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Hazzard County Welcomes Jeff Gordon

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Rosco barged into Boss's office at the Boar's Nest unnanounced while Boss was sitting at his desk counting stacks of dollar bills. "Good news, good news Boss!"

Boss fired back, "Who do you think you are coming in here without knocking?! I almost had a heart attack!"

Rosco eyed all the cash. "I can understand why Boss. That's a pretty good chunk of change ya got laying there. He reached for the desk and Boss quickly slammed the roll-top desk shut, catching Rosco's fingers in it. "Aaaaaaaah! That hurts Boss." Rosco quickly put the sore fingers in his mouth.

"Well ya got what ya deserved Rosco. You should know better than to move too fast around my money. I got ninja skills when it comes to protecting it and you're lucky you didn't get hurt worse than that. Now what's this good news all about? Did ya catch that Gordon Jeff feller?"

"Uh I sure did Boss. And it's Jeff Gordon not Gordon Jeff...and I got Enos and three temporary deputies all armed to the teeth guarding him. I tell ya Boss we're gonna make a ton of money off this feller. Ya wanna hear my plan?"

Boss responded, "Listen Rosco, you do the catching and I do the planning. Now I'll tell ya how we're gonna make money off Mr Gordon Jeff."

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  • 4 weeks later...

Sitting in the driver's seat with the seat tilted back slightly, Bo Duke stares through the windshield at the trees and bushes that surrounds them. Every muscle within him is yelling at him to get up and move. Get up and walk. Run. Dance. Do something other than just is and do nothing as they have been doing the past twenty minutes. Yet, Luke's stern eyes seem to be planted on him in full knowledge of his unwillingness to sit still for another minute. Watching him as if he will pounce on him if he even thinks of raising a finger.

So instead of doing something, Bo forces his cramped body to remain still in hope of any second of Luke saying those magical words of let's go. Yet he remains silent.

Only to feed upon his already high emotions.

Hours ago he had met his hero. Well his second hero. No one was better than Luke in his eyes, but Gordon was close in Bo's eyes. Hours ago his dream had come true only it had come with a heavy baggaged that prevented Bo to ask all of his unanswered questions. It stomped out any excitement he would have had if he had met Gordon under normal consequences.

But this is Hazzard and Hazzard is anything but normal.

So instead of talking to Gordon for advice, of getting to know Gordon on a personal level, and perhaps getting an autograph, Bo sits in The General while Gordon is in jail.

"C'mon Luke. I can't sit here any more. I sit here any longer I'm going to go crazy. I sit here any longer I may no longer be able to move not much help you and this pointless plan of your's. How in the world are we helping Gordon by sitting in The General which is hidden in the middle of nowhere?!" Bo yells in frustration and Luke looks away, "I give you the credit that you are the brains of the family. That you come up with great ideas. But I hate to break it to you, Lukas, this is the dumbest and worst idea you've ever had! I think I could come up with something better than just sitting here and doing nothing. If that's not bad enough...you're giving Gordon and everyone else the impression that we are weak and scared of the law. Maybe you are, but I'm not!"

"Are you done yet?" Luke snaps after Bo is quiet for a moment, "We went through this. We are waiting. As I am waiting for your most genius idea that you keep saying you can think of."

"I don't have an idea. But I could think of one better than just sitting here. We could break him out tonight...make a distraction of some sort and go in and rescue him. Something other than doing nothing!" Bo defends himself feeling his muscles cramp within him as he forces himself to sit still at Luke's request.

"We are not doing nothing. We are waiting and you know why and all the details. We have went over this. And your distraction idea is horrible. Never would work out. So sit back. Close your eyes. Take a nap. Just do anything but sit there and gripe at me as you've done ever since Gordon went with Rosco," Luke states turning to look out his window, his clear indication that their conversation was now over.

Bo breathes out heavily as silence fills the car once more and his thoughts return to their situation and what has happened thus far.

"Well well well lookie what I found all the way out here," Cooter's cheerful voice makes both cousins jump in surprise even though it was him that they were waiting for, "if I didn't know better, I'd think the two of you were hiding." Cooter reaches Bo's open window, "But you two wouldn't be hiding, now would you? I mean who would you be hidng from?"

"I told you this was a horrible idea," Bo states to Luke who only shakes his head at him.

"Hi Cooter. Took you long enough to get here," Luke states casually, "spent all this time listening to him yelling and ranting on just how smarter he is than me."

Cooter eyes Bo in feigned shock. "Wow. Really? Now that's something you don't hear every day," he gives a crazy laugh.

"Very funny you two. You think you're just too cute, now don't you?" Bo questions, "Well y'all aren't."

Cooter shrugs. "If you say so. But hey you'll never guess who's rumored to be in jail in Hazzard right now," he grows serious. "You gonna guess?" he gives them a brief second before continueing, "Jeff Gordon. As in NASCAR Jeff Gordon. Guess your favorite driver ain't so clean after all, huh Bo?"

"Shut up Cooter," Bo snaps impatiently, "that's why we called you. To get your help in on this. Gordon was driving in town when Rosco ran into him. Now Rosco is charging him for hitting him and all these other charges. We helped him escape once and had him hidden until genius over here talked Gordon into surrendering to Rosco. And now we have been sitting here for over a half hour waiting on you to show up."

Cooter shrugs. "Well y'all I tol' you. I had a call I was attending to. I couldn't just drop what I was doing to lend y'all a helping hand. Though I am looking forward to helping to unfoil Hogg's plan he must have with Gordon. Once I heard he had locked up I could already see Hogg's fat wheels in his head turning to see how he could milk Gordon for all the money he's worth. Didn't believe it though when I heard it...you two just confirmed it." He goes silent as he leans in through the window. "So what can I do to help you two boys with this plan of your's?"

"Well I was thinkin' Cooter..."Luke starts.

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  • 2 weeks later...

Boss stood up and pulled down a plastic sign that was rolled up. Rosco's eyes widened as he read the sign:

Come one, come all for the opportunity of a lifetime to get an autograph from that famous NASCAR racer GORDON JEFF. In addition to an $10 autograph, an additional $10 will qualify you for an opportunity to race against MR. GORDON JEFF in Saturday's special event at the fairgrounds. Only 5 names will be pulled so the more times you pay $10 the more chances you'll have of winning. In fact, if you pay $100 you can put your name in the hat 11 times! All the excitement begins at the Boar's Nest Friday from noon until 7 for autograph signings and the race Saturday will begin at the Fairgrounds at 4:00.

Rosco's eyes got even wider. "That's a big sign Boss!"

"I know Rosco and I had two dozen of them made so you need to start distributing them around town right now!"

Rosco looked nervous, "I hate to be the one to tell you this Boss but it' Jeff Gordon...not Gordon Jeff."

Boss didn't even seem to care, "Oh nobody's going to notice you lug nut. Now go out in the back of my car and grab them signs and get hopping. Let's go, move, move move!"

"Uh, Boss, how did you know I was going to catch Mr Gordon? I mean, you made the signs before you knew I was gonna git him."

"Rosco, I would have lost money on the signs but I would have saved a bundle when I fired you. Now get moving!"

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  • 1 month later...

