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  1. Hmmm... Completely OT (Off Topic) for a second, and I hope nobody minds, but since you guys both live nearby, can either of you tell me how you pronounce 'Erie', please? I've always wondered and I've heard about 4 different versions ranging from 'Air' to 'Eerie'! Thankyou!
  2. Thankyou so much Meadowmufn! *Discreet ((Hug)) - 'cos I know your partner hangs out here, somewhere, even if I can't remember their (screen)name!*
  3. Ok. Will do. Thankyou. *Wanders off to find and annoy MeadowMufn*
  4. Welcome aboard, Belle - From the other side of the world!
  5. Ah. That explains a lot! Thankyou! All perfectly reasonable, and if I'm as close to Veteran status as you say, then I might let things slide until I hit the marker properly. (2 years and 100 posts.) Especially if Roger and I get this Role Play game going, then it won't take very long. No point in annoying the mods unnecessarily, after all. (Plenty of time for that later! Lol!) Cheers! Susan. (Who can't seem to spell, right now! Lol!)
  6. USA (Does that count as a word? And can you tell I'm a Beach Boys fan? Lol!)
  7. Thankyou. I'll look into that. Hmmm... I'm getting an edit button on the current post, but it disappears after about 5 mins. Odd. Shall definitely have to see if this is a bug or somehing only available to certain people, as you say. Are you joining Roger and myself in the game?
  8. White (White Christmas. Lol!)
  9. Posting again because I can't figure out how to edit my previous post. Anybody know how??? Anyway, Roger, I think my brain is turning to mush, because I've just realised I have taken part in something like you propose, before! It was a round robin in another fandom. About a dozen people involved rather than just two. Very different in some ways, much like in others. Lots of fun either way, and yes, I'd love to do it again! Please. As I said before - you start something, and I'll join you. (Look out HazzardNet! Bwahahaha!)
  10. Actually I think it's going to be the other way around re: experience. I haven't really done anything quite like this before, but it does look like fun! Improv, in fact! Lol! Just the two of us, or has anybody else put their hand up, yet? It's often better with more - and I'm afraid I'm all out of ideas right now. Usually, I'm scribbling in at least two fandoms, but... let's just say that RL has been too much for my Muse lately. You start something and I'll hop in when I can. How's that? Warning: I have a rather silly / slightly odd sense of humour, sometimes.
  11. And HossC, you're very welcome! I love online games like this.
  12. We've Got To Get Outta This Place - apparently originally by British band The Animals. 1965 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jxNEiZhpinY Although I'm more familiar with the brilliant 80's cover by Aussie Band The Angels https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TRVuJxIRd9U
  13. Hey, your game, you set the rules. Just let me know when and where. Uncle Jesse's taken, then, but I'm happy to take on any other character(s).
  14. Winter (Alhough it's definitely summer here and it's been in the high 90's+ all week.)
  15. You Took the Words Right Outta My Mouth - Meatloaf (I've always loved the spoken intro to this. Classic!) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_wO8toxinoc
  16. Sounds like fun. Are using canon characters or our own, made-up ones? Or both?
  17. Thankyou. I just hope there isn't a Mrs Roger Duke gunning for me, now! Lol! Thankyou for the info, too. I have a minor character taking part in an 'Open Mike' night, and while it's just a fun piece, and I know it would pass muster around here (Folks on here are very nice) I prefer to keep as close to canon as possible. I mean, if you veer off too far, then it's not really Dukes any more, is it? (Does that make sense?)
  18. Btw, I seem to recall something about some sort of 'Open Mike' night' at the Boar's Nest. Is this canon or did I pick it up from a piece of fic, somewhere. Thankyou to anyone who can help!
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