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Role Playing - Author Created Characters

RP section for y'all that want to role play with any and all characters of the Dukes of Hazzard, including author created.

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    • Well y'all I got good  news and I got bad news. The bad news being that NASCAR upheld the $100,000 fine per each of the four teams of Hendrick as well as the four race suspension of the crew chief's for when they confiscated their hoods of their cars for their louvers. Good news is, is that they restored the driver and owner points for the teams.   I find it kind of ironic that the they fined the 9 team (Chase Elliott) monetary, but didn't fine him points. It makes sense since he's not driving and it is a substitute but does that mean he still has to pay that much money? He wasn't even in the car or in the race... Daniel Suraez got fined $50,000 for behavioral for running into the bumper repeatedly of Alex Bowman after the COTA race. Even nudging his own team mate to get to Bowman. I missed the race, the bad race fan that I am, so I didn't see why. Suarez isn't usually aggressive like that...but isn't Bowman already in enough stress with his fines and penalty (Bowman is a Hendrick driver)  then to be running into him like that? He should go pick on Kyle Busch or someone like that... Just saying...LOL.   Here is the article for more info... https://www.nascar.com/news-media/2023/03/29/nascar-fines-suarez-50000-for-post-race-incident-at-circuit-of-the-americas/ Had to roll my eyes  at reading how NASCAR is upset that the board took away the points fine for the penalty of the Hendrick drivers. I get where they are coming from on how that is probably the biggest attention grabber...but still? They harsh much in their penalty? NASCAR just seems power hungry to me at this point. I wonder if Justin Haley appealed and if they will give him the same or not. I mean with his penalty...he is negative points. How is someone who races for an underfunded team suppose to climb out of that penalty?
    • (Season 6 Too Many Roscos) Woody(fake Rosco)is riding in the General Lee with Bo & Luke. Woody:"Please Bo!" Bo:"Rosco, fer cryin' out loud, you keep makin' that same mistake! That's Luke. I'm Bo. Yer sick!"
    • NIAGARA Falls Abe Lincoln Hogg said "I'd rather go over "Niagara Falls in a barrel than take another ride on this road!"
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