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  1. Hey my name is Crystal Davis and I am the granddaughter of June Shaw she also has passed away years ago so please no negative things about my family in all due respect but yes it is true he had all them cars and acres of many many more I remember playing in all of them cars when I was a young kid growing up so yes it is true he did have all the original cars . Thanks loveandloyalty8080@icloud.com
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  2. Daisy is looking outside the kitchen’s window, her eyes full of tears remembering the night she was there, hugging Enos. “Daisy, darling, why are you still awake?†Her uncle’s voice makes Daisy jump, a brief gesture to wipe her tears off. “I can’t sleep uncle Jesse, always the same nightmareâ€. Uncle Jesse sighs, “Daisy, everything is OK, Enos is getting better and better, and Scanlon can’t hit anybodyâ€. Daisy nods coming closer to her uncle and hugging him, “I know, but…. I can’t stop thinking of what happened, and what could have happened if….â€, her words stopped by a tight hug from her uncle, “Daisy, try to forget ‘bout it. Fortunately Enos is alive, and you tooâ€. Back in her room Daisy tries to sleep only to wake up again, breathing heavily because of the thought of Enos’s blood coming continuously to her mind. The dawn filters in her room and the woman stands up, eager to go to the hospital to visit Enos, like every day since the shooting. Daisy hates the typical smelling of the hospital, a mix of disinfectant and medicines. She passes quickly through the hall avoiding to look at the couches where that day she was waiting for doctors, torn between wish and fear to know ‘bout Enos’s condition in the operating room. She wants to forget about how long she stayed sitting on that couch while her family were hugging each other, and Boss Hogg and Rosco too, shocked in that wide and cold hall; in particular she wants to forget about Rosco standing silently in front of the white wall, his forehead against it like if he could hardly stand, something so strange for him. She wants to forget about everything in that hall, as well the small bathroom where she rushed so many times to let her tears out, and where she rushed to vomit in the moment she saw a doctor, his tight features, coming through a long corridor to tell them the news they’re waiting for. Daisy is now walking along another corridor, the sun entering the large windows and lighting the tidy floor, so tidy it seems a mirror. And in this corridor she meets the same doctor she saw that day, and all days after; he smiles gently to her, “Good morning, Miss Dukeâ€. She remembers him talking to her family, Boss and Rosco while she was coming out that bathroom, her legs trembling and her hears buzzing; she remembers his tired features after the long operation, and she remembers his tired smile, that smile cheering her up and meaning that Enos was alive. A brief knocking at the door, his voice behind it, and Daisy enters the small white room, the moment she prefers in those days. “Hi Enos. Did you sleep tonight?â€, she smiles. He nods, “Yeahâ€, is voice still hoarse because of the time spent in the Intensive Care Unit with a tube inside his trachea. Only a glance to tell him that she didn’t sleep, again. “And what ‘bout you? You seems so tired, Dais. You shouldn’t come here every day in the morningâ€. “Oh Enos, don’t worry. Doctor gave me permission to come to visit you at any time I want toâ€. Enos sighs thinking of how is so simple to her to persuade people to do what she wants they do. He looks at her, her brown hair sparkling in the sunlight and her hazel eyes changing to a green shade. Her beauty makes him blush as usual, so he closes his eyes, resting on the pillows under his back. “How’s your chest?â€. Her voice snaps him out of his drowsiness, “Uh, better. It hurts a bit, but I’m OKâ€. Daisy looks at the bandages covering his chest, something that still anguishes her, then she looks away focusing on his face and on his closed eyes, his eyelids gently trembling while he’s half asleep because of pain killers doctors are giving him. The young woman takes his hand and she squeezes it gently, a gesture very familiar during all those days spent by his side at the Hospital, especially when he was in the Intensive Care Unit. Falling asleep in the sunlight filling the little room, her hand still squeezing his one, Daisy promises to herself to be more honest ‘bout her feelings toward Enos in the future. “I won’t leave his hand any more, and I’ll do anything I can do to make him happyâ€, is what is thinking of in that white and sunny room, the only room where she can sleep, because Enos is by her side.
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  3. A ton of Jews were on the Titanic, that's why it became more famous than other equally awful maritime tragedies, such as The Lusitania etc. Levi Strauss was on the Titanic! ( you've probably got a pair of his jeans!) , and John Jacob Astor was also on the Titanic. They had all the people that were influential and powerful on that ship. The next year ( 1913), they came out with the Federal Reserve Act.....UNOPPOSED! ( all those powerful and rich enough to object and actually DO something about it were then dead! )
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