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  1. Just a friendly reminder: Monthly chat tonight at 8 est

    Sorry again about my goof up last night... and thanks for correcting me; Always appreciate someone keeping me in line.

  2. Just a reminder:

    Monthly chat tonight at 8 est.

  3. Today's the day folks! Remember: 8PM Eastern Standard Time Hazzardnet.com flash chat - the Boar's Nest (I'll be about an hour to an hour and a half late so if anyone wants to kick things off for me, I'd appreciate it)
  4. Okay

    Don't forget tonight is the monthly chat. In retrospect, i should have scheduled it earlier in the evening, but I have a prior commitment and I didn't want to be all that late for it. I'll still be late, but instead of two or three hours, only an hour.

  5. Hey girlie, want to hit the chat so you can tell me all about what has happened so far in the story? I am very interested to know (and i know i'm being impatient, but i am excited about it!)

  6. Very true, but I always seen that in connection to the word mob, and I think I did catch it once or twice where it was done by the law... hmm... Either way, I apologize and retract the statement and would like to substitute it with: Anyone who abuses a historical symbol needs a verbal tear down with facts so bad that they go home and cry into their pillows.
  7. Sowwy. *blushes* I see your point. Shoulda used verbal chew out instead. I just get so upset whenever stuff like that comes up. That and I wasn't raised with that being a racist word, it applying toward any ethnicity. I do apologize as I keep forgetting that it is racially charged in some arenas. I didn't realize i had forgotten that until I seen your second post. I'll go back and change it to be more acceptable. Er... would like to anyway. Mufn, could you do me a favor and change it for me? I am so sorry.
  8. Oops, sorry Mufn. I actually meant Lynched with words but my cat distracted me while I was typing. A verbal hanging if you would.
  9. Yeah, I did a somewhat in depth study of them a few years ago, at least, for the Revolutionary War period. I have a good friend who is a historian who allowed me to borrow some books. At the time I was teaching our colonial color guard and I wanted to know my flag history for that. As for the Grand Union flag: I wonder why! ROFL. There's just something about that English Naval Jack being featured on it that might have something to do with that? Coincidentally, that flag gave Washington and his troops a one up against the British a couple of times, because it resembled the East Indies Company's flag, just a different number of stripes. Also, the English flag of the time featured the canton like the entire flag is now, only they had a red field. When the Americans raised the Grand Union, the British thought the Patriots were surrendering (I wonder why LOL JK). But that is part of the reason the flag was changed. Also, the Grand Union was originally used in hopes of an eventual reconciliation with England, but as the British started attempting to use a heavier and heavier hand, hopes of reconciliation gave way to the hopes of building a new nation, so the flag was changed to reflect these views. The English Canton was removed and a blue canton with thirteen stars in its foreground became the new flag - and they weren't necessarily in a circle. There was also an arrangement used in which the stars were in a similar pattern to where they are now. The flags generally varied by regiment and company.
  10. Alright, so I was having a nice dream the other day, Dukes related of course and the strangest of strange things happens, and I mean, this was strange for even a dream! I got a log in screen. A big, yellow log in screen. Needless to say, I woke up after a few moments of viewing this. I mean it was one of those moments where you want to wake up yellin' I mean... Wow.
  11. *steals soap box out from under Brian* Actually, the KKK didn't adopt the confederate flag as it's symbol until after the 1930's. During the 1930's they typically used old glory in the form of it's Betsy Ross flag incarnation (Same as now, but instead of fifty stars in the canton, it was 13 arranged in a circle for those who don't know which flag I'm talking about). To be truthful, there were several incarnations of the confederate flag, but the one which seems to draw the controversy is the confederate naval jack. The stars and bars is usually overlooked and had a completely different look from what flew on the General's roof... but if you put it in an array with other flags and asked a student to pick it out... they probably wouldn't be able to, unless they were a flag historian. I have several african american friends who know I have a love for the confederate flag in all its incarnations, and they are fine with it, BECAUSE they know I love history and they know I'm not racist. There was a recent article on MSNBC which I think just wasn't right: A girl got thrown out of her high school prom because she wore a dress which resembled the confederate naval jack. I mean, has this school ever heard of the first amendment? Has the NAACP ever heard of freedom of expression or freedom of speech? Personally, I believe if you use the flag out of context, you should be lynched. That goes for the KKK as well as NAACP. Stop f***ing with historical symbols! Shoot, the NAACP even had the confederate flag removed from a confederate historical monument (confederate old soldiers home in Virginia). The freakin' Union was okay with the flag, they even paid for the home to be built after the war. African Americans even donated to the cause of building it. The flag flying didn't bother any of them! AND it's illegal to require the removal of the confederate flags from a confederate monument, illegal to fly a union flag on a confederate monument, and illegal to fly a confederate flag on a union monument. I'm not racist, but white or black, you break the law and mess with historical monuments and symbols, you need your behind beat. Also, the confederacy was in fact training free african americans to fight for the cause of the independence of the southern states. They weren't drafted. They were willing to take up the arms for the south, because the war wasn't truly about slavery! That was Northern Propaganda. The north stated the southern states left because they viewed Lincoln as an abolitionist... guess what, Lincoln had no plans on freeing the slaves. And for that matter, slaves weren't necessarily black. They were white, red, yellow, etc as well. And the NAACP want to talk about whites being racist? What about all the white men being beaten nearly to death over the Trayvon Martin case in Florida right now? Tell me that's not racist. Racism has many faces. It's more than just caucasians who practice it. Wake up NAACP, your own people are inciting this behavior! AND one more thing. The NAACP need to take and watch a TV show before they judge it. Not just a few clips or a few episodes, but the show in its entirety, before they make judgement. Taking things out of context seems to make them happy... well guess what, racism is taking things out of context too. Racism is about flash judgement, which is something the NAACP is supporting in their own way! Don't take your anger out on historical symbols. Take your anger out on people who use them out of context.
  12. Hazzard Garage (sorry, had to jump in)
  13. I'm back on Yahoo if you're still online.

