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  1. Ha! Don't feel bad. I have cable internet. Now normally, that would be a good thing. However, I live in this somewhat crummy apartment complex. There is some sort of equipment on the side of my building, put there by the cable company, which is supposed to allow for anyone in this building that pays for Internet access to receive it. Well, the thing is, that equipment is very old, worn out and faulty! The repair guys, from the cable company, who are here often to work on someone's cable or internet, says that the equipment on the building actually needs to be replaced. It isn't really any good any more and is the reason that every tenant in this building has problems with their cable and/or internet service often. Anyway, I guess the landlord has to okay it for the cable company to replace that equipment, which our landlord, who doesn't live in this building and therefore doesn't have to deal with the constant cable and internet problems, won't do! So what are those constant internet problems caused by this worn out equipment on the building? Well, I'll tell you, not only does my internet often cut out right when I'm in the middle of doing something important, but it often stays out for hours, and sometimes days......... yes days! at a time! There was one time my that my internet was out for almost a solid week! No kidding! Hopefully yours isn't that bad!
  2. Does anyone here live in Tennessee?
  3. Ok, here is a link to the pic: http://i69.photobucket.com/albums/i67/hazzard_girl/adrian_halloween2005.jpg
  4. Ok, just so there is no confusion, let me start by saying that I, Betsyraeduke, and hazzard chic are one in the same person. hazzard chic was the original user name which I created for this site, I created Betsyraeduke later, when I started writing fanfic, as that is my fanfic character. I now only log in as Betsyraeduke as I can not remember my login details for hazzard chic, lol. As for the post about the pic, it's been so long since I posted it that I forgot all about it until I saw tonight that you just responded to it yesterday. The reason you can not get the site to load is because that site no longer exist. It was created when I had an internet provider which provided their customers with the option of creating free websites, and I no longer have that particular internet service, hence the site no longer exist. Sorry about that. I have a different link where you can see the pic, however, hazzardnet has become more strict about link posting since I posted the first one, due to spammers. So I will send a message to the hazzardnet administrator and/or moderator and see if I can obtain permission to post a working link to the pic so that you can see it.
  5. John..John..John! I want to meet John! Oh how I wish I could meet John! He's not just my favorite Duke, but my favorite actor and all time favorite celebrity. John..John..John, I want to meet John..I've been to Dukesfest, I got his autograph there, but that is not what I mean. An autograph, when you really think about it, is just a line or two and a name scribled across something. Standing in an autograph line for an hour or two hours or longer, waiting for a few seconds while an autograph is scribled out, then being rushed out the door, that is not actually meeting someone, not to me it isn't...John..John..John..Oh how I long to meet John! I'd like to have an hour with him, just an hour, that is all. An hour with just me and John, just to sit, have coffee or tea or whatever and chat and tell him that I think he's an awesome actor and what a kick I got out of Collier and Company....an opportunity also, to get to know him, just a little. Get to know HIM, the real John, not just some character that he played...John..John..John...Oh how I wish I could meet John..I could go on and on and on..but I'll stop now..I think you all get the idea, I really want to meet John! (p.s. I'm not really a mad woman, just honest...and I think lots of people have at least one person they'd really like to meet and have an opportunity to sit and talk with for a while, even if they don't express the desire as I have just done) Keep it 'tween the ditches y'all!
  6. No, sorry, not Ace Parker. Ace did have a car lot but he wasn't the town drunk. This person had a car lot and was the town drunk. hint: Luke traded the General to him for a yellow car in 'Goodbye General Lee' And I believe you are talking about Nancy Lou....at least I think that's her name....Nancy something
  7. LOL! I agree, Denver Pyle was an excellent actor. Like in "The Ghost of General Lee", that look on Uncle Jesse's face and those tears in his eyes, man that looked so real. Made me feel like crying even though I knew they were not dead!
  8. You got it Roger! And true, no relation to Harry, lol! ok, here's an easy one, or at least I think it is: I am the town drunk and I have used car lot.
