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  1. We need to keep the behind the scenes thread going. Don't let HazzardNet die!!!! And it would be cool if Tom, John, and Catherine (or even Ben, Sonny, and Rick) were on here. They might be and we don't even know it!
  2. The woman who played the agent in "High Octane" was very cute.
  3. Roger, was this a good time for me to become a Dukes fan?
  4. In season 2, they weren't bad, but it just wasn't right watching it with all the contract disputes and stuff.
  5. And also another episode that's good but kind of annoys me is "Double Sting", because the robbers' whole Laurel and Hardy shtick was a bit too weird and corny for me. The jump was ok (also record-breaking, not sure if it still holds the record) but it's starting to annoy me because they reused it in other episodes and people talk about it too much, but that's for another thread.
  6. Carnival of Thrills has its moments. Like the jump at the end. But the corniest part of the episode was at the end of part 1 when Bo says "You're lucky we're in Uncle Jesse's house!" and Luke says, "You're about to get unlucky, because we can always step outside" (or something like that). Some of the dialogue in The Dukes of Hazzard was really corny, especially at the end of season 3 and the middle and end of season 4. They should have kept it like the Georgia episodes, where the writing was great and the dialogue was too. Although many will say the Georgia episodes were overrated.
  7. So many legends from music are either sick or dying this year. Sucks.
  8. Technology can be difficult the first time.
  9. To me, a couple episodes in the middle of season 4 weren't bad, they were just kind of slow and repetitive.
  10. I've only watched the first 4 season and I've been posting a lot lately.
  11. I've heard of this one from a friend. I'm new to the show so I've only seen the first 4 seasons online (the account hasn't uploaded the last 3 yet)
  12. I'd say so far out of the ones I've seen "The Great Bank Robbery" and "Sadie Hogg Day" in season 4. They seemed to drag on.
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