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  1. It is good to know you did so good in sight reading. I can sight read some myself.

    Sounds like it's time to buy a new white shirt. If I were you, I'd keep it washed and hung up in the closet and not wear it for anything else. That's what I do with my white pants;used to keep them in the dresser drawer until my cat peed on them; I wanted to kill her that day, just glad i had a pair of backup pants. It really sounds like that shirt is starting to get too small, and you really need to take into account the seasons when buying stuff like that. Believe me, I learned real fast to have a pair of pants for winter and a pair for summer, and it's strange that you can't wear a skirt. Usually they allow a skirt. I would invest in a thin pair of black dress pants too. and make sure they fit loosely in the legs. Tight clothing can make you hotter. Believe me, I've been doing concerts and music longer than you've been alive. If guys are wearing ties, shouldn't the girls be wearing formal scarves?

  2. Yeah, unfortunately, when I read, I'm kinda more into romances set in regency England or early America... LOL I do like some books of action though. I'll have to look into his books. I don't read much since I burned out (I was reading about four to six books a week). Right now I'm more happy writing than reading. I haven't quite recovered from the burn out. Sorry about that Hoss. Didn't mean to make you bang your head against the wall. And one more thing MaryAnne - I agree with you for the reasons you mentioned the earlier start time was good. Not only are there old timers, there are also many teenagers amongst the membership now, many of which have very vigilant parents who monitor their internet usage, something which didn't seem to be done as much ten years ago (in other words, they can't pull all nighters like some of us in our 20's did way back when)... and then there's those who have to be up right early for work (I know of one amongst the membership who gets up at about 3:30 in the morning their time to get ready for work). In other words, a lot of people just aren't night owls anymore... except maybe Hoss LOL.
  3. That is good, great, and yikes.

    Don't feel bad. Try doing a 95 degree parade, no shade, wearing long sleeves, jeans, sneakers, and a black tricorn hat. Now THAT my friend is murder. At least you had the option of a skirt and short sleeves, and weren't marching around in the sun on black pavement. But yes, I have felt your pain. I have a parade next weekend in Galena, Maryland.

    I had a good weekend with my mom, however, I did have an attack (One which didn't obstruct my breathing for once), and I am currently running a fever. I do not know if the fever is another attack, a sinus infection, or a cold... I just know I have a freakin' massive headache.

  4. I sent you chapters 11 and 12 via private message. I did it that way so you could work on it during school.

    Good luck with the band competition tonight.

  5. And on Television, Hoss, most American accents are toned way down. Usually what you get on TV is a Mid-Atlantic (Philadelphia, New Jersey) accent with a drawl added for the south or where ever they are supposed to be from. I had a teacher who went to school for journalism who happened to mention this. He mentioned that they would teach the Mid-Atlantic accent to students so they would be more likely to get a job as a news anchor, as the Mid-Atlantic accent is one of the easiest to understand in the US.
  6. Ah, so it's the family farm. I know what state that is in. I bet I know why you find it's so cool that he owns a farm... it's a hop, skip, and jump from where you live or at least in the same state. And Delaware does have several farms, thank you very much!
  7. Anyone else think the six pm start time would be better?
  8. I just hope it wasn't the General's license plate that you goofed, cause that would be just... too embarrassing for words.
  9. In the sunshine of our summers, with the hay time now having come, how busy were we out in the field, with a view to the left of home, when wagons rumbled out of our yard, red wheeled with body blue, and back behind them loudly slammed, the gate a wailing too. I believe that should be pretty close to what was being said.
  10. The next segment of the story is in your inbox (chapters 6-10).

  11. Well now, we have a few casino's here too, and if I had the money, I would so go... but... I'm flat out broke. If they do an album together, which would be so freakin' cool, I would so buy it, especially if it's country... erm... as soon as I got the money. I did not know Tom owned a farm. Very interesting. I wonder what state it's in. It would be so cool to live in the same state! Unfortunately Delaware is too small for that to realistically happen, but still, it would be so cool!
  12. Well... I'm gonna have to do a few adjustments because I was running under the presumption that Bo and Kendra left early, but, I can work with it.

    And, if you recall from One Armed Bandits, when Bo really likes a girl, he's afraid of her. :) Just food for thought. I really don't see him coming right out with it without a hefty amount of encouragement and several false attempts.

  13. I hope if they are doing Dukes, they don't choose a blond for Daisy... and I REALLY hope they don't mess Bo and Luke up like they did before... and I hope they pick some good lookin' guys for them too... and stick with the morals the Dukes had. I mean, Uncle Jesse and the boys doing Pot? It just doesn't stay true to the show. Hopefully they can get it right this time.
  14. Oh good, then I can do my light editing and send chapters 6-10 over to Hoss... though, I might just skip my editing outside a few adjustments so the story line matches from chapter 8 to 9 and 10, and send it over. That is what a Beta Reader is for. Hmm... Eh, I'll decide after I get chapter 8 from ya. :)

  15. Brian, don't feel bad, there's words that come out of my mouth you wouldn't understand either.... especially if I'm upset. Being stuck between north and south, I have a toned down southern accent. Well, it's a Southern Delaware accent mixed with North Carolina and Virginia. I grew up in Northern Delaware where the Delaware accent has disappeared to be replaced with Philadelphia and New York, but, I spent a good deal of time with my mother and grandparents who had the Delaware, North Carolina, and Virginia accents. The actual Delaware accent is disappearing in this day and age. Very unfortunate. I usually get asked if I'm from out of state, with only one person, when I was out of state, correctly guessing the Delaware accent. I can understand most southerners quite well, only meeting a few who had a drawl so thick I had to have them slow down when they talked... and of course, that was on the phone so there was also static playing into there too. My favorite that confuses many folks, which is a DelMarVa word which extends to parts of West Virginia and Ohio: Creek. With my accent, it's pronounced Crick. Confused many a folk.
  16. Are you about ready to start on Chapter 11? I have a few ideas for it I want to go over tonight with you, and perhaps start it collaboratively instead of each of us doing a segment. Let me know what you think.

  17. I AM in the mid-atlantic states. Like K said, we had almost no winter. coincidentally, bomb threats were very regular in my middle school, as were pulled fire alarms and wonder of wonders: an actual fire in the girl's bathroom. Once I hit high school, the bomb threats went away, but too many kids were afraid to make them. Our school was very particular about who they let in because it wasn't a regular public school - it was a vocational school. If you made a threat, you got kicked out of it and had to go to regular school... and at one time, during the 90's, it was one of the top 50 schools in the US.
  18. Sorry y'all missed it. It was much more toned down than the meetin's of the past (everyone was well behaved and no one was swinging from the chandelier), but it was a good time, even with a small turnout. MaryAnne finally put Hoss out of his misery. He's spent the past month trying to figure out my real name. It was fun while it lasted. The next meeting is tentatively scheduled for: Friday, June 1st, 2012... Possibly... eh... apparently 8pm is too late for some folks, so how about we shoot for six pm EST? Thoughts and opinions?
  19. Yeah. I tried messaging you on yahoo? I have about twenty minutes before I'm due to be picked up for practice.

  20. I didn't think so and I apologize for making it so late in the evening. I'll aim earlier next month.

  21. Hey MaryAnne, hope you're having a good one. Just thought I'd give you a little reminder, today is May 1st so... duh duh duh duhhhhh the monthly chat is tonight! 8pm eastern

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