  9. Hmmm...if the question was which character do I like best, the answer would definitely be Bo. But as for who is the better actor between John and Tom, I say they are equal. Tom's fight scenes may look a little more realistic, but John's demeanor is better overall than Tom's. For example, when Bo is supposed to be sad, even his eyes look sad, when he's supposed to be angry, he has an angry look in his eyes, etc. Tom seems to be me to always have the same look in his eyes reguardless of rather his character is happy, sad or otherwise. Although that could be just my opinion. So when you add it all up, like Tom has more realistic fight scenes, but John as a more realistic demeanor all together, it adds up to make them equal I think. That's my opinion anyway. lol.
  10. I am kind of a nerdy little fellow. Boss Hogg paid for my wedding which was interrupted a few times, but I finally tied the knot while flying down the road in the back of a truck. who am I?
  11. Over the next few days Betsy-rae wondered around in sort of a daze. She felt out of touch with reality. Her appetite dwindled and activities which she had previously enjoyed seemed to become of little interest to her. She had attended Cindy's funeral and sat there while tears flowed freely down her cheeks, but it had not felt real. It had seemed as though she was watching a sad scene on a movie. She wouldn't talk to anyone about it. Any attempt made to snap her out of it proved futile. Everyone was beginning to wonder if she'd ever be whole again. A week after the funeral, Betsy-rae was lieing on her bed just staring at the ceiling when she heard a knock on her door. “Come in.â€, she replied half heartedly as she sat up. The door opened and Bo entered the room. “There is somebody here to see you.â€, he said. “I don't wanna talk to anyone.â€, Betsy-rae replied. Bo ignored her and stepped aside to let someone in the room. Lenny walked in and leaned awkwardly against the wall. “I'll leave you alone to talk.â€, Bo said and left the room. “Hi Bets.â€, Lenny greeted Betsy-rae. Betsy-rae just stared at him for a minute. It was so weird seeing Lenny without Cindy with him. He looked more disheveled than usual. His hair was uncombed and he had dark circles under his eyes as if he hadn't slept in days. “It's all my fault.â€, Betsy-rae blurted out suddenly, “What happened to Cindy is all my fault.†Lenny looked at her in astonishment for a moment. “What makes ya think it's yer fault?â€, he asked. “It just is.â€, Betsy-rae replied, “If I hadn't been with ya's then Cindy probably would have stayed later. Ya know how she always like to hang around till the last minute at stuff like that. But she didn't hang around at the concert. She was in a hurry cause of me. Because I wanted to git home so's Uncle Jesse wouldn't know I's snuck out.......If I hadn't been there, you's would have stayed later.......those people wouldn't have been around when you left.†“It's not yer fault.â€, Lenny replied, “Heck, if it's anyone's fault, it's mine. I'm the one that agreed ta give those two a ride jist cause they offered me money.†He looked away and gazed out the window for a moment. Then he turned back to Betsy-rae and spoke again. “Anyways, that what I came ta tell ya. After Hank brought Cindy back to the basement, he was furious ta find you was gone. He roughed us up pretty good and swore we'd wouldn't leave there alive.........Well anyway, Cindy knew there was a chance we wouldn't make it......She knew you'd blame yerself if we didn't too........She begged me that if I made it and she didn't ta tell ya it's not yer fault.....Cindy wanted you to know that it's not yer fault.†Betsy-rae looked at him for a long moment. Then, for the first time since the concert, she smiled, just a little. Everyone had told her that it wasn't her fault, but somehow, maybe cause it was a message from Cindy, when Lenny told her, it seemed to lift a tremendous weight off her. She felt better. Not great, but better than she had felt in several days. “Thanks.â€, she replied to Lenny, “And I think she'd want you to know that it wasn't yer fault either.†“Yeah...sure.â€, Lenny replied, returning the smile. Betsy-rae walked Lenny to the front door and stood on the porch and watched as he got in his truck and drove away. Then she went back inside and closed the door softly behind her. She strolled into the living room and stood in the doorway for a moment. Uncle Jesse sat in his chair reading the paper. Daisy sat in the other chair busily mending a dress. Bo and Luke sat on the sofa watching tv. It all looked so cozy. So warm and inviting. It was just what she needed. She walked across the room and sat on the sofa, snuggling her way in between Bo and Luke. Daisy looked up from her mending and Uncle Jesse looked over the top of his paper at her. Bo stroked her hair softly and asked the question that was on all of their minds. “Are you ok?â€, he asked. “No.â€, Betsy-rae replied honestly, “But I will be.†she said and flashed them all a small smile. And for the first time in a long while, she knew she truly would be alright.
