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Hazzard County Welcomes Jeff Gordon

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Boss's eyes light up "Oops, I almost forgot"

He picks up the CB "Um, Mr Aussler. I forgot to tell you two important things. Are you still listening?"

A disgruntled voice responds. "I sure am Hogg. What is it?"

Boss "Make sure you have a map of Hazzard County with you."

Boss clicks the microphone off but quickly presses it in again. "And I'll be contacting my deputy Enos Strate. He has Jeff Gordon's personal belongings there at the Court House I'll instruct him to give them to you....especially his checkbook."

Boss turned off the CB quickly and intentionally. He wasn't interested in hearing the response.

An hour later Rosco pulled into the driveway on Old Ridge Road in Chocktaw County. It was an isolated old farmhouse near the Chocktaw Swamp. An ambulance was parked in the driveway.

Rosco looked concerned "I hope he's okay"

Boss "I'm sure he's fine. Let's get this thing parked. We have a lot of work to do this evening."

A moment later the owner of the house came out of the front door. It was Hughie Hogg!

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"Nothing," one of the agent hisses out in frustration to drag Bo's attention from the all too familiar scenery; stating the same thing Bo has been warning them about all along.

"Don't know what you are expecting to find," Bo states as he makes his way back to the group of men, "it's not like there is some video or camera is marked here to show what had happened."

They all stare at Bo with a look of impatience. "Well when the boss tells us to go investigate, we go investigate. End of story. But since you seem to think you are so smart," the taller of the group peers over at Bo with piercing blue eyes, "why won't you tell us where we may find those answers that will clear Gordon of his clean name?"

Bo inhales heavily as he fights back the instict of hitting the agent as hard as he could just to see if he could be any more sarcastic. "Well we could always go to the jail and talk to the one and only honest law we do have. Deputy Enos Strait. Couldn't lie to save his life," he states instead eyeing the men while his thoughts remain upon what Luke could be doing right now. "Hogg and Coltrane don't really trust him with all their information, but he may know of something that could help. Something to shed light on."

"Sounds good...but we all have been summoned to the farm," the smaller agent, named Hanks states, "we'll have to let everyone know your idea and go from there."


Thom Aussler looks at his clock before looking at the Duke clan and his seven agents. Everyone looking tired and stressed after a night of attempting to rest. They had met back at the farm after Hogg's last statement on the air and conversed notes of what they all had come up with. Pretty much close to nothing. And despite everyone agreeing that Bo had the best idea of getting to Enos, they figured the morning would be the best time to approach the deputy.

"You going to meet Hogg?" Luke breaks the silence. 8:30. He had a half hour to get to the jail and to where ever Hogg wanted him to be at.

"Nope. I will not be controlled by him or his crooked law," Aussler firmly states. "I am not playing his crooked game he is playing. I came to talk to the man but he was unwilling to cooperate. So. He wants to fight, we'll fight. But he better be warned, I don't lose. He has now taken prisoner a highly recognized athlete and he will be dealt with how we deal with highly recognized criminals as he and Coltrane are."

Everyone is silent as they eye each other quizzically. "Well then Mr. Aussler," Jesse speaks up, "what do you plan on doing?"

"Luke, me, Hank, and Karson will be on our way," he nods at Luke, "while the rest of the team will go with Bo. They will go talk to that deputy and see what they can get from him. You and Daisy I need you to be our ears in town. See what is getting out and about. See if you can find anything else out.

Bo eyes them wildly. Not too keen about being seperated from Luke; again.

"What will you guys be doing?" he skeptically asks.

Thom shakes his head. "We are going to find Hogg our way and make him beg for mercy is what," a broad smile reaches his face, "let's go before he decides he wants to talk to me; again. And when he does, Luke will answer. I am not talking to him any more. Not wasting my time with him."

Everyone silently nods, not wanting to argue with him, before they slowly leave the old farm house in hopes of bringing Gordon back to safety.

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Time: 7:30 AM

Boss crosses the Chocktaw County line back into Hazzard County with Jeff Gordon in the back of the patrol car and Rosco driving. They are not traveling alone however. Another vehicle follows.

Boss "Let's pick up the speed a little bit Rosco. In order to make this plan work we have to meet the others at the old abandon foundry on Hickory Road at 8 AM"

Rosco "Do you think Hughie can keep up if I go faster?"

Boss "Of course he can. I taught him how to drive. Keeping up with the likes of you will be easy. We have people to meet at 8 so get moving.''

Rosco "People to meet? I thought we weren't calling them until 9?"

