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Found 1 result

  1. It all started on a bright , Sunny Spring Morning when the blood mobile arrived in Hazzard. Meanwhile over at the farm the Dukes was just now finishin' up breakfast and Daisy was gettin' ready to go help at the fundraiser. " Hey fella's don't forget today's the day y'all said you would donate your blood". reminded Daisy " Oh c'mon Daisy you know how I feel about needles I get chicken even when Doc. Appleby gives me one". said Bo " I know Bo but it's for a good cause and it's too late now cause y'all already signed up". said Daisy Luke couldn't help but feel a little rundown he also felt like a headache was coming on he shook it off". " Well c'mon Luke we best get to town and get ready for those vampires ". said Bo Bo couldn't help but notice that Luke was moving awfully slow which was very strange of Luke. " Luke you feelin' okay you is moving awfully slow?". said Bo " Oh I'm fine Bo I just have a little headache ". said Luke But Luke wasn't okay he didn't feel at all good but he didn't tell Bo on account of he didn't want him to worry. So 15 minutes later the boys arrived in town and they had to stand in line and wait for the their names to be called. As the boys was standing in line Luke felt his headache gettin' worse but he shook it off . " Dukeboys Next". said Maryanne " Luke why don't you go first ". said Bo " Well your too Kind cousin just remember it'll be your turn next". said Luke scarcastically". So Luke walked on over to the table and he sat down and rolled up his sleeve . " Howdy there are you ready to have your blood drawn?". asked Maryann " Yes M'am I sure am ". said Luke So she stuck Luke with the needle and then thanked him for his blood. Then it was Bo's turn and he was really nervous as he walked over he felt like he was gonna faint". " um ... howdy m'am I ain't that fond of needles". said Bo " Well I'm sorry but it's for a good cause so what ya say you give us some of your blood". said Maryann So Bo had no choice but to roll up his sleeve an he closed his eyes so he wouldn't have to look at the needle". Before Bo knew it his time was up and then they lady thanked him for his blood and then the boys was done. Later on that day the boy's had decided to do some fishing down by catfish creek and Luke coudn't help but feel a little rundown". " Um... man I feel so tired for some reason and my head is killing me ". said Luke " Why don't ya go take a snooze by that old oak tree and I'll catch all the fish". said Bo " Hey I don't think so cousin I'm gonna do me some fishing too!!". said Luke No sooner did Luke start fishing did he feel an overwhelming feeling of tiredness wash over him . Before Luke knew it his eyes had closed and he was off to dreamland and his pole was just bobbing in the water. Meanwhile Bo was just now gettin' a bite on his pole and he couldn't believe it that he caught a big o'l Bass". " Hey Luke look at the size of this fish I caught"!! said Bo " uh.. Luke , Luke, Luke wake up I caught me a big o'l bass for supper". said Bo " mmm, uh... wha..t oh hey Bo yeah I see it's huge ". said Luke " Well (Yawn) looks like my pole ain't got a single bite and my (yawn) I feel so sleepy". said Luke " Luke , Luke, Luke, wake up now!!". said Bo " Luke c'mon wake up ". said Bo It took Luke a little while but then he started coming around so Bo figured he better help Luke back to the General. So Bo slowly helped Luke into the General and no sooner did Luke get into the Genera did he fall asleep. Meanwhile over at the Blood Blank in Atlanta the nurses was going over the results from the fundraiser. When one of the nurses noticed something strange in Luke's blood she figured she'd best call on over to the farm. Meanwhile Jesse was milking the cows when he heard the phone ring and so he put down the bucket and he went and answered it. " Hello this is Jesse Duke speaking may I ask who's calling?". asked Jesse " Hello Mr. Duke this is Maryanne over at the Blood Bank I'm calling to let you know we found something strange in Luke's blood". " uh.. okay it's not bad is it ?". asked Jesse " um well mr. Duke I can't really tell you over the phone but I would recommend he get looked at right away". said Maryanne " Yes ma'am thanks for calling said Jesse So as Jesse was hanging up the phone the boys had pulled up and Luke was still fast asleep in the passenger seat. " Hey Uncle Jesse Luke fell asleep on the way home from catfish creek and I ain't been able to wake him up". said Bo " Look here now Uncle Jesse I done caught a big bass for supper". said Bo " Wow that sure is a big o'l bass sure looks good ". said Jesse Meanwhile Jesse figured he'd shake Luke some and try to wake him up enough to get inside the farmhouse. " Luke, Luke, c'mon boy wake up you is home". said Jesse "Oh.. uh..mmm.. , oh hey uncle Jesse ". said Luke " Well now that Luke's awake how about we go in and get us some chow". said Jesse ' So the boys and Jesse went in to eat supper , Daisy was still working over at the fundriser she wouldn't be in until later. Jesse couldn't help but notice during supper that Luke was hardly touching his plate he only took little nibbles on the fish. " Luke you feelin' okay, you hardly touched some food on your plate". said Jesse " Well I ain't feelin' that great I think I'm gonna go hit the hay". said Luke Cue B.L Davenport
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