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  1. On 3/27/2022 at 9:32 AM, RogerDuke said:

    Cale Yarborough turns 83 today. Have a great day buddy! 

    Cale is one of only two drivers who won the NASCAR championship. He did it in 76, 77, 78. The Dukes came out in 79 so no wonder Bo and Luke were huge fans.

    Here's a weird coincidence. My wife is on the road right now, returning from Detroit. She is with her sister and her two neices Kelley and Julie. I just looked up Cale on Wikipedia. He only has two children and their names are Kelly and Julie. 

    I hope you had had a great 84th birthday yesterday Cale. I'm just trying  to figure out what I meant in this post from last year. Did I forget to add "3 years in a row". 

  2. On 3/25/2023 at 3:28 PM, HossC said:


    I found an article at screenrant.com that says the Clampetts started out with $25m in 1962, but by the time the show ended, that figure had reached $100m.

    They always say that the easiest way to make a small fortune is to start with a large one! ;)

    One of the richest men in the world was asked "How much money does it take to make a man happy?" He replied "One more dollar". (I think it was Carnegie or Mellon )

  3. The EV issue is getting ready to cause problems with dirt bike racing. What are they going to do with them? How do you determine what is fair? The difference between dirt bikes and NASCAR is that bikes have two classes...250cc and 450cc. So, you have 2 problems with trying to figure out how to fit them in. I can't stand the idea of watching them....I say "watching" because you can't hear them. It would be like going to a movie and finding out it's not a talkie. Sound is part of the experience. If they are going to let EVs race they'd better cut their ticket price in half. After all, you are only getting half of the product.

  4. I wonder if the change of numbers was just something they weren't paying attention to or was intentional. If he started out with 35 and went to 85 that would make sense. If he went from 85 to 35 then something bad was going on...since there were no major  financial crises in that era. Maybe Miss Jane was embezzling. 

  5. 21 hours ago, Hobie Hartkins said:

     a man like Jed Clampett has $ 85 million dollars 

    The show started in 1962 and went 9 seasons. I wonder if they were consistent with that 85 million number. I also wonder what 85 million in 1962 dollars would be today. He wasn't the equivalent of a billionaire but it was pretty impressive. 

  6. 5 hours ago, Hobie Hartkins said:

    Hathaway the Hottie and Granny! :) 


    I saw one the other night, where Jed wished Mr. Drysdale a Happy Groundhog Day and Ms. Hathaway said...." But Chief....Ground Hog's Day is in February!" Drysdale said, " Ms. Hathaway, when a man like Jed Clampett has $ 85 million dollars in your bank and he says it's Ground Hog's Day......IT'S GROUND HOG'S DAY!!  LOL! :) 

    When I was a kid we were so poor that when my dad came home and opened the door and said "Happy Groundhog Day" that meant he had either shot one or trapped one and we were fixin' to eat good. (actually, we call them woodchucks) 

  7. On 3/21/2023 at 6:55 PM, Garrett Duke said:

    I said luckily, because I am a Gordon fan. I am sure Bowyer and his fans were disappointed that he was pulled out in time. I am not saying Gordon was in the right, but that did come after several times that season of getting wrecked by the same driver. I am sure he had enough and that was his way of sticking up for himself. 

    I don't watch or follow it for the wrecks or the drama, but for the racing. Sadly the wrecks and drama tend to get in the way...


    The same thing happens at the Moonshine 400. I've finished ahead of Hobie the last 3 years now and he's starting to get irritated so there could be trouble next race. I'm better than him at MarioKart too. He always finishes 12 and I finish 11th. 

  8. On 3/18/2023 at 6:24 PM, Hobie Hartkins said:

    That's good one! LOL! When I wanted to be more cultured, I started studying The Beverly Hillbillies!  :) 

    You can't fool me Hobie. There are 3 reasons you watch Beverly Hillbillies. 1) Ellie May lays out beside the cement pond in her one piece bathing suit 2) You think Miss Hathaway a hottie 3) You hope Granny will slip up and reveal her recipe to her rheumatiz medicine. 

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