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  1. Yeah, I am in desperate need of sleep, and I can't sleep cause I'm jittery like I've been drinking expresso all day.

  2. Alright :)

    I'll tell ya, I was running on fumes when I finished the story last night, and then I spent the night tossing and turning (resulting in only an hour sleep). In other words, I'm still running on fumes. Would love to sleep... want to sleep... just can't sleep. Happens every time I run out of my one medication... which wouldn't have happened if it weren't for the dang pharmacy covering up the remaining refills information.

  3. The final 3 chapters are in your inbox! Feel free to make corrections if you need to.

    Yes, there was a confrontation between Hilery and Kendra. No there wasn't an attack involved.

  4. Hazzard County Sheriff's Department (sorry, this one fits for the last three posts so I just had to put it here).
  5. Chapters 16-20 should be in your inbox from yesterday.

  6. The parade went well (Until the very end), however, the "after party" as I would like to call it, was spent at the nearest hospital. I had a REALLY bad attack. I was VERY lucky that we were able to flag a paramedic down. My oxygen levels were in the toilet, my blood pressure was sky high, and the medic didn't have to use the stethoscope to listen to my airway because she could hear me struggling to breathe. I don't remember very much from the time I started to strip to get to the injection site to the time I was in the ambulance... that's about a 20-30 minute chunk of time. I was disoriented and scared. There are things that occurred during the parade I don't even remember. At about the midway point, I started getting winded, which I remember. I remember getting badly out of step and struggling to stay in step, and I remember having difficulty remembering songs that i've known for years. After we stopped marching, we had our photo's taken, and that's about the time i realized, Oh ****.

  7. HAE Awareness Day is next week! What is Hereditary Angioedema? Hereditary Angioedema is a set of immune system disorders (types I, II, and III), which cause swelling. The disease can be potentially fatal if the swelling affects the airway, heart, or lungs. Please help raise awareness for this rare genetic disease, and hopefully someday there will be a cure. HAE Awareness Day is May 16th.
  8. Chapter 15 is in your inbox. I had to send the email twice because the first time I forgot to attach the file. I apologize for that. I've had insomnia the past few nights, and then the attack yesterday... I am just dead tired. Read it over when you get a chance, and let me know what you think.

  9. Yes, I realized that after I seen the picture that was posted in another thread. I know, I'm an idiot.
  10. :confused:Er... I was going to send it to you, but my mail is suspended for sending spam????:confused:

  11. Sounds too tight to be truthful.

    Alright, I have another chapter pretty much done. I'll send it to you.

    Band practice tonight. I leave at six, get home around nine.

  12. My landlady is cutting the internet off during the day now, until she gets home from work. She wants me to focus more on the yard. She doesn't get home until at least six usually, and doesn't get to it until around 6:30... and that's when I'm lucky.

    Have you worked any on the story? I can help you with the piece that would contain the information I sent you, but it would require you to be online with me.

    I could write the part where Hilery and Kendra are 'speaking' however, there are rules which are to be followed by the great world of fanfiction and I would need your permission to do so. The part containing the information I mentioned in the private message I can write using Bo and Luke or Bo and Daisy. The problem is, I'm trying to not monopolize the story. Right now, hilery is a big part of the story, and I don't think that's quite fair unless you want it to be that way. I just don't know how to make Kendra a larger part of the story without your help.

  13. Soybeans are more downstate Brian. Upstate... er... well it's not really upstate LOL Upstate is north of the C and D canal and downstate is below it, I guess I should say the southern half of my county... but the southern half of my county, it's more wheat and corn. Also, there are quite a few peach orchards in the other two counties. Peaches used to be a rather large cash crop for us... Yes, Delaware has only 3 counties. and brian, it wasn't the cheese conversation which told me where you lived. If you recall many, many, MANY moons ago, you did tell me.... when we used to talk on AIM before I developed a terminal case of the stupids.... which I am still apologetic for.
  14. But seriously, invest in a formal white dress shirt, preferably thin white cotton (but not so thin that you 'advertise' if you know what I mean), and a pair of thin black loose dress pants. Trust me, you'll be much more comfortable.

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