Boss was irritated "Not those people you lugnut. The people I called last night. You know who I mean."

An hour later (8:30) Boss's plan was all set in place. Everyone on his team knew what to do and when to do it. Boss smiled as he puffed his cigar, anticipating a big pay day.

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Deputy Enos Strait gulps audibly after listening to all that Bo was asking of him before looking nervously at the four muscular men that surrounds him. "I...I really want to help you, Bo. Really I do," he finally states, "but I can't. Just can't do it."

"Why not, Enos? Because of Boss and Rosco?" Bo asks, already knowing the answer. "So your dang job is more important than a human's life? Better yet, it is more than just about Jeff Gordon. He has a wife. A two year old son. A five year old daughter. All at home in tears with fear and worry for her husband. For their daddy. For their daddy who is not home because Hogg is so greedy and selfish." Bo shakes his head in disgust at the deputy, "And you holding out on us for your job makes you just as greedy and selfish for not helping us bring their daddy. Their husband home to them. If that isn't good enough for you Enos, you know he has his own children's hospital? Other great charities helping those in need. Who is going to help them all out now that their founder is in jail? Damn Enos," Bo starts walking back and forth, "I thought I knew you better than this. You really disappoint me. Disappoint my family. Disappoint Gordon's family. Your damn job is replaceable, but a husband? A daddy?" Bo stops in front of Enos and stares at him, "They aren't replaceable. Tell me Enos, how you plan to sleep tonight knowing all that you are helping Hogg and Coltrane do to an innocent man and his family. Makes you just as bad as them, Enos!" Everyone jumps as Bo yells the last part into the deputy's face.

The agents look at one another, surprised that a little ol' farm boy could must enough confidence and anger to stick up to the law as Bo had just done. Enos stares at Bo in disbelief of his own that a friend would get in his face as Bo had just done. "I. . . I don't know what you want of me, Bo. You know Boss and Rosco don't tell me nothing. They don't tell me nothing cuz you and Luke will eventually get it out of me," Enos states nervously, looking everywhere but at Bo.

"C'mon Enos. You can do better than that," Bo states, "you know something. I can tell. What is Hogg doing with Gordon? Where are they?"

Enos breathes out. "You know what Hogg wants. He wants to race Mr. Gordon and Mr. Gordon is being stubborn about it all. All he had to do is -"

"Shut up Deputy!" Earl snaps, tired of this conversation, "Jeff Gordon didn't run into anyone. You know it. I know it. We all know it. Jeff is a highly skilled NASCAR driver...which makes him an even more skilled driver out on the street. Your Commissioner and your sheriff is trying to use Gordon for his money and talent! Perhaps if Mr. Hogg and Mr. Coltrane wished to race Jeff, they should have asked him. Instead they falsely accused him of something we all know he didn't do and now has him kidnapped. Your Mr. Hogg and Mr. Coltrane are now facing some serious charges."

Enos eyes him wide eyed. "Serious charges? Bo?" he looks at Bo who silently and sternly nods, "Look you know as well as I do Bo that Hogg and Coltrane don't wish no harm on him or anyone! All they -"

"All they are doing is kidnapping an innocent person and you not cooperating with them now makes you an accessory to their crime," Carl interrupts, "try the words, aiding and abetting."

Enos looks at the men who all sternly look at him and Bo who looks at him with angered blue eyes. "Look I don't know where they took him. All I know is that they took Mr. Gordon to go see someone," Enos finally exhales, "I don't wish no harm on anyone. You know that, Bo. Tell 'em. I had no word or no say in any of this. I'm just doin' my job!"

"I really don't care right now, Enos. It is one thing when it is Luke and I that you all are falsely accusing, it is a whole different thing when you bring someone like Gordon into it! He has people depending on him. People who are worried. Ol' Earl here is talking about calling the SWAT team down to look for Gordon...to get at Hogg. So," Bo pauses for a long moment, "I think it would be best for you, Hogg, and Coltrane if you would cooperate with us."

"The SWAT?" Enos' voice squeaks in fear, "Honest Bo, I'm tellin' you the truth. They took him somewhere to meet someone. They didn't tell me where or who."

"Took him?" Chris breaks his silence, "You mean kidnapped him?"

"Forget you," Earl shakes his head stepping in between Bo and Enos. "Where's the wrecked cars?"

Enos eyes them all, shaking his head. "I can't tell you that. That is for the sheriff and the police," he states.