"Stop!" Luke snaps in the passenger seat and Bo steps heavily on the brake and The General lurches to a halt.

"What?" Bo asks impatiently, tired of Luke's seemingly pointless orders. "What's so damn important you want me parked out here for?"

Luke rolls his eyes at his cousin, just as impatient at Bo as Bo seems to be with him. "You see Rosco over there?" he pauses to watch Bo give him a quick nod, "He's hanging something up. Wait for him to drive off and we'll pull up and have a look to see what he's hanging up."

Bo nods in understanding, wondering why or how Luke always seems to make his pointless ideas make sense in the end. Bo sighs heavily as he turns and watches the older sheriff make his way to his parked patrol car only to trip over the curb and fall to his knees. Giving a small smile at the clownlike sheriff, Bo glances at Luke for a moment before wtaching Rosco stand up while dusting himself off while glancing around to see if anyone had saw him. After a moment that seems to be an eternity in Bo's mind, Rosco climbs into his patrol car, starts it up and slowly drives off.

"OK Bo. Pull it up to the curb and I'll go have a look," Luke states though knows it is pointless since Bo would already know what to do.

"Yeah, yeah, yeah. You don't have to keep telling me over and over what to do," Bo gripes as he pulls away from the curb he had pulled to a halt at and drives over to where Rosco was parked at to make a sharp U-turn and pulls to a stop where Rosco had been parked at only minutes ago. "Close enough, for you, Luke?" he questions sarcastically as Luke slowly climbs out through the passenger's open window.

Bo breathes in as he watches Luke make his way to the radio station's clear window where Rosco had taped a poster onto it. The poster holds large colored and bold writing to it and a car on the bottom of it only to give Bo a growing sense of dread within him. "Bingo! Just what we were waiting for," Luke states from the window, loud enough for Bo to hear him, "our fears has been answered by Rosco himself. Though, could you tell me who Gordon Jeff is?"

Bo gives a disbeleiving laugh and nod of his head. "Ain't bad enough he has framed Gordon up for what Rosco had done, but he can't even get his name right?" Bo questions as Luke joins him in the car, "Now what we do boy genius?"

"You can start by dropping this genius junk of your's. I get it you're not happy about all this, but may I remind you, that I'm not any happier about it than you are. Just one of us has to be rational about the whole thing and not just jump to any quick conclusions or do what ever comes to mind as you seem to want to do," Luke states calmly, understanding where his cousin has come from with all this. Just not liking it any, "What we do now, you ask? Well first off is we call Cooter and meet back home. Fill Uncle Jesse in on all of this. He's got to be wondering where the world we are at...surprised he hasn't sent the calvary out after us as of yet..."

"Ten four," Bo sighs as he he pulls away from the curb.

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  • 4 months later...

Jesse Duke slowly hangs up the phone to slowly walk over to the kitchen sink to turn the cold water on and for a long time he watches the water stream down the drain. His mind filled with the little info Cooter had shared over the phone and more on the troubles that has currently plagued his family. Closing his eyes he falls back onto the only line of defense he currently knows and he starts to pray heavily for his boys. For Gordon. For a solution to their problem. "Amen," he finishes as he opens his eyes before he places his hands into the now icy cold water. Sighing heavily he splashes a couple of handfuls of water over his face before turning the water off and grabbing the towel to dry his face off with.

Turning around he slowly walks into the living room, feeling lost as he awaits for his nephews to return home.

"Was that the boys?" Daisy asks, coming out of her room. Concern a lit in her soft eyes.

Jesse slowly shakes his head. "Only Cooter," Jesse states giving Daisy a small comforting hug, "to say they are on their way home. We've waited this long for them to come home, don't know why they bothered with having him call and tell us. What's an extra few minutes to wait? Since we have to wait anyway."

She flashes a small smile. "That's the boys for you. Probably Luke's idea," she states as she sits down in the chair, "I'm worried Uncle Jesse."

"Worried? 'Bout what?" Jesse asks as he forces him down into the couch, "There's no need to be worried. The boys are as of yet not in trouble with the law and that is a good thing. They're just working on clearing Jeff's name."

"Exactly. You know how much Bo looks up to him...he's going to be crushed if Gordon goes off to jail. Only other person he looks up to more than Jeff, is Luke," she responds, "I'm surprised Bo's been able to stay as calm as he has so far..."

Jesse hears himself give a sarcastic laugh. "I doubt Bo has been very calm. Perhaps to us he has been, but I bet you ask Luke, he'd tell you something else," Jesse goes silent as he hears a car pulling up, "I assume they're here by the sound of things. Cooter wouldn't answer my questions...he says the boys will fill us in on their progress and what is going on."

Daisy nods silently as they both slowly stand up to go greet Bo and Luke. "I just hope they got some good news," Daisy says, hanging her head.

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  • 6 months later...

Boss walks in the jail, strutting confidently and puffing on his fat cigar. He walks over to the cell that houses Jeff Gordon and looks at him through the bars then smiles.

"Howdie there Mr Gordon Jeff. My name is Boss Jefferson Davis Hogg and I hold your future in my hands."

The angry prisoner responds, "It's Jeff Gordon Mr. Jeff Hogg, not Gordon Jeff and if Hazzard County is part of the United States justice system a judge and jury will hold my future in their hands....hopefully the same judge and jury that will someday convict you and your so-called-sheriff of this outragous frame-up. Now why don't you just tell me what you want."

Boss smiled "My my, testy testy. But I think we should get two things straight. Your future is indeed in my hands Mr Jeff. 'Cause you see sir, I AM the judge and jury around these here parts and what I see is a man who tried to murder a sworn officer of the law. The second thing we need to get straight is that there are only two options for you Mr Jeff. The first is to rot in a Hazzard County jail for the rest of your life.....and the second is......well, are you interested in hearing it?"

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"Honey, I'm home!" Luke sarcastically states as he walks into the old kitchen of the farm house to be greeted by a couple of anxious faces of Jesse and Daisy. "Sorry we took so long," he pauses as Bo follows him inside, "but ol' slow poke here held us up. If it weren't for him -"

"Me?" Bo speaks up, anger laced thickly within the two letters of his question, "If I am not mistaken, it was you who ordered me to stop and watch Rosco...then ordered me to park where he was parked just so you could staisfy your curiosity! Ordering me around like a damn dog...heck you treat the dogs better than that!"

"You will watch your language in this house Bo Duke," Jesse is quick to correct Bo who silently nods and looks away, "and no one here has said a dang thing about you two being late. So you two can stop your bickering about your timing as of right now. Am I understood?"

Both Bo and Luke glance at each other and nods.

"Very well," Jesse interrupts the silence, "so, what's going on?"

Once again Bo and Luke glance at each other as if willing the other to speak up first.

"What's going on?" Bo is the first to go on, "Gordon has been sitting behind bars while we have been sitting around doing nothing! Luke's genius plan." Bo gripes as he walks past his cousin, "Sit around and do nothing...just as if he wants Gordon to stay in jail. Oh," Bo stops, "that's right. It was his genius idea for Gordon to surrender to Rosco to begin with. Yeah," he nods, "he's real proud of himself this time."