  12. Bo gave Luke a sideways glance. “You ready?â€, he asked. Let's hit it!â€, Luke replied. Bo sounded the horn and the notes of Dixie filled the air. At the same time he floored the gas, lurching the stock car forward with tremendous speed. The General hit a dip in the road and launched upward, swiftly gliding through the air. It came down with a thud as Bo skillfully landed it on top of the car which Hank and Ruby were in, bringing them to a halt. Luke and Bo climbed out of the General and pulled Hank and Ruby from the car. They handed them over to the authorities and turned to tend to Lenny and Cindy............. Back at the police station, Betsy-rae, Daisy and Uncle Jesse paced the floor nervously, refusing the sergeant's request that they sit and relax while they waited. They waited over four hours then at last they seen the General pull up out front. A very weary and distraught looking Bo and Luke climbed out and headed inside the station. “They got those miserable varmints. They're on their way to the main jail in Atlanta.â€, Bo announced. Then before anyone could question them about anything else, Luke and Bo pulled Uncle Jesse aside to talk to him in private. The three of them talked in hushed tones, occasionally sending a worried glance in Betsy-rae's direction. A few moments later they walked back over to the girls. “Let's go home.â€, Uncle Jesse said in a weary tone. “But...what about Cindy and Lenny?â€, Betsy-rae asked. “Yes, they found them too.â€, Uncle Jesse replied, “We'll talk about it in the morning, fer now we could all use a decent meal and some rest.â€, he stated firmly giving a look that clearly said not to question him further. Betsy-rae thought it was odd that no one would tell her how Cindy was doing, but she was to tired and hungry to argue. That evening Betsy-rae fell asleep almost immediately after dinner. She was so exhausted that she slept soundly through the night and did not awaken until very late the next morning. When she did wake up, her first thoughts were of Cindy. She stumbled out of bed, dressed quickly and went off to find the rest of the family. Everyone was gathered in the living room waiting for her. Betsy-rae entered the room and took a seat on the sofa. “How's Cindy doing?â€, she asked immediately. She was meant by somber glances from everyone. “Well?â€, Betsy-rae pressed, “How is she? Is she home? May I call her?†“Oh Betsy-rae.â€, Daisy replied sadly, moving over to sit next to her and stroke her hair. “What?....What's going on?â€, Betsy-rae responded frantically “Betsy....honeyâ€, Uncle Jesse began in a grim tone, “Lenny's in the hospital, he's hurt bad.....Cindy....Cindy had a lot of serious injuries.....I'm sorry honey.....she didn't make it.†Betsy-rae sit sat there dumbfounded and speechless for a moment. Then she spoke in a small voice barely audible. “What...do you mean...she didn't make it?â€, she asked, already knowing the answer but not wanting to believe it. “Awww Betsy-rae, sweetheart.......we're so sorry.â€, Bo replied softly “Noooo!â€, Betsy-rae shouted the full realization of what they were telling her finally sinking in. “No, No No! Cindy's not dead! She's not! You're lieing! Y'all are lieing!â€, Betsy-rae screamed at them. She got up and ran out of the house. Tears streamed down her face as she ran across the yard. She ran and ran until she got to the Hazzard pond. There she slumped down to the ground and cried. Deep down she knew that they weren't lieing to her. She knew they'd never lie to her about something ike that. She knew that Cindy was really gone, but she didn't want to believe it. She didn't want it to be true. Cindy was her best friend. They did everything together and told each other everything. A short while later she felt a hand on her shoulder. She looked up to find Bo and Luke standing beside her. They said nothing but sat down next to her. Bo scooped her into an embrace and sat holding her as he stroked her hair and gently rocked her as she buried her face in against his shoulder and sobbed. They sat there for a long while in silence except for the sound of Betsy-rae's muffled cries. Finally her sobs subsided. She took a deep, ragged breath and wiped her eyes. “I want to go home now.â€, she said in a sad small voice. “Sure, Lil Bit.â€, Luke replied. The three of them stood up and slowly headed home.