"See this?" Earl states, shoving his ID in Enos' face, "States I am an Private Investigator and I am investigating the disappearance of one Jeffery Michael Gordon. One that your bosses have hid somewhere due to something Gordon did. Them cars could prove your side. Or it may show Gordon's innocence. And now you are trying to interrupt the right to do MY job? Perhaps we should just arrest you right here and now. Throw you in your own jail. Love the irony of it all."

Enos gulps before eyeing Bo with angry eyes for bringing the agents into his jail. "Uh um," he stutters.

"OK then," Earl states pulling his phone out of his jacket, "I can call the SWAT right here and now on your bosses. May put your name in my call as well. Them SWAT boys don't mess around. People tend to get hurt when they come to town."

Enos eyes Bo. "Don't look at me Enos. You gone and done this to yourself. Not me," Bo shrugs nonchalantly, "besides I can't control 'em. Or stop 'em from doing their job."

"OK, OK, follow me," Enos relents and slowly turns around and Bo and the investigators follow him down a hall where he opens the door to the garage. "Here's the garage and the wrecked cars."

"Thank you Deputy," Chris states as they all walk past him towards Gordon's wrecked SUV. Chris and Earl with cameras while Carl and Darryl have pen and paper out to take notes.

"Hey look at this!" Earl yells out in excitement near the nose of the SUV and everyone rushes over to where he stands taking pictures. "See that?" he points to a scrunched in metal over the front wheel, near the driver's door. "That there is white paint from that there sheriff's car. You know what that means, Deputy?"

Enos eyes him blankly. "No sir," he slowly states as Carl and Chris walks over to the sheriff's car.

"Yep. . .there is red paint on the front bumper of the sheriff's car," Chris states snapping pictures of the front bumper.

"Means that your sheriff ran into Gordon," Earl states matter of factly at Enos, "kinda hard to hit someone with the side of your car, now isn't it Deputy."

"I. . .I guess so," Enos slowly states, "but if Gordon ran a stop sign when the sheriff was comin' then -"

"The sheriff hit the SUV. I saw it with m' own eyes," a deep voice drawls and everyone turns around to find a big figure standing in the door way.

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Boss sat in the sheriff's car puffing his cigar. Both windows were open and Jeff Gordon sat in the back seat giving Boss the silent treatment...at least for the moment.

Rosco was outside talking to Hughie, too far away from Boss to hear what they were saying. Boss's mind was going a mile a minute as he silently argued with himself in his head. Had he thought of everything? What could go wrong? What will go right? Will he end up with a huge payday or a huge headache? Did he make the best choices in deciding who to call last night to help? Could Hughie be trusted? Will Rosco mess up as usual? How should he divide the money if the day ends well? Will the national media get involved? Is he over his head with this scheme? Did he bite off more than he could chew?

So many questions.....no answers. Boss craved answers. He wanted so bad to have confidence that everything will go perfect. Outwardly he oozed confidence. Inwardly he worried that this could be the last scam he ever tries to pull. So much could go wrong.

He pulled himself together, reached for the CB, pressed the microphone and blurted. "This is Police Commissioner JD Hogg calling Mr. Aussler. Do you copy?"

When there was no response he noticed the power was off and the key wasn't in the ignition.....and without it turned into the first position the CB wouldn't work.

"ROSCO! Git over here this instant you idiot!!!"

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As everyone twirls around from looking at the wrecked cars, the large man slowly and confidently steps down from the step from the hallway and into the garage. A thin smile covers his round face at seeing the sharp look of surprise upon the younger Duke's face as well as the deputy's face. A questioning and stern look crosses the investigators' faces as they take in the large man and what he is wearing.

"She...sherr..." Enos's voice squeaks as he stutters in shock, fear, and surprise before he pauses to look over at Bo as if to silently ask him if this was his idea. When Bo shrugs, Enos looks back at the man standing in front of him and attempts to hide his emotions. "Sheriff Little," he finally gets the sheriff's name out, "wh...what are you doing here? Wha...what can I do to help you?"

"You heard me, Deputy. I saw the accident them there investigators are investigating. I apologize for me not stepping in any sooner, but you know Hogg and Coltrane won't listen to a word I have to say," he firmly states before turning to the investigators, "Hi to you guys too. I am Sheriff Ed Little of Chickasaw County. Commissioner Hogg, Sheriff Coltrane and I don't get along. If you met them, perhaps you understand why."

Earl finally nods. "We are getting the idea of the why you may not get along with them. Piece of work they are," he shakes his head in dismay, "but you being the sheriff of one county or another, you know how important it is to step forth and report your findings of any crime. NO matter WHAT!"

