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  1. I'm starting to get concerned here. How many days has it been now? Maybe he's doing the same thing my nephew did 35 years ago, went into a tool shed to play hide and go seek without telling anybody he was playing hide and go seek and then fell asleep. 

    I just realized something. If we don't have a moderator watching over us, we can party all we want....and even say bad words without getting in trouble. I'll start with the first bad word....revenuer. 

  2. On the top of my head I can't remember noticing them. We used to have the grandson of the guy who owned the house here on HazzardNet and got a lot of information from him. For awhile there it looked like they might save it as a historical landmark but of course that never happened. At least people were able to buy parts of the house after it came down. I got some boards. Ended up giving one to Sonny Shroyer and one to the Dukes museum. 

  3. Here's the NFL playoff picture: 

    Today the Chiefs face the Jaguars at 4:30. The winner of that game faces the winner of the Bills-Bengals game who play tomorrow at 3:00. 

    Today the Eagles play the Giants at 8:15. The winner of that game faces the winner of the Cowboys-49ers who play tomorrow at 6:30.

    Edit: times are Eastern Standard Time

  4. 13 hours ago, MonacoMan said:

    Sometimes it’s shocking or strange seeing an actor that’s so engrained in our minds as one type of character, play a totally different one. But, to me that’s what makes them more interesting & proves versatility with their craft. :D


    True. Young actors should never allow themselves to fall in a rut.

    After all those years of watching Andy Griffith I remember I didn't like seeing him as a bad guy....I can't remember where....wasn't a series....movie I think. 

    And I will never watch Schwarzenegger or Stallone in any of their comedy stuff....no way! I won't criticize anybody else for doing it but it's not for me.


  5. On the happy side, I'm pumped about pro dirt bike racing this year. Another big race tomorrow (Sat) night. They have a new system this year called Supermotocross because they wanted  playoffs like every other sport has. 

    You get points for Supercross, which is racing in stadiums. You get points for Motocross, which is racing outdoors. And then they have a 3 race playoff for everybody who has accumulated enough points in both to qualify.

    I hope Emma Tisdale makes the playoffs! Let 'er rip! You know how they hang a stick in front of a horse to get it to walk? They should fly a drone in front of her with a picture of Jesse on it. 


  6. Off the subject....I am so mad right now. My wife worked a double shift today. Her workplace has been having trouble finding employees the past 2 years so has been offering more and more money to attract people. They are now offering to pay their newly hired secretaries the same amount per hour that she is making.....AND SHE HAS BEEN THERE 44 YEARS! 

    I guess this is not the fault of management. They need people and this is the only way to get them. The government is just paying more money for people to stay home than work. Oh well, we aren't supposed to get political here. We can only do that if defending the Dukes so I won't go any further. It's infuriating. I can't wait for her to retire....hopefully in the fall.

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