"Now wait a minute right now," Luke steps forward angrily, "it's not like that and you know it! I'm sorry as heck Gordon is in all of this and in jail and as I've told you before, I'm not any happier about it than you are! Perhaps if you weren't so blinded by your respect for Gordon and weren't so damn stubborn you'd -"

"Both of you, stop, right now!" Jesse's raised voice quickly draws silence into the old farm's kitchen, "This is my house and in my house you will respect one another and you will talk civil to one another. Am I clear or am I clear?"

"Yes sir," both boys state.

"Bo you know dang well to trust Luke's ideas and you know dang well he is trying his best to help Gordon get out of jail. For a minute stop thinking of Gordon in jail and start thinking of Luke's plans. Perhaps if you have a better idea, then you should speak up. If not, then shut up and help him out," Jesse pauses to look from Bo to Luke, "and Luke. Perhaps you should stop and think of how Bo feels. Respect how he feels. You two start working together, perhaps you'd get somewhere."

"Yes sir," once again both boys say at the same time before glancing grudgingly at one another.

"Very well then," Jesse says with a small smirk, "I'll ask again, what's going on?"

"Well as Bo said, I had him stop and watch Rosco," Luke is quick to speak up before Bo could get another jab in on him, "and it was just as I feared. He was hanging up a poster advertising Gordon in town and if you pay ten dollars you can race against Gordon."

"Ah so Hogg's plan is finally publicized then?" Jesse questions aloud, "Just as we were fearing..."

"Not only that," Bo says leaning against the living room entry way, "he can't even get Gordon's name right."

Daisy grunts in disbelief besides Jesse. "How can you get Gordon's name wrong? Heck how can you even spell it wrong? It's spelled just as how you would say it..."

"You'll love this," Luke gives a sarcastic laugh before nodding at Bo.

"Yeah it's not Jeff Gordon," Bo adds shaking his head, "It's Gordon Jeff. Not bad enough he is framing Gordon for Rosco's lack of skill behind the wheel, not bad enough he's trying to gain money out of Rosco's lack of skill behind the wheel...he has to go get JEFF GORDON's name wrong."

Jesse gives a small laugh and shakes his head. "Leave it to Hogg to get his name wrong," he pauses for a long moment, "What you thinking of doing now?"

"Perhaps we should break into Hogg's office when he is not expecting us and show him how we feel about this so called poster he hung up," Bo is quick to insert.

"We do that," Luke shakes the idea off, "we'll find ourselves in jail next to Gordon. And that my friend will do little to nothing to helping Gordon out of jail. No we need an idea that will be rational and something he won't be expecting," Luke pauses for a long moment, rethinking of his plan thus far, "if only we could find a way to prove that Rosco is at fault for the accident. A way to clear Gordon's name..."

"That'd be too easy, Luke," Bo counters him, "you know that."

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The smell of Boss's cigar starts to permeate into Jeff Gordon's cell. Jeff sits down on his bed and hangs his head muttering "I don't have much of a choice Mr. Hogg. I'll listen to your proposal."

Boss pulls the cigar from his mouth then smiles and in his deep southern voice declares, "Now that's more like it Mr. Gordon.

You did notice that I called you by your proper name didn't you? Now that we're....how do you say....temporary business partners, I'll start treating you with more respect and you'll start doing the same for me and you can be out of town by Saturday evening....that's if'n you play your cards right Mr. Gordon."

Boss held up a poster advertising the chance for five contestants to race him. "Now quit yer slouching and lookie up at this here opportunity to get out of jail for practically free.

All you need to do is sign a few autographs and posters on Friday.....and race five of the local hot shots on Saturday at 4:00 and you can race on outta town right after that. And don't worry about a race car. I'll provide you with a hot little blue Camero with a 350 turbocharged engine and brand new racing tires.

Of course this whole deal is null and void if you open your mouth and call your high falootan team of lawyers.....not that that'll do you any good. I'll have every one of them thrown in jail too if you pull that stunt.

So, whatdoyasay Mr. Gordon? Your life in exchange for a few autographs and one teensy eensy weeney little race against a few rednecks?" Are we business partners for a couple days or are you spending the next half century in jail?"

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Gordon eyes the round man with suspion for a long moment, letting the proposal slowly sink in as he reads and rereads the poster. Anger resides deeply within him. It's not that the race or signing autographs upset him. He'd be glad to do that. That was part of his job. What upsets him is how the fat man was controlling him.

"You know what Hogg. I resent how you are treating me. I appreciate the respect that you are showing me by finally getting my name right. What I don't appreciate is the fact of how you are trying to control me. Frame me and force me to do something I would have been glad to do from the start if only you had asked," Gordon finally speaks up,eyeing the commissioner firmly in the eye, "You know what, whatever. I need to get out of this place, out of this town. I need to get as far away from you and your hick sheriff as I can," Gordon shrugs, "I'll agree to your terms for Friday to race and to sign autographs. As I said, I'd have done all that if only you had asked...but that'd be too easy for you, now wouldn't it have, Hogg? Or perhaps to honest for you."

Gordon shakes his head as a thought strikes him. "Oh on second thought. I'll agree to your proposial under one condition," Gordon pauses for dramatic affect, "that I get my own car. I'm not talking about my personal car or my NASCAR car." Gordon pauses nervously. He knows he is going out on a limb on this after all the only people he knows in this small town is the Dukes. But they had warned him of how crooked Hogg is and he is not about to trust Hogg enough to drive his cars. "I will find my own car to race. If that don't work for you Hogg, then I'm giving my lawyers a call and they'll have your behind sitting behind bars for false arrest and all sorts of other charges."

Gordon gives a confident smile at Hogg. "Now that we are business partners and all, I am sure you will understand where I am coming from and will be glad to agree to my terms," Gordon pauses for a short moment, "right?"

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Boss takes the cigar out of his mouth. He squints his eyes and looks suspiciously at Jeff. He appears to be at a loss for words then turns away with his back to Jeff then speaks while continuing to look away.

"My my my Mr. Jeff.....uhum, I mean Mr. Gordon...."

Boss turns again and faces Jeff.

"You certainly don't appear to be in any position to be negotiating anything. I don't think you understand how things work around these here parts. Your fancy pants lawyers have no power in a place like this. You could bring a thousand of them in if you want to but unless one of them was a witness to the accident....excuse me, I meant to say attempted murder...., it's still the word of a stranger in town against a sworn officer of the law who has lived here all his life and has the full backing of the Commisioner of Police...namely me....who has also lived here all his life and is also the judge. You'd be throwing your money away by spending it on those hot shot worthless lawyers.....Unless"

Jeff was intrigued "Go on, unless what?"

"All right Mr. Gordon, I'll let bring your own car in providing you can get it here on time and providing you'll agree to one teensy weensy little thing"

Jeff responded "Get on with it"

Boss smiled "You finish second and let me win"

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Gordon is looks quick and hard up at the short fat man as anger races through his tense body. "Finish second to you? I don't care if you are Santa Clause...I don't finish second to no one on purpose. I drive for one purpose and one purprose only. And that is to WIN! Not a chance would I EVER let you win...EVER!" his voice echoes off of the brick wall and for a quick instant his mind falls back upon the blond Duke who was so excited to see him and so quick to stand up for him. After a brief moment of letting his anger and disgust die down a bit he eyes Hogg suspiciously. "Anyway...your supposedly crooked up plan was for me to race against local towns people. Not you. Not your joker sheriff.