  14. Tomorrow's the chat! (Sorry but I'll be a tinsy bit late due to a prior engagement)
  15. Yeah, I'm just no good at drawing on a computer LOL.

    Hoss was the one who said he'd look the story over and see if it's something he can edit or not.

  16. Easy to miss LOL. Been so long since I actually watched the show, I had forgotten about them.
  17. amazingly, yellow (amber) means the same thing here as there. Sorry I missed that one. Maybe Cooter shoulda had one on his tow truck?
  18. Oh also, I found us a beta reader, I think. He's looking the story over now, but doesn't do a lot of fiction stuff. I only sent him chapters 1-5.

  19. Okie Dokie. I'm messing around with a drawing program i downloaded the other day and must say, I am enjoying myself. Only thing is, this dang writing bug has been driving me nuts LOL

  20. If you want, I can send over a few chapters to see what you think. Should be fairly easy to edit. I try not to edit my own stuff too much because I am sometimes biased. I have done some light editing on what K-Duke had added though (but sometimes I miss some things or just don't know what to do with it). Spell check has been run so you don't need to worry about that.

  21. I automatically run spell check, so you wouldn't be worrying about the spelling issue, nor the grammar in the quotations. Most of the problems seem to be more in the area of punctuation or the usage of past or present tense. There are also some choppy areas which need to run more smoothly. I have already done some light editing, but if you like, I can send over a few chapters to see what you think. They are already in HTML format.
  22. Did you do good in school? Interested in previews of stories before they are publicly posted? Enjoy giving feed back, be it positive or negative? Do you enjoy the more technical aspects of the English Language? Have too much time on your hands? Then I have the job for you! I am currently looking for a Beta Reader, also known as a Proof Reader, to edit stories as they are being written. They are Dukes of Hazzard stories. So far there is just one needing beta read at the moment, and it is an in progress story. If interested, please contact me via private message, visitor message, or by answering this thread. Please, if you cannot use punctuation, use run on sentences regularly, and generally use something which resembles the English Language but lacks sentence structure, do not apply. You may be asked to provide examples of your own work or if there is a lack of this, previous posts on the forums will be looked at and or you will be asked to engage in conversation. -Hilery
  23. Hey, just wondering how it's coming, and if you liked what I had written. If you haven't read it all yet, try to finish chapter 8 before moving on to read 9 and 10. I can change any discrepancies which occur.

    The next couple of chapters are probably more dependent on you I think. If you like, we can write them in a messenger window together. It might be easier.

    I did write another chapter today, but we are no where near being able to fit it in. It's several chapters too early... but it's not really dependent on the previous chapters. It's more a cutesy Cooter/Hilery moment which turned out to be ten pages long... and I can't break it up into shorter chapters. Go figure, right? The chapter I wrote today also deals with who Ruth is.

    Oh and I am almost forgetting to mention, it's a tear jerker chapter. I'll send it to you later, after we're closer to using it.

  24. Hoss, zoom in and clean that back left panel up. It looks like you can see the director's chair and behind the scenes people over there.
  25. Hey Brian,

    Hope you don't mind, but I have offered up a story idea for you and MaryAnne, on a silver platter. It's sitting on her visitor page. It's just an idea that has been rolling around inside my thick skull for a few days so I figured I'd share it with you two.

    Now that it's shared, maybe I can go back to coming up with ideas for my own stories.


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