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  1. Yes. Farewell Hazzard was pretty dark. They should have added more drama though
  2. Yes. Near the end of season five and beginning of season six there are some darker/serious ones.
  3. And I mean dark as in the villains or plots were more serious or sinister.
  4. Roth, that portion of Ghost is sad but the haunting scene is the funniest moment in the entire series.
  5. Any episodes that were darker/more serious than the rest of the show?
  6. They should have ended the season on a cliffhanger and made "Farewell, Hazzard" a two parter, then in the next season resolved it with another two parter.
  7. I notice this because of "Comrade Duke", "Witness: Jesse Duke", and "Welcome Back, Bo 'n' Luke". They seem more serious than other episodes of the show.
  8. I started season 5 not too long ago and I've noticed that Cooter is missing from several episodes in the early middle of the season. He is explained to be on vacation but why was Ben Jones not present for filming?
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