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    I love old american cars of the 60's and 70's, i also love american and european, australian music from the 60's, 70's and 80's, that should tell you all about me
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    pakistan, lahore
  1. Hello, im new to the whole dukes of hazzard thing and so far ive only watched one season, and its so funny and i love the feeling of the show, it has a homely vibe to it, but i cant find the english subtitles for season 2 ANYWHERE! could anyone please email me the subtitles for every season from season 2 onwards? My email is mmo_gamer_pro@hotmail.com, yeah dont judge me, i made it when i was 12 and that was more than a decade ago.
  2. Hey guys, i just recently got into the dukes of hazzard thing, and i love the feel of the show, i finished the first season and im on the second one right now, the problem is i cant find subtitles for any season except for season 1, atleast in english, so if anyone could send me the subtitles for season 2 and onwards i would be eternally greatful, the show is hilarious!
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