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  1. Hilery Ann Davenport is the second cousin of Cooter Davenport. She is 21 years of age (if you want birth year, depending on which universe, she was born in '59 in the first generation ones, and in 1980 in the second generation stories) and resides in Hazzard County, Georgia. She was born in Choctaw County to one of Cooters cousins. Her parents were killed in a car accident when she was 13 yrs old . Raised partially by Cooter, its no wonder she shairs some of his hobbies, which inclued working on cars, racing, and annoyin the law. Hilery has dark blonde hair and deep blue eyes, is about 5'4 and about 120 lbs. Her temper is firey, but she normally keeps it under controle. She is a loving, caring young woman with a heart of gold, though, can be quite the trouble maker. Hilery has caused several fights due to her stuborness. Hilery does have a brother, but he is currently in jail. Hilery can also be as crazy as her cousin. Hilery is accepted as an honerary Duke by the Duke family, Bo and Luke look at her as a little sister even if Hilery has a "little" crush on Bo Duke in the first generation stories and in the second generation series (done with my good friend Chet Duke) she is married to Wheeler Duke in that universe, and in the other second generation universe, she is goin out with Breyer Sterling Duke. When Hilery turned 18 she started renting the appartment above the garage as a home away from home. It served for when it was too hot at the farm or was havin problems with another family member who was visiting. Hilery has a Ford 1968 Shelby Mustang named Jumper which is painted teal with the number 09 written on the doors. The 09 is a pinkish color with a black outline with another white outline. The name Jumper is written across the back windshield in pink cursive writing. Her cb handle is Country Girl ***** sry guys it took me so long to post this, but you know, I also changed what kind of car Jumper is due to a discovery of information I didn't know before. thanks daney and essyjane and chet for the help on finding a new car! :grin: <font size=-1>[ This Message was edited by: countrygirl1986 on 2002-04-20 19:31 ]</font>
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