"You want me to race for YOU to EARN money off of ME, you are going to have to agree to let me find my own ride and to race against the victims of this town. And in victims, I mean the Dukes and the honest citizens of this crooked town. I agreed to sign autographs and to race for THEM and NOT you or your clown sheriff." Gordon finds himself pacing angrily in his cell as he fights through his emotions and fights for a way to get out of here and to make it to his next race. Coming to a halt right in front of the commissioner, Gordon stares fiercely at him, refusing to show any other emotion than anger and hatred. "Nope. Not a chance would I let a loser like you beat me. No matter what. So I guess I will sit down and let myself get comfy in this dark hole of a cell of your's seeing as how we don't seem to have an agreement no longer."

Gordon shakes his head at the commissioner and slowly walks back to the ratty cot and sits down on it while kicking off his shoes. "You can try to shake away the thought of my lawyers not getting to you all you want. You only run a little shabby town that you get to terrorize at your free will. Well, I will not be terrorized or controlled by you. My lawyers will have a hay day with you and your supposed law. And when all is said and done, all you will have accomplished is dirtying your name and your town name up even worse than what it already is. You see, Hogg, I have a faithful team of followers. My fans. The media. The public. Once I get my story out, no one will ever want to come to your town. Eat at your restaurants. Sleep in your ratty hotel. No visitors, no money," Jeff confidently states, eyeing Hogg with a no nonesense look. "And while we are talking about money here...without us reacing an agreement to your crooked plan, I won't be racing or signing autographs and you won't be earning a single penny off of me.

"On the other hand, when I do find my way outta here," Gordon leans back, letting his words sink in, "I'll sue you for all you got for false arrest. Perhaps see what kinda charges I can put on you. And with all the money I get from you, I'll give every cent of it to the orphanage I saw here in town and to other towns people that are in need of money. And perhaps, I'll even offer Bo Duke a ride in the Sprint Cup. I've heard a few good stories of how good his talent is. Talent that is being wasted in this junk hole of a town you run."

Gordon lies down on his cot. "You can think about it and get back to me. We can either fight or we can reach an agreement. I am fine either way. Either way I will win. No way am I going to lose to someone as arrogant and spoiled as you are...and no way am I going to race you or your sheriff. No way I would ever let you win," Gordon pauses once again for dramatic effect. "As I said, you can think about it and get back to me. For now, I need my rest. Have a good day, Commissioner."

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Boss takes a puff of his cigar then blows the smoke into the cell. He pulls the cigar out of his mouth then pouts, sticking his lower lip out.

After thinking a second Boss shocks Jeff with a loud reversal.

"All right then Mr Gordon, I'll withdrawl my demand of asking you finish second if you'll agree to the rest of the conditions we've already discussed."

Boss wasn't very happy with backing down to the prisoner but, as always, he had a plan B if Jeff got too far ahead in the race, not to mention a plan C. All that mattered to him is that he won. After all Boss thought to himself, a victory over Jeff Gordon could help him greatly in marketing his Hoggocco Racing Oil. Perhaps it could even go national with such a publicity stunt behind it. Boss had always dreamed of competing with the rich oilmen of Texas and becoming the next JR Ewing. This could be his chance.

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Gordon looks at the commissioner with a lot of skepticism, recalling Luke telling him to never trust Hogg. That he always has something up his sleeve. And by how quickly Hogg was willing to give in to his terms, only convinces Gordon of what Luke had said. Something was going on in that fat head of his.

"I never agreed to race against you, Mr. Hogg. You said the citizens of this community and you aren't just a citizen. You are the commissioner. The judge and whatever you see fit to be, it seems. But not just a citizen. When I agreed to your terms it was to drive them, not you," Gordon slowly states, shaking his head, "I won't finish first, second, or last to you, seeing on how I don't drive someone I don't trust. Too dangerous. And to be honest, Mr. Hogg," Gordon shrugs, "I am finding it real hard to trust you and your law around here. The only people in this dark town of your's that I have met thus far to be trustworthy is the Dukes..." Gordon goes silent to let his words fill the room his cell is in. "Nope. The only way I am going to agree to your terms is if you keep it to your original plan of racing against the citizens of your crooked town. Not you. Not your sheriff. End of story."

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Boss grits his teeth, grunts in disgust and turns around facing away from Jeff then stands in one spot for about ten seconds.

He then walks over to Rosco's desk, his face displaying the fury inside.

He inhales deeply then reaches for the CB on the desk.

"Rosco, where are you?"

A response comes across the airwaves quickly, "Um, right here Boss, talking on the CB"

Boss is even madder now, "I know you're right here you lugnut but where is here?"

Rosco sounds confused, "Uh, in my sheriff's car."

Boss has reached the end of his rope and he hollers into the microphone, "Rosco if you don't tell me where your car's parked right now I'll, I'll....let me put it this way, if you're not here in 5 minutes you're fired. Do you copy that?"

"Uh, yea Boss. I was just handing out these posters for the big race like you told me to do."

Boss responded, "I don't think there's gonna be a race Rosco because you're coming over here and we're going to take our guest on a little trip.......to solitary confinment."

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Luke's heart suddenly comes heavy as the commissioner's angry voice booms over the CB in The General and he slowly dares a glance over at Bo whose knuckles turn white with his death grip upon the steering wheel. "Alright," Luke breathes heavily out before motioning to the a deserted area ahead that is well hid by the thick trees. "if Boss wants to do it the hard way, we'll do it is his way. Pull over there."

"What?!" Bo questions angrily, "We are on our way to go visit Gordon and not to go on your wild adventures. If you -"

"Will you stop already?! Going and visiting Gordon now makes little to no sense what so ever. Pull over in them trees and perhaps we can discuss this like adults," Luke snaps back, "not like -" Luke cuts himself off. "Never mind. Just pull it over there."

Bo eyes Luke angrily for a silent moment, not trusting himself to talk. Looking forward he reluctantly pulls over to where Luke had instructed him to pull over. "Well now, we're parked," Bo interupts the awkward silence, "and wasting Gordon's valuable time. Tick, tock."

Luke glares at him and shakes his head before he leans over and opens the glove box and pulls out a small black rectangle. "Look Bo. As I said before, I am not too happy about this myself. But as of right now, Boss and Rosco are locking Gordon into solitary confinement for obviously not agreeing to his so called race," Luke pauses to look at the foriegn object in his hands, "which means that this has turned from bad to worse. Remember what Gordon said to do if things get worse?"

Bo shrugs. "Call his lawyer," Bo sighs as he slowly sees where Luke is going with all of this only to force his anger to reverse from Luke to himself. "That Gordon's cell phone."

"Yep," Luke says wakining the cell phone with a chipper ding. "Press nine and it goes right to his lawyer. No office, no family member. Just Bernie Aussler. His lawyer. So sit tight while I talk to him and get him over here...if Bernie is all that Gordon says he is, ol' Boss will be begging Gordon for forgiveness by the day is out."

