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  1. Thank you so much for this site and I would love to get to know more about the other casting crew and also my cousin Zachary was in one of the episodes sitting in the back seat as they jumped that little hill and he has also passed away two years ago of cancer
  2. Oh and one more thing there is a documentary about it on you tube so cliff and June were both my grandparents and I will forever and always miss them both
  3. I don’t have them but my grandparents did they had the originals that were in the movie my cousin was also a extra in the first movie but I do remember playing in all those cars as a child but sadly my grandparents are no longer here with us
  4. Hey my name is Crystal Davis and I am the granddaughter of June Shaw she also has passed away years ago so please no negative things about my family in all due respect but yes it is true he had all them cars and acres of many many more I remember playing in all of them cars when I was a young kid growing up so yes it is true he did have all the original cars . Thanks loveandloyalty8080@icloud.com
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