My name is Driver. I'm new as well. I can't wait to discuss Dukes memories from our childhood!
  8. Hey Tammy! I'm Driver. New here as well. It's great to see your son is a fan of the show. I grew up on it when it first ran. I never will forget the memories! I'm just now re-starting the series after all these years. I'm starting Season 1 next week! I'm excited to discuss it with everyone!
  9. Hey Terry, I'm Driver. New on here as well! Look forward to talking and re-living Dukes memories. I'm re-watching the series starting with Season 1 later this week. I'm excited
  10. Hey Daisy, I'm Driver! New here as well. I'm going to re-watch the series. I start Season 1 later this week. If you want to do the same, I look forward to discussing it with you! Hey, I want a CB! Haha
  11. Forgive me if I've placed this in the wrong section. I'm new here and am still trying to navigate my way around. I just posted an introduction to myself in the Introduce Yourself section. Go check it out. The reason for this post is to see if anyone would like to re-watch the show from the beginning. I am starting Season 1 early next week! Whoever else wants to, we can discuss the episodes as we watch them! Just let me know =D
  12. Hello, my name is Driver. I wanted to join this forum because I've decided to re-watch The Dukes of Hazzard series from the beginning and I thought it would be fun to talk to other fans of the show. To be honest, I have not watched it since the first run in the 80s. With the exception of a few reruns of course. I've recently had the yearning to fully immerse myself into the program again. Not only to watch it but to talk about and hear about different aspects of the filming, actors, settings and era of The Dukes of Hazzard. I also have a special story of meeting the cast when I was a child. I would like to share it once I get to know the people on here! My DVD of Season 1 should arrive Monday and I am excited to re-live the memories. Anyone else who would like to start over from the beginning and watch with me, let me know! It would be great to experience it with you!
  13. Welcome to HazzardNet :).

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