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  1. Happy Birthday Christopher(Vance)! You are surely missed. Both Christopher and I were born in the same city, Manhattan, NY.
  2. Hazard, with one 'Z' always looks strange to me as well. I just can't seem to get the Dukes Of Hazzard out of my mind! lol
  3. We just finished watching this episode. The scene with Rosco's patrol car falling apart is so funny. I forgot that this was part of the Mrs. Daisy Hogg episode. I'm also a big Star Trek fan and Jonathan Frakes who played Jamie Lee Hogg also played Commander William T. Riker on Star Trek the Next Generation. This episode is a double win for me. Thanks again Hoss for remembering the episode.
  4. I love the episode Witness For the Persecution. Boss has nerve the way he moves in with his barber chair and takes over. It's like Jesse and the Dukes owe him. Boss is such a great character.
  5. Thanks you so much HossC. This one had me stumped for a while now. My wife and I will watch this episode tomorrow. Thanks again!
  6. This one still has me stumped. My wife got a kick out of the patrol car falling apart. By the end of the episode all the body parts were gone.
  7. The Georgia episodes are my favorite but I did chose one in the poll. I chose One Armed Bandits which happens to be my all time favorite Dukes episode.
  8. Strange Visitor To Hazzard is hands down my least favorite episode. For crying out loud, a space alien in Hazzard. If this isn't a major jump over the shark I don't know what is. As RogerDuke said above, "As bad as it was it's still better that 99% of the shows on TV in 2017". I've never seen Moonruners but plan to soon. That clip with Uncle Jesse Hagg looks like it's right out of the Georgia episodes.
  9. There's spell correct here? I just typed Bo Butner's name and it worked. I just did it again. lol
  10. Has anyone heard about this? NHRA Drag Racer Bo Butner painted his car like the General Lee. It's a Camaro body, however Bo Butner is a huge Dukes Of Hazzard Fan. In fact his name is James Butner but he changed it to Bo when he saw the Dukes Of Hazzard. Here's a link to an article about his 'General Lee'. http://www.foxsports.com/motor/story/nhra-the-general-lee-dukes-of-hazard-las-vegas-102816
  11. I will! I've been distracted with some other stuff but will be here more.
  12. Thanks for all the help. I'm sure Daisy's 1974 Roadrunner was Yellow Blaze. It looks like the color. I'm still curious what color her 1971 Satellite was painted. It could have been painted Blaze Yellow. It was a regular Satellite with the Roadrunner stripe added so it could have been painted to match the look of the '74 she had. I doesn't necessarily have to be a 1971 color on that car.
  13. I agree with the 1974 Yellow Blaze. In 1974 there was also Sunfire Yellow but it looks like a dull color and maybe has a slight hint of green. The 1971 Curious Yellow might be the color but it also looks a bit green in some pictures. Bahama Yellow is orange looking. Maybe the 1971 is Top Banana, which is a Barracuda color. They might have just painted the 1971 the same Yellow Blaze color as the 1974. If anyone knows for sure what the 2 cars were painted please post.
  14. Does anyone know what color yellow Daisy's 1971(Satellite) and 1974 Roadrunner were painted?
  15. Excellent job Andrew! The chassis looks much better than the MPC chassis. These MPC Dukes kits aren't that detailed. The MPC General Lee is also a very crude kit. I recently built and modified an MPC General Lee kit. http://hazzardnet.com/forums/topic/6049-orange-clunker-car-mpc-general-lee-build-finished/?page=1 I'll have to check out your build thread on ARC. BTW, my user name on ARC is 'crowe-t'
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