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  1. How lucky for you to meet Rick/Cletus.
  2. It is an episode I belive from the 6th season, where Luke gets hypnotized by Boss to sell the General Lee. One of my favorites.
  3. Well next Wed, 7-19, John will finally be on My First Time, along with Dean Cain. It is on TVLand at 10pm.
  4. 2006 Dukefest Calender lists Denver's birthday as May 11th. John's reaction should have clued the editor to double check on that before finalizing it. What was John's reaction?
  5. I can't choose. I love 'em all. The Duke family ties for first and Rosco, Boss, Enos and Flash tie for second and everyone else ties for third. BTW Cooter is a Duke in my book.
  6. From what I understand he has been married and divorced twice, plus has a couple of children out of wedlock.
  7. Wow, they have aged well. I have to say though that I liked Coy better then but I like Vance better now. Thanks for the pics.
  8. I have been a fan of the shows since it first aired. I had both of their pictures all over my bedroom wall when I was in sixth grade. As far as being a Tom fan, I would have to say that I have really started to appreciate hjm much more as an adult. I was/am a big John fan, but I also like Tom. I guess I have really appreciated Tom this past year, since I started watching the series again on CMT and owning the dvds.
  9. Ok, I know that this will make me sound really dumb, but what is so great about myspace? I will admit that I really haven't been on it. I just don't get why it is so popular. Can someone please explain it to me. I am not knocking it, how can I since I don't know it. I just want to know why it is so popular.
  10. I love that picture of James. He is a very handsom man, and seems as nice as he is handsome!
  11. Welcome! Man you live where my 9 year old daughter said that she wants to move to when she's an adult.
  12. Welcome Dukesfan70! Hey what part of PA are you from? I'm in Philly and have been a Dukes fan from the first airing of the first show!
  13. That was really funny. Thanks for the laugh.
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