"Ten four," Bo sighs out, hating the fact that once again, he is forced to sit tight and not do a dang thing to help out. Forcing him to feel as if he is more in the way than he is of any help.

Pressing the number nine on the number pad on the small cell phone, Luke puts the phone to his ear and is relieved to hear the ring tone, meaning he had followed Gordon's instruction good enough to work. After the third ring a rough voice says, "Jeff. Is that you? Never mind...it's your phone. Has to be you, right?" Luke hears a rough cough, "Where in the world are you? The media is loving this right now...the four time NASCAR champion is missing. You are all over the head lines. Your family is scared to death. The police are out looking all over for you. Hendrick and everyone there has been working hard to find you! You better have a damn good reason for this wild disappearance of your's! According to Mr. Hendrick you have missed several prime sponsor meetings...you know what that means? No sponsors, no number 24 car out on the track! Are you alright? You gone and lost it after twenty years behind the 24 wheel?"

After what seems like forever, the lawyer's rant ends long enough for Luke to speak up. "Mr. Aussler," Luke glances over at Bo who stares out of his open window, "this is not Jeff. This Luke Duke. Our friend Jeff has found his way into a lot of trouble in our small town of Hazzard, Georgia. He was falsely accused of running into the sheriff when in actual, the sheriff ran into Gordon as he drove through Hazzard." Luke calmly recites the horrific events Boss has been putting Gordon through.

"How I know you aren't making all this up? That you kidnapped Gordon and this is your way of asking for money?" the lawyer questions.

"Because we don't got Gordon. We got a crooked law that will do anything to get a dime and now they are trying to use Gordon's good name to get money while Gordon is in jail for something he didn't do. He gave me his phone to call you in case things got worse. Well by the sounds of things, things have gotten worse. I am sure with all your computers you can look up Commissioner J.D. also known as Boss Hogg and his sheriff, Sheriff Rosco P. Coltrane. They are as crooked as they come," Luke grasps at things to convince the lawyer of his story.

"OK, ok," he slowly states, "I can be there in a couple of hours. I'll bring a few of my best guys, alert the police, and will be there. Where can we meet you at to get the run down on it all? You can take us to the police station."

Luke nods in relief before he recites the farm's address. "Thank you Mr. Aussler. We will be looking forward to meeting you and your crew and hope that we can work our way out of this mess our law has gotten Gordon into."

"See you in a couple hours Luke," Aussler states before hanging up.

"OK we got a couple of hours to spare before his lawyer and his crew will arrive. Lets go back home and fill Jesse in on all that is going on," Luke states and as Bo goes to say something, Luke cuts himself off, "we go ahead and visit Gordon, will only upset Hogg even more than what he already is. Probably throw us in jail for no reason. Won't be no good to Mr. Aussler or Gordon if we are behind bars."

Bo sighs before he slowly pulls out and heads the way they had just come. "You know Luke," Bo slowly states, "for once, it would be nice if you were wrong...and I was right."

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Moments later Rosco arrives at the jail and Boss calls him into his office where Jeff can't hear them.

Boss had a troubled look on his face. "I just don't know what I'm going to do. This feller is as tough as they come. I can't get him to agree to let me win and now I've threatened him with solitary confiment and he doesn't seem to even care. If I don't follow through with the threat I'll look weak and he'll know he has me right where he wants me."

Rosco's eyes lit up "Oh Oh, I know what we can do Boss. We can take him out to your old gravel pit and lock him in the dynamite shack and feed him bread and water. Nobody goes out there so that's about as solitary as a feller can get."

Boss thought about it for a moment. "I hate to say it Rosco but that's a great idea. And maybe there just might be some of that old dynamite laying around. That'll shake him up and make him think twice about messing with old J. D. Hogg. Of course I'd never hurt him or anything but he doesn't know that."


Boss "Well well Mr Gordon Jeff. Welcome to your new home. I hope you enjoy it out here because it looks like you'll be spending a lot of time in this place. Of course that will change immediately if only you'll agree to what we discussed earlier."

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Jeff Gordon looks up at the short round man and his sheriff while feeling the rope dig deeply in his skin. Anger and fear rush through him as his thoughts focus on his family back home. Of his children. Only to send questions within him. Would he ever get to see them again? Get to see them grow up, graduate, get married? Would this be the way he will spend the rest of his life? Tied up in some run down barn full of dynomite?

Which only forces the thought of withdrawing his struggles with the law and giving the fat man what he wants. A race against him. How could someone like him think he could even compete with the likes of a four time NASCAR champion? With 86 wins against some of the toughest drivers, there was little to no chance that Gordon could lose against him. He could beat him with his eyes closed, his hands tied behind his back.

But the dark haired Duke's words of caution rings loud and clear in his mind. "Hogg and Coltrane are as dirty as they come. They wouldn't do anything to intentionally hurt you in any way, mind you, but they would do anything they can to earn an extra penny...an extra dollar. Use you for all you are worth...and then some. They'll cheat, they'll do anything they can do to make them look good and you look bad. Do any thing to get what they want no matter what it takes. They are dirty and not to be trusted."

How can he race against someone as dirty as Hogg and Coltrane seemed to be? And even if he just drove around the track and let him win, once he caved into Hogg and did what he wanted, then whose to say hogg'd just let him go as he said he would. Especially since he is not to be trusted. And once he caved in and gave him what he wanted, he would be controlled by the short fat man. Always be blackmailed.

Nope. He wasn't about to race a guy who is obviously crooked. Not about to give someone who has treated him so poorly what they want.

No matter what.

Gordon sighs silently. Confident that by now his lawyer will be on his way and in a matter of an hour or so, he'd have the honest family of the Dukes on his side as well as his lawyer and his team of invenstigators. Meaning in no time, he'll be out of this dump, out of Hazzard, and Hogg will be begging for forgivenness. Afterall no one messes with the likes of Jeff Gordon and gets away with it.

Hogg may have his crooked law behind him but Gordon has the truth on his side. He has the honest Dukes on his side who know how Hogg's law works. And he has his lawyer and his team supporting him.

Nope. There was no way Hogg and his crooked law would get away for kidnapping him and tying him up as well as threatening him as they are now. "My new home?" Gordon breaks his silence with a confident laugh, "You keep digging yourself a bigger hole, you know that Hogg? First you and your sheriff there falsely accuse me of something you both know I didn't do. That is one charge. Second charge will be for kidnapping and threatening me." Gordon laughs and shakes his head. "My lawyer should be here soon and when he arrives, well Mr. Hogg, I almost feel sorry for you. He's going to eat you up and spit you out. I wonder if you will see any other innocent people you arrested when you are arrested and in jail. Bet they'd love a word or two with you, now wouldn't they?" Gordon lets that sink in for a bit.

"I wonder who will become the new commissioner and sheriff while you are in jail. I bet Jesse Duke would make a great commissioner. He'd be honest and treat people with respect. The law will be served as it should be. Not the joke you two do with the law." Gordon shakes his head and spits at the ground a foot in front of Hogg's foot. "And you did it to yourself. I'd be glad to race an honest race against Bo or any other honest citizen in this crazy town of your's, but you had to be greedy and make this all about yourself. Though by the sound of things, I shouldn't be surprised.

