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  1. JUDE Emerey - Played by JOHN Shearin in JUDE Emery.
  2. The Dukes liked to help take down the BAD guys.
  3. The General Lee is a cool VEHICLE!
  4. Thanks Roger, I saw Skipper's response with Moonshine and thought it was a N that was next.
  5. In Mary KAYE'S Baby the General Lee does not appear.
  6. Waylon Jennings is the BALLADEER.
  7. The Dukes boys perform eXtreme jumps in the General Lee.
  8. Jason STEELE - Played by William SMITH in 10 Million Dollar SHERIFF Parts 1 & 2.
  9. The Dukes were KIND to everyone!
  10. (Yes Stanley Tools is still in business.) Build
  11. ELTON - Played by Ritchie Montgomery in Enos's Last Chance and Strange Visitor To Hazzard.
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