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  1. I know about Ben Jones leaving the show temporarily over a dispute. But how was Cooter's absence explained in the show when his cousins filled in for him? I know James Best's absence was written in as Rosco went to Atlanta to retrain at the police academy.
  2. S01E07, "Luke's Love Story": The episode is ok, I just didn't like the cheesy love plot. S01E08, "The Big Heist": was kind of slow to me. S01E13, "Double Sting", the villain characters were a bit too weird and plus I really didn't like the parts where Daisy was in trouble. I like the comedy and action, but overall the episodes irk me.
  3. "Don MacDougall" "died" in "Money to Burn". The "funeral" was great.
  4. Not the main characters or actors, minor one or two time characters.
  5. Not sure if this is the right forum or not, but are there any plans for a HazzardNet app for mobile (phone/tablet/etc.)?
  6. Roth, I'm asking: Outside of the reunion movies, was any character's death mentioned or did any character die on the show?
  7. It's good, but it's harder to find new content and the text won't show up.
  8. Lush - Ladykillers https://youtu.be/Iedz_x6Hlhw
  9. Dixie https://youtu.be/5OKdbc0DYpM
  10. When will it begin and when is the cutoff point?
  11. Oh she does look familiar. Kind of resembles Gilda Radner from SNL. Did they ever report to any agents again in the series?
  12. I still have to watch Moonrunners, the last 3 seasons, the cartoon, and the reunion movies, let alone the remake movie.
  13. Whatever happened to her? Both the actress and the character?
  14. She should have been in more episodes. I wonder has anyone put her in fanfics?
  15. She's about a 7.5 out of 10 (I mostly like the hair and personality). She's no Catherine Bach/Daisy Duke, but still good.
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