"My new home...I think I will enjoy it for awhile. Will enjoy it more when my lawyer shows up and get to watch you beg for forgiveness. Enjoy watching the two of you getting arrested...enjoy your fifteen minutes of fame as your name will be on all sporting news as the two who falsely accused me of what you did. I got a lot of fans. Lot of sponsors. All who are going to really not like you and this little town of your's. All them people who will reject Hazzard all because of you. No people in your town equals no money for you or your town. All because you got greedy..."

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Boss exhaled a puff of cigar smoke into Jeff's face. "You just aren't getting this now are you boy? Look around. Look at your situation. You're not exactly in a position of strength to be negotiating. This is Hazzard County. It might as well be it's own nation because I'm the king here and nobody on the outside disputes that or bothers me. Now make yourself comfortable because you're gonna be here awhile. I'll have my sheriff come back in a day or two with some bread and water.

Come on Rosco."

Outside of the dynamite shack Boss looked worried. "Rosco, I have to admit this guy's got nerves of steel. I reckon it has something to do with his profession. Anyhow, I just don't think I can crack him. What am I gonna do now? I can't keep him her forever."

Rosco "Do you think we should light that dynamite?"

Boss "Rosco, I hope you're joking. You know I'd never do that"

Rosco "Good thing Boss. My Mama wanted me to bring her here later to get an autograph."

Boss looked shocked "Rosco, how in the world does your Mama know that Jeff Gordon is in my dynamite shack?"

Rosco "I called her on the CB about a half hour ago when we pulled over on the side of River Ridge Road so you could go to the bathroom."

Boss was furious "Which CB channel did you use?"

Rosco "22"

Boss took off Rosco's hat and hit him on the head with it. "What's wrong with you? Don't you know that's the channel them dang blasted Dukes use?!"

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"What time is it?" Bo ask, aggravated as he pats his knee anxiously, "The lawyer told you two hours and -"

"Give him a minute. If you weren't complaining and blooping you would hear the air plane getting closer. Perhaps that is him," Luke interrupts before going silent to make the plane noise to become clear and Luke can almost hear Bo sigh in relief. "See? What I tell -"

Luke is interrupted by a loud static on the CB before Rosco's voice becomes audible and Luke is quick to turn it up. "Ol Mother Hen. You read me?"

"Mother Hen. Loud and clear," the sheriff's mom replies, irritation in her voice, "Rosco this CB talk of your's is nonsense. You know who I am and I know who you are. Why can't we talk like normal human beings and not some spy hero of your's?"

"Mother Hen please stick to code. I discussed this with you already and if we need to do so again, we can later on. But right now I got some exciting news for you. You are going to love it! Khee!" the sheriff goes silent a moment as the plane comes clear into view, "Are you ready Mother Hen?"

"Ready for what?" she asks and Luke is forced to raise the volume on the CB as the plane gets louder, "What is all so important that you have to go and interrupt my sewing? Whatever I am going to supposedly love, better be good! Now get on with it!"

"Yes ma'am," Rosco states as the large plane swiftly hits the open field and rolls for a while before coming to a halt, "That Jeff Gordon fella you and your lady friends like to watch in that race. You know him?"

"Of course I know of him...why else would we be watching him? He's gonna go win the championship this year...you wait and see," she claims with pride, "But what about him? What's got you all fired up about Jeff Gordon...you always claim he's not good enough. Which shows how little you know! HA!"

Rosco goes silent as the boys watch the plane door being opened and a set of steps fall out. "Well that Jeff Gordon fella has gone and done it. I arrested him for a hit and run...namely on your son. Khee Khee!" he laughs and both boys look down at the radio in disbelief, "Well anyway I know how much you like him...supposedly y'all think he is so good looking." Rosco pauses and a bunch of men pile out of the plane, "And since he is not cooperating with Hogg he is under solitary confinement."

"You arrested Jeff Gordon?! Rosco Pervis Coltrane how 'm I to watch the race on Sunday if he ain't in it? You know there is little to no reason to watch the race if my driver - "

"There is other drivers you can watch if you really want to. But I was thinkin' that you may wanna come and get his autograph," Rosco cuts his mother off in attempt to save his hide, "since you seem to like him and all."

The CB is quiet as Luke watches the men talk amongst themselves for a moment.

"You mean I can actually come and see Jeff Gordon himself? In person?!" Mrs. Coltrane screams on the air, "Get his autograph?! Ah Rosco you know how to make your mama happy, now don't you? So," once more she goes silent. Probably to calm her emotions. "When and where?"

"I thought you'd be happy about it mama once you realized you had an opportunity to meet him. Make all them other ladies in your club real jealous. KHEE!" Rosco laughs as the men begin to walk towards The General. "You can come and meet us at the old dynomite shack in an hour. That is where Hogg has him tied up at."

"Tied up? You tied Jeff up?" his mother asks, concerned.

"Don't worry. Jeff is and will be OK. We won't hurt him. Well bye Mother Hen, I gotta go meet up with Hogg." With that the CB is silent and the two Duke boys look at each other.

"Damn it! Look what he's gone and done, Lukas?! All because you gone and talked Gordon into turning himself in!" Bo looks accusedly at Luke, "They got Gordon tied up with all that dynomite -"

"I know, I know. You know as well as I do that Hogg wouldn't hurt him or anyone. He is trying to scare him into racing him," Luke forces himself to be calm towards Bo's outburst, attempting to ignore the accusations. "But thanks to ol' Rosco we know where he is at and we can use that to our advantage. Let's go meet the lawyer and let him in on all we know."

Bo nods and together they climb out of the General Lee to be greeted by a tall lanky man with a pair of dark sun glasses on and neatly trimmed black hair. "You must be the Duke boys I talked to?" he asks, his voice carries the same authority the man carries himself with. "I'm Jeff Gordon's lawyer, Thom Aussler." He puts his hand out and firmly shakes both Bo and Luke's hand. "And this here," he motions to the seven men in suits behind him, "is my team of investigators."

"I'm Luke Duke and this here is my cousin Bo Duke. Sorry we didn't greet you when you got off your plane but we were just listening into the latest developments on Jeff Gordon. It seems like he has been moved," Luke begins before telling him and the investigators all that has happened; his voice in a whisper to make sure no one else could over hear him.

"The law has got Jeff tied up with dynomite?! What kind of law do you have in these parts?!" he screams as he takes off his glasses to look at the boys with intensely dark brown eyes.

"Crooked. But they won't hurt him, Mr. Aussler. They are just trying to scare Gordon into racing him in attempt to get money off of Gordon's talent," Luke states calmly, "They are crooked, dirty, and greedy, but they are not into violence or anything to cause any harm."

Thom nods as he eyes his team of investigators who was taking notes. "Well that will make it all the more easier to free Jeff and arrest your law. I will send a couple of my boys out to where the accident had taken place with your blondie there," he points to Bo.

"You mean Bo," Luke is quick to state, "but if we are to seperate, we will need another car. Perhaps we can call Cooter and we can take a drive into town to get a car from him."

"OK fine. Hank, Darryl, and Chris will go with Bo. Carl, Earl, Derrick, and Karson will go with me and you to the shack," Thom says full of authority and confidence, "though we don't have to worry about the usage of another car from a friend of your's." He pauses as a black car with tinted windows pull up behind The General. "I had a car called in to meet us while we were in the air. Bo and the crew I called out will take the orange car and we'll take our car split up that way. We all have phones to keep in touch."

Luke shrugs at Bo. "Guess that works too," he states, "this sound OK with you cuz?"

Bo eyes Luke. Silently wishing it was him to go rescue Jeff and just go look at the scene of the accident. The scene they already had looked at. But also feels like he has little to no room to argue against the lawyer's idea. "Guess it'll have to be Ok," he slowly states as he climbs into the driver's seat through the window, indicating he was done talking about it.

***Just thought I'd make note that Gordon's lawyer in this RP Thom Aussler and his team (Hank, Darryl, Chris, Carl, Earl, Derrick, and Karson) are all fictional characters. I have no idea as to who Gordon's lawyer is or who he has working for him. And though Jeff Gordon is a real NASCAR driver, this RP is of course all fictional. Thank-you. :)***

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After hitting Rosco with his own sheriff's hat Boss throws the hat on the ground and stands on it. He then twists his foot on it, grinding it into the dirt.

Boss then points his finger at Rosco, coming an inch from his nose. He's completely furious and his voice displays it "Rosco Pervus Coltrane. All my life I've waited for a big deal like this. One that would have me up there rubbing elbows with them big shot oil men like Lamar Hunt and J.R. Ewing. All I needed to do was win that race with that fancy pants NASCAR driver in there and I would have had enough publicity to launch HOGGOCO Oil into the stratosphere. But you had to go and ruin it by calling your Mama so she could get an autograph."

Rosco squinted his eyes as if Boss was going to hit him again then humbly responded "Uh Boss, I really don't think you can blame this on me and my dear old Mama. I mean, I don't think that Jeff Gordon was plan on driving in that race anyway."

Boss huffed "Well, that don't make no never mind anyhow on account of we got bigger things to worry about. Them Duke boys are going to be heading over here soon because they was bound to be listening so we have to get our hostage...er, I mean prisoner....out of here."

Several minutes later the three men were in the patrol car racing down Mill Pond Road.

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Luke sits in the passenger seat, slowly directing Thom's driver to where the dynomite shack is located. "So tell me Duke, how Jeff end up here when the rest of his team made it back to the shop?" Thom breaks the awkward silence.

Luke shrugs before pointing the driver to turn right. "I think he said something about a win in Atlanta and he wanted to take a drive," Luke is slow to respond as the shack comes in clear, but no police vehicle in sight. "That's the shack, but I don't see the Sheriff's car or the commissioner's car. Don't look too good."

"I don't have time to go on a wild goose chase, Duke. Jeff better be -"

"Or what, Thom?" Luke snaps turning around, "Bo and I...my whole family have done everything in our power to help Jeff out. If you haven't noticed, we are on your side. And now you sit there threatening me when I am doing all I can to help you out. Rosco said on the CB that he was here. So that is what I told you. Knowing Hogg he found out about Rosco's call on the CB. Got mad. Moved Jeff to a new and more secure location." Luke sighs heavily as he steps out of the car, "But before we all jump to conclusions, how about we have a look?"

Thom eyes Luke with a hint of surprise. Not a lot of people have enough nerve to talk back to him like this farm kid just done. "OK Luke. Let's have a look then," he slowly states and he begins to walk next to Luke. "I apologize. Things are getting a bit stressful at the Hendrick camp. His wife and kids are all in a panic. Once the media gets wind of this . . . it is going to be like a wild fire."

Luke nods. "Thanks to my cousin, I do understand all of that. Know Jeff probably hears this from everyone, but my opinion, is that Bo is Jeff's biggest fan. If Jeff has a good race, Bo has a good day. Jeff has a bad race, Bo has a bad day. This all is killing him." Luke reveals, "I hate it just as much. All I know of Jeff, I learned from Bo. Hate to see such injustice done to anyone and hate to see Bo this upset and hurt. Trust me Thom. We are doing our best to help you. To help Jeff."

Thom nods in understanding as they reach the entrance of the shack to find it empty. "Damn," Thom hisses as he walks over to the empty chair with the cut rope. "They were here...they musta moved him like you said."

Luke nods as he looks around and eyes the fresh tire tracks. "Fresh tire tracks. They were here not too long ago," he shakes his head in frustration.

"You said this Hogg guy is greedy, right?" Thom slowly asks as they slowly make it to their car and Luke nods in agreement, "Is there a way I can get a hold of him?"

Luke shrugs. "The CB would be the best bet...that is if he would pick up," he is hesitant to answer. "Why?"

"Because I came all this way to have a legalized communication with this guy Hogg and I will have it one way or another. Thanks to sponsors, Hendrick, and some other people I just may have the money to get this Hogg guy's attention."

They all climb back into the dark car. "I don't know Thom. Hogg is set on racing this race. Getting the attention. The money. He is pretty set on his ways," Luke slowly responds.

"You have a better idea right now Luke?" Thom eyes Luke from the back seat who shakes his head not. "Very well then. Hand me the CB and get me on the right channel. I need to set this meeting up and see what we are up against."

"Ok then. You're the lawyer," Luke states handing Thom the CB handle and putting it on the right channel. "It's all your's."

"Thanks," Thom nods at Luke before speaking into the CB. "Is there a Jefferson Davis Hogg out there? A Boss Hogg?" he goes silent for a long moment before continuing, "If there is, listen close. I am Jeff Gordon's lawyer, Thom Aussler. I have come here to have a meeting with you and your sheriff about this situation my client has found himself in. Name a place and time and I would be glad to meet you two gentlemen."

Thom hands the CB handle back up to Luke. "Hopefully that will get his attention. If not, well then, we will have to think of something else. I am not leaving until Gordon is on his way home to his family," Thom says to the car full of men, "you have any ideas where they may taking Gordon to, Luke?"

Luke stares ahead for a long moment. "I don't know. Could be anywhere. How about we go to the farm and get Bo's crew back there and fill my uncle in on all that is going on. No one knows J.D. as well as Uncle Jesse does. He may have a clue on where he would go," Luke is hesitant to respond as he directs the driver in the direction of the farm.

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After some consideration Boss answers the CB call.

"This is Police Commissioner Jefferson Davis Hogg calling Mr Thom Aussler. Do you copy?"

Aussler "Yes I do Mr. Hogg."

"Well Mr. Aussler sir, we seems to have a developing situation here. The victim, my innocent and devoted public servant, Mr. Rosco Pervus Coltrane is seriousely considering dropping all the criminal charges against this ruthless violent criminal but I'm afraid to say that he is also considering a civil suit against him. As Mr. Coltrane's lawyer I should advise you that my client is considering a possible...how should we say....out of court settlement to ease all the physical and emotional damage he has endured since this horrific attempted murder occured."

Jeff Gordon was momentarily stunned and speechless in the backseat.

Rosco smiled widely. "Khee Khee. I just love it when you talk that fancy lawyer talk Boss. Does this mean that I'm gonna get 50% of 50% of 50% after that hot shot lawyer hands over the greenbacks?......and by the way Boss, I never said any of that stuff."

Boss "Rosco I'd be on the road to turning HOGGOCO Oil into a multinational trillion dollar corportation if it weren't for you and your Mama. You ain't getting a red cent."

Rosco "But Boss, I thought I told you Jeff wasn't going to race anyhow so I don't know how it could be my fault."

Boss "Hush Rosco! You hush right now or you're fired and you'll walk home from here."

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Thom Aussler looks over at Luke and asks, "Is this guy for real?"

"I'm afraid so, Mr. Aussler," Luke rolls his eyes at the CB, "when ol' Hogg gets the idea of how to steal an extra penny, he goes all out for it and he'll tear down anyone who tries to stop him."

"Well he's not going to tear me nor Jeff down," Thom states, full of determination. Picking the CB up again, he leans back in his seat and states, "Look Mr. Hogg I have been filled in on this negative situation that we all find ourselves in and I am highly disappointed by it. But then again that is where I come in. To turn a negative into a positive." Thom goes silent as he watches the car pull into an old farm's dusty dirt drive way, taking it all in for a long moment before turning back to the CB. "I don't know about you Mr. Hogg, but I prefer to do a face to face meeting rather than to discuss all this over the CB like this. I can be at your office in an hour to discuss our situation and all that I have come to offer you and your sheriff."

As Thom goes silent Luke states. "This is the farm. Jesse will be inside. You hear back from Bo or your boys?"

"Dunno," Karson states from the back seat, "No one is answering our call. Either means they are in trouble or they found something. Let us all hope they found something rather than in some sort of trouble."

Luke eyes the tall muscular PI for a long moment as a chill of fear runs down his spine for his cousin. If something were to happen to him, he would never forgive himself. "Damn right they better not be in some sort of trouble," he hisses at the agent.

"Calm down. Both of you," Thom orders as he watches an older man in bibs step out on the porch, "they will call back when they got something. For now let's go in and fill the old man in on what's going on and hope Mr. Hogg will call back."

"Jesse...the old man's name is Jesse, Thom. You may not live out in the country. May live and surive in the big city and all that fancy stuff, but while you are down here, you will respect my family." Luke states, eyeing the lawyer with firm blue eyes. "You understand? Otherwise I will escort you and your boys off my property and you can deal with Hogg and the Hazzard law on your own."

Thom puts his hands up in mock surrender as he steps out of the car. "I understand. I didn't mean to disrespect you or your family. I just forgot his name," he shrugs as everyone joins him. "Let us all go in and talk to Jesse and see what he has to say before Luke here takes me back into town to have a nice talk with Mr. Hogg. That is if he agrees...if not, well, we all will be on our way to find Mr. Hogg so we can have a talk. Better?"

Luke sighs heavily as he walks past the investigators to Jesse. "Hi there Jesse. Like you to meet Jeff's lawyer Thom Aussler and his associates," Luke states and Jesse shakes their hands while eyeing them causiously.

"Where's Bo?" Jesse states full of worry, "I'm not getting a good feelin' here."

"I apologize Mr. Duke if we come across the wrong way. This is just how our law works," Thom speaks with a kind smile, "Your Bo went with the other half of my team to invistigate the scene of the crime while Luke here is helping me and this half of the team."

"Luke?" Jesse eyes his oldest nephew.

"Yes sir. He's speakin' the truth," Luke slowly states as he leads everyone inside. Once everyone is crowded in the small kitchen he says, "I told Thom here that he should come talk with you and that you may shed some light on J.D. "Boss" Hogg and our crooked law. Seems like they have removed Gordon from jail and has him hid out."

"Hid out? As in kidnapping him?!" Jesse yells full of anger, "Now they are taking things too far! I. . .I," he stammers before sitting down and calming his emotions. Looking at Thom he says, "I'll do my best to be of help to you and your men. Best thing to know about Hogg is he is not to be trusted. No matter what. He is dirty, low, and greedy."

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Boss responded on the CB, his voice bold and full of confidence.

"Well, well now Mr Aussler. It's nice to know that you big shot city lawyers like to do things the old fashioned way, face to face. However my client hasn't filled out the papers to drop the charges and until he does your client is still a prisoner and is still in the confinement of the Hazzard County Police Department of which I sir, am the Commissioner.

Unfortunately I'm forced to leave the county for the night on official business and won't be able to meet you until morning. I'll call you on this CB channel at precisely 9 AM tomorrow and let you know where to meet."

Still driving with Jeff handcuffed in the back Rosco looked at Boss, confused. "Um, where are you spending the night Boss.?"

Sitting in the passenger seat Boss responded. "Not me, all three of us. Take us over to Old Ridge Road in Chocktaw County. I need to see someone who owes me a favor."

Rosco's eyes got wide. "Are we going to see who I think we're going to see? If so nothing good's gonna come from it. He's a low down sidewinder snake who can't be trusted."

Boss smiled. "He might be low down but he's not as low down as me. Besides he owes me a favor and has something I need."

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Aussler looks at the CB in his hand with disgust before angrily throwing it down on the table. "Nine o'clock tomorrow morning? He may run this damn town and everyone in it, but he does not run me!" he cusses running a hand through his thin hair as eyes the crowded room, "I don't have time for this. Jeff doesn't have time for this. No." He shakes his head as if he was having a conversation with someone, "I am not going to just sit here and wait on Hogg and the rest of your crooked law to work time into their schedule to meet me!"

"Thom I respect you are upset. We all are," Jesse states firmly, "but I appreciate it if you don't cuss in my house. Cussing Hogg out won't help anything none."

Thom eyes Jesse firmly. "Forget what I said then. I came here thinking that perhaps I could sit down and have a face to face chat about this so called situation he has put Gordon in. I was even willing to forget pulling charges on him and his sheriff. I had this great plan that would benefit him and this town. Make this whole miserable situation into a positive," he pauses as he eyes his men, "well forget our plan gentlemen. Hogg wants to play rough, we can play rough."

"Rough?" Jesse looks at Luke quizzically, "We Hazzard folk don't like to see people hurt. Even our enemies."

Thom sighs heavily and forces himself to sit down in attempt to organize his angered thoughts. "I never said anything about hurting anyone. Just I am no longer willing to make any deals with your law," he forces out calmly, "he just gone and admitted that he was holding Gordon captive. Live on the air. Stupid old man." he forces out a sarcastic laugh. "Hope he enjoys life behind bars."


Meanwhile fear assualts Jeff Gordon as he sits in the backseat handcuffed like a criminal. All his life he had stayed out of trouble and now just because he decided to go on a little drive of his own, he finds himself arrested and a prisonor. The sound of his lawyer's voice brings a little comfort to Gordon but with Hogg taking him to where ever he is, who knows what will bring about. Or who this fella is that supposedly owes him a favor.

"I know I've said this before," he finally breaks his silence, "you are making a big mistake. Especially now that my lawyer is in town. Sure he's got the best of the best with him. Enjoy your freedom while it last."

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