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  1. Hello all, I have lurked on this site for a while and finally have taken the time to register. I was 10 years old when the Dukes first came on TV in 1979. I kept hearing others kids talking about this new TV show, so I asked one of them what it was. I was a bit confused by the title "The Dukes of Hazzard", but one of the kids explained the show. I watched it the following Friday night and was hooked. I mean I just freaked out. It was the perfect show for a young boy. Who did not want to be one of the Duke boys? They got to race around in a really cool car, all the women liked them and they won almost every fight they got in. Anyway...I bought any and everything I could associated with DOH. I even used to buy all those stupid teen girl magazines that had either Tom or John in it just to read about my heroes. I painted several of my matchbox cars orange (until they actually made a General Lee matchbox car). I love this website. I have been amazed at how some have put together such details on where the show was filmed. I am taking a vacation with the family to Los Angeles County in April. Actually staying in Topanga. Planning a day where I will drive a big DOH themed loop where I will drive west to Lake Sherwood/West Potrero Road, then north to Piru, then east to Newhall/Valencia. Will check out many of the sites mentioned on this Forum. Can't wait! Dana
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