  13. A little while later they arrived at the Decatur police station. They went inside to find an exhausted and frightened Betsy-rae waiting for them. “Uncle Jesse.....I....I'm sooo sorryâ€, she sobbed and rambled incoherently, “It's....awful...poor Cindy....those people....I'll won't sneak out again ever.....I swear.....so sorry......†“We'll discuss it later. Now is not the time.â€, Uncle Jesse replied sternly but in a soft tone. Daisy sat down beside her and began to stroke her hair. “Any word on yer friends or those sidewinders that nabbed ya?â€, Luke asked “No.â€, Betsy-rae answered. “If I git my hands on those people they'll wish they were never born!â€, Bo exclaimed “Ya got that right!â€, Luke agreed. Suddenly the CB on the sergeant's desk crackled. A deputies voice came over the speaker. “This is deputy Carl Reynolds requesting back up. I have the suspects in site. They still have the hostages with them and they are armed and dangerous. I repeat, I have the suspects in site, this is a hostage situation and suspects are armed and dangerous! Back up is needed!†“Carl Reynolds, that's the officer after the people thats got Cindy and Lenny!â€, Betsy-rae announced. The CB crackled again. A couple deputies were responding to Officer Reynold's request. The Dukes listened as the location was given. “Bo, Luke you go and see if yous can find out about Betsy-rae's friends. And be careful!â€, Uncle Jesse ordered. “We're on it!â€, Bo replied. He and Luke ran out the door and took off in the General. Uncle Jesse waited with Betsy-rae and Daisy at the station. Luke and Bo arrived at the scene and pulled over to the side of the road a few feet away from the squad cars. Five deputies were circling around the house on foot with their guns drawn. Suddenly the door burst open and Hank and Ruby stepped out onto the porch. Hank was holding a gun and both of them held Lenny and Cindy up in front of them like human shields. Lenny appeared to be struggling a little but Cindy seemed motionless. Both looked like they'd been roughed up quite a bit. “Let the hostages go and drop your weapon!â€, one of the deputies ordered them. “Stand back and let us through or I'll shoot them!â€, Hank sneered in response. Hank and Ruby charged forward. The deputies cleared a path for them fearing that Hank would make good on his threat if they didn't. Hank and Ruby ran to one of the parked patrol cars and shoved Lenny and Cindy into the back. They dove into the front and sped off in it. Quickly the deputies got into the remaining squad cars and gave chase. Bo quickly put the General in gear and followed closely behind. Hank and Ruby sped recklessly through town. They cut through yards and crashed through fences. The squad cars raced behind them. The leading patrol car closed in on them are started to pull up alongside them in an effort to make them stop. However, Hank swerved the car he was driving sideways, knocking the patrol car into the ditch where it rolled over on it's side. Bo slowed the General down briefly so he and Luke could check to make sure the deputy in the wrecked patrol was alright. Seeing that he was, Bo stepped on the gas and they sped up again and continued chase with the remaining squad cars. The deputies made one failed attempt after another to block the culprits in and get them stopped. Hank darted and swerved his stolen squad car this way and that with reckless disregard for his surroundings. One by one he wrecked and eliminated the squad cars till finally only the General was left.
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