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  1. Legs Thankyou. It's nice to be back. I really should make an effort to get here more often.
  2. Roger Duke, I've just stumbled across this post and Thankyou!! *Gives Roger a big kiss* This episode list is exactly what I need for reference / background checks for a piece of fic I'm working on! It's only a small piece, and it may never get finished, but I believe in details and this will help immensely! Thankyou!
  3. Pool (As in Billiards rather than water. )
  4. Thanks, Hobie!! I haven't been over here for a bit. I've heard of Rush, but I'm not really familiar with them. (Yes, I'm a musical phillistine! Lol!) I'll definitely look it up. Hmmm... Everybody seems to agree that Boss would absolutely not have a hand in this - and we all know Rosco wouldn't have the brains to do it on his own! - so... Hmmmm... I wonder if those two nasty pieces of work that drove the 'Mean Green Machine' (I think that's what it was called) are out of jail, yet? It was the Dukes that made sure they got there, after all, IIRC. Hmmm... I think I'm going to have to do some homework, here. (If you can call Dukes research 'work'... Lol!) Cheers, Susan.
  5. PIE (Googling - just out of curiosity - didn't produce an 'Irish Shepherd', but it did produce an 'Irish Shepherd's Pie' so... )
  6. Sorry, Hobie! Somehow I managed to miss this last time around. No, I'm not familiar with this song, but I might look it up. Thankyou. The one on this topic (Well sort of) that I'm most familiar with, is Steve Earl's classic 'Copperhead Road'. I take the seed from Colombia and Mexico I plant it up the holler down Copperhead Road Cheers!
  7. Hmmm... Thankyou, Hoss. I was thinking just two or three plants, maximum - not exactly huge commercial quantities - and we all know what a hypocrite Boss can be when he wants to be, but that's definitely something I'll need to consider. Thankyou. Might have to see if I can get hold of that ep. somehow. [susan wanders off looking very thoughtful.]
  8. Thankyou so much to everyone!! I think I know where I'm going, now. The story is set during the series (Maybe near the end) and something that Hoss said has tied in with a suggestion that someone at this end made. Boss has seen some confiscated pot plants in an evidence locker of a neighbouring county sheriff, and has come up with another of his brilliant (?) ideas to make trouble for the Dukes - possibly even getting his hands on the farm. He either steals or buys the plants and has Rosco plant them on the Duke's property late at night. He can then have them 'discovered' the next day, and... Bingo! Lol! Especially since the boys are on parole. I'm not familiar with the US justice system, but I would imagine getting caught with illegal drugs would breach said parole... Any suggestions as to which Sheriff he gets them from, welcome, though! (I know there were at least two other county Sheriffs mentioned. Were any of them crooked, too? It's been a while.) Again, Thankyou Everyone!
  9. The DVD's are available here. I don't have them. Perhaps I didn't make myself clear. I wanted, not just pot, but actual living plants that could be planted (In more ways than one) on somebody's land. Thankyou, Susan.
  10. This might be better off over in the fan-fic section, but I figured that it might be less likely to cause a ruckus over here. (If I'm wrong, please let me know!) But basically, if I wanted to frame someone in Hazzard for growing marijuana, where would I have gotten the plants from? I'm not American, and I was far too young back when this aired to know about things like that, so... can anyone help? Please? Thankyou, Susan.
  11. Well, I might take that challenge, myself, if I may butt in?
  12. Not sure if this is the right place for this, but I'm not sure here else to put it. Dukes of Hazzard Documentary on Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5jmO8eCjX04 Interviews with the stars, etc. It's probably been posted on here a dozen times, but I haven't seen it, so I thought I'd put it up. (Again?) Cheers All! Susan.
  13. Mary Anne has just kindly posted another story of mine over in the DoHFF. It's called "Daisy and the Dolls", and it's a pre-Christmas story, rather than an actual Christmas one. I hope people like it, though. I'd love to hear from anyone, either way. "It's nearly Christmas, but Daisy's upset, and her family's worried." Find out what's wrong, and what happens next, here: http://www.dukesofhazzardfanfic.com/SubmittedFanFic/daisyandthedolls.htm It's a stand-alone, rather than a part of the Film series, so hence the new thread. A Happy and Safe Holiday season to everyone, however you celebrate - or even if you don't! Cheers, Susan.
  14. Thankyou! I like it myself, and I'm glad you do, too! :)

    It's actually part of the picture from the pack of an old DoH action figure.


  15. Ok, next story is up. (Thankyou Mary Anne!) It's called Jailbreak, and well, I hope a few people get some giggles out of it! Please let me know what you think? Here or e-mail is fine! Cheers, everyone! Susan. http://www.dukesofhazzardfanfic.com/SubmittedFanFic/filmhazzards.html
  16. MaryAnne has kindly put up another short piece and I've just sent her a slightly longer one, which hopefully will give a few people a laugh. Rosco plays a major part in this one... and well, he's never been too bright has he? Please let me know what you think!!
  17. Knucklehead - See Dingbat. (2 posts previous)
  18. *Disclaimer: As Mary Anne said earlier, this is just MY opinion.* I'm not American, but we do sometimes face a similar situation over here, with the Australian Aboriginal People. It's been my experience, that 90% of them would prefer to be treated equally, and let the past be the past. Unfortunately, there is a minority of oversensitive people (Of white as well as black) who see offense in almost everything - and, also unfortunately - they're the ones that get all the publicity. IMO, the Dukes is the least racist thing I have ever seen in my life. A fabulous FAMILY show, that I would be proud to let any child of mine watch, knowing that they will not see the violence, sex, and swearing that populate most modern TV shows. <Ummm... Does this soapbox belong to someone here? Sorry!> Just to put a slightly different slant on this - IMHO, I think that if Jessie had ever caught the boys - or Daisy, for that matter - using racist trash-talk, or discriminating against someone, like that, he would certainly have had something to say about it!! (And when they were younger, quite likely a strap for their behinds, as well!) Just my opinion, for what it's worth! Cheers, All!
  19. Well, thankyou very much Brian! *Blush* As I said earlier, I write for myself, mostly. I have got more, but I wasn't going to put them up because I thought nobody was reading them, so... I'm glad somebody's enjoying them, and I will definitely give MaryAnne some more to post. Thankyou!
  20. Next - much longer - bit's up, now. Just follow the link in the previous post. Cheers!
  21. Ok. Thankyou! (Looks again at BIG letters, above, saying "Do not post links w/out asking first - or else!" Or words to that effect! Lol!) Merry Christmas!
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