Little jumps slightly. Irritated that he had the nerve to talk to him that way. "As I said, they wouldn't have believed a word I said. I'd be wasting my breath. I saw Bo and his cousin Luke helping that driver out," Little points to the SUV, "and I am here now. With evidence."

Bo eyes the larger sheriff with questioning eyes as he fights back the excitement that rushes within him. First the paint on the cars pointing to the sheriff and now this? But his past history with the sheriff is quick to halt any excitement. "What evidence?" he questions for everyone, no longer willing to be silent and let the others do the work. "What were you doing in Hazzard anyway?"

"Well I..." Little looks around embarrassed, "I have this little hobby of mine that got kinda passed down from my grandmother. Watching birds. Never liked it at first but she made me go with her with a camera and binoculars. Looking at every such bird there was. She'd see a big hawk and you'd think she struck gold or something," he laughs to himself, "sweet ol' lady. Drove me crazy having to sit all still and patient like that. And for what? A bird! But as I got older I got ta appreciate the time with ol Granny and now well," he shrugs his big shoulders, "I go out there just to be with Mother Nature as she had done. Every bird makes me think of Granny...sweetest old woman ever. Sure do miss her."

"Enough with your ol history sheriff!" Earl yells from the sheriff's car, "What has chasing some ugly bird around bring you to Hazzard?! Don't they have birds in Chickadee?!"

"Chickadee? Where you get that grouch at?" Little asks the nearest investigator as he points to Earl, "I don't know where Chickadee is at Oscar nor have I ever been to Chickadee. I am from Chickasaw County. The county bourdering Hazzard just over there." He points outside of the garage.

"Chicadee? Chickasaw? The same damn thing," Earl rolls his eyes, "either get at what you have come to tell us or get outta here and stop wasting our time!"

Little inhales deeply as he eyes Earl before looking at Bo who stands off to the side, watching the exchange. "Look investigator," he starts using sharp words, "I have come to help, but if you wish I can take my story and my evidence back to Chickasaw County as you have told me to do. I just thought if I could help an innocent man out, I would. G'day Bo. Deputy." He eyes Bo and Enos before turning around back to the door.

"Bye Sheriff," Enos states with a niave look on his face, "I'll tell Rosco and Boss you stopped by to say hi."

"Enos!" Bo yells at him before grabbing Little by the forearm, "Look Little...you gotta excuse them investigators. They are from the big city...and not Atlanta. They work with a big shot lawyer that is aiming to get Gordon out of jail but he could use any evidence. Any help he can get. Please excuse their behavior...they don't know no better."

Little eyes Bo for a long moment and then looks at Earl. "Fine OK. Y'all are forgiven. For now," he reluctantly states, "I was following this bird from Chickasaw County into Hazzard. It was my off day so I was not on duty. I had taken several good pictures of this bird...that you are not interested in," he says sharply, "when this guy's SUV comes and scares the bird away...so instead of taking a picture of a bird, I gotta picture of this." He goes silent as he pulls out a normal sized picture out of his chest pocket and hands it to Bo.

Bo gives a nod of appreciation to Little before looking down at the picture which is a picture of the sheriff's car running into the side of Gordon's hood of the SUV. "Damn. Clear as day!" he states with excitement as he passes the picture onto Carl who eyes with a look of satisfaction and passes it on. "Sheriff Little you may have just gone saved the day! Thanks a bunch for coming forth like this!"

"Damn," Earl states finally showing a hint of a smile. "Jack pot. I repeat Bo's appreciation. Thanks Sheriff."

"I'd have stepped forward sooner...but as I said, Hogg wouldn't hear a word I'd have to say. So I had to wait for my film to get processed. Just came in an hour ago," Little states as Enos is reluctant to look at the picture.

"You mean this Mr. Gordon didn't run into Rosco?!" Enos asks, his voice rises in excitement and anger, "Mr. Gordon is," he pauses to look at Bo with dreadeful eyes, "is innocent?"

"That there Deputy is what we have been saying all along. We just didn't need no damn picture to prove it to us," Darryl state.

"Or some paint on the sheriff's car," Earl joins pointing at the cars.'

"Gordon has a heart of gold. If he hit the sheriff on accident, he'd have felt horrible about it. Would do anything to make it right. But Gordon is the best driver around," Carl confidently states, "no way he'd have an accident as careless as this was!"

"And now he is kidnapped," Earl states with resentment, "by Boss and Rosco."

"Kidnapped?!" Little yells in outrage, "They are the law! The law don't kidnap prisoners! They put them in jail!"