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  1. Hey HossC, I'm single, female, and a major Dukes fan since before I was a teenager! I haven't won the lottery yet... but I'm trying! Lol!
  2. Hmmm... < Susan comes up with ideas to save Maryanne from the mob, but decides M has to say 'Please', first! >
  3. Roger, I don't get over here as often as I should, but I'm glad you're ok! Please be careful for a while!! We need you here, not on the other side of the gates! Best wishes, Susan
  4. Cola (And I'm not specifying a brand! Lol! )
  5. That all sounds excellent to me! Best of luck to you!!
  6. The Ranger (Poor guy could never win - kinda like Roscoe, really! Lol!)
  7. Bear Cubs! (Well, I know nothing about baseball! Lol!)
  8. Thanks Garrett! It's nice to be here, and lovely to meet all of you, too. <Ooh! Notices bit about fanfic name and oh-so-casually wanders over to DOHFF to re-read fics over there!> Cheers!
  9. Oh, really...? <Wonders, innocently, where Meadowmufn works, and if she could come join in the fun...>
  10. Shoot! - General purpose, family-friendly exclamation, that takes the place of any swear word. (Particularly the other, not-so-family-friendly one, that also begins with s-h. Lol!)
  11. To All: Just an addition / clarification to my previous post to Brian. I did NOT mean any kind of snide dig at Maryanne, who has been nothing but helpful to a newbie! Much appreciated M, and my apologies if the post came across the wrong way!
  12. Thanks Meadowmufn. Everyone's been really nice. I guess Uncle Jesse was right when he said that "A stranger is just a friend you haven't met yet!". Lol! I'm glad my fellow Aussies are behaving themselves, too. Cheers! Susan
  13. Ummm... yes! Lol! Enjoying them, too. I actually stumbled onto this site, because of an unfinished fic. I e-mailed Maryanne to ask if she knew whether it had been finished elsewhere and she kindly said she'd have a look around, but I guess Roscoe sent her out chasing the Dukes and she hasn't been able to get hold of the authors, yet. Never mind, now I'm here, I might see if I can ask them myself. (Might even try my hand at writing something, too...) Thanks for the welcome. It's good to be here!
  14. It'd mean they'd finally bust the suspension on the General, and Cooter'd had to give them a 'loaner' while he got the parts to fix it! If Boss decided to fire Daisy from the Boar's Nest, 'cos she overheard one too many of his crooked schemes...
  15. Thanks Roger! I'm glad that my avatar's showing up - and that you like it! It's actually from the backing card of an old action figure. Cheers, Susan.
  16. Thanks for the welcome, Maryanne! (I'll try not to let your cousin catch me speeding too often! )
  17. Thankyou! It's good to be here!
  18. Thanks Hoss, I have actually got this figured out now- I think! Lol! It seems that what had happened was my computer playing silly beggars and not showing things that it should - such as links and spaces for replies! (Grrrrr....) Thanks again! Susan
  19. Hi y'all. My name is Susan, and as the the thread title says, I'm an Aussie Dukes fan! Just wanted to say hello to everyone,and that I've been enjoying the fics on the sister site (DOHFF). There's some very talented people here, and I look forward to meeting you all. Cheers! Susan.
  20. Thanks, Roger! All the best people are called Susan, I've found! :D

  21. Hi y'all. I'm new in town, and I've already gotten a nice welcome message from one Hazzardite. Problem is, I can't figure out how to respond. I realise I'm probably just being dim - and it's right in front of my nose, but... help? Please? And how do I leave messages for others, too, please? Thankyou! Susan.
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