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  1. Merry Christmas, Everyone! I came across this song on youtube, and figured it would definitely be something that would get the Boar's Nest rocking!! (The artist is apparently Keith Harling, btw.) (You'll need to get rid of the spaces around the www . I didn't want to annoy Mary-Anne by posting a link w/ out permission! Lol!) Have a Happy and Safe one, all!
  2. Welcome to Hazzard(Net), Sean! It's a lovely place, with lots of lovely people, and I'm sure you'll enjoy your time spent here! Cheers from Down Under!
  3. *Trumpet Fanfare* The intro to a new fic series has been posted over on DOHFF! http://www.dukesofhazzardfanfic.com/SubmittedFanFic/filmhazzards.html There's lots more to come if anybody is interested. I write fics for fun, and for my own amusement, so, *Pouts* If I don't get any responses, I won't get Mary-Anne to post them! I'll just selfishly keep them all to myself! So there! Seriously, though, I love positive or constructive feedback, so please let me know - Politely - what you think, or if you think I've got something wrong at some point. Flames wont be reported, they'll be posted on here! *Evil Laugh* Cheers, All! S.
  4. The Boys of Summer by Don Henley
  5. (Makes bet w/ herself as to what the next one will be!) And loses her bet!
  6. Ummm... Where do I find the Flash Chat Boar's Nest, please, Roger? Sorry, but I'm still learning my way around. (Blush)
  7. Daisy Duck (Makes bet w/ herself as to what the next one will be!)
  8. Livin' on a Prayer - Bon Jovi (I do like this song! Lol!)
  9. Dingbat - somebody that's not very bright, or who has done something that's not very bright. (Roscoe gets called this by Boss, for instance.)
  10. From the sounds of it this "movie" already is muck! You know, I think I'd like to get my hands on the people behind this. Make them sit and watch a marathon of all seven seasons of the original - teach them what they're messing with. Of course, I'm only small, so I might need some help in restraining, er... keeping these people in their chairs. So I think I might invite the whole of HNet along, too... Any takers? Lol!
  11. Umm... January of which year? <Ducks behind the General Lee, knowing Brian will get distracted by it and forget about her>
  12. A cliched plot that I'm not sure if the Dukes ever used, but which would have been perfect, is the old "Bad Guy chases Good Guy and claims that Good Guy is mentally ill" shtick. To use a real cliche: Evil Guardian is after his Beautiful Ward's fortune. Beautiful Ward runs away, ending up in Hazzard. Evil Guardian meets the Dukes and claims that BW has mental problems. Everyone very sorry and sympathetic, and trying to help EG without realising that he is the bad guy and BW is telling the truth. Anyone know if this was ever used by the Dukes? I haven't seen every episode. (One day... Lol!) I think it would make a great fic, though. Serious or non...
  13. Welcome! - From Australia.
  14. I think the software just doesn't recognize you until yu've shut down and come back again. Either way, welcome! (And I'm glad it wasn't just me! Lol!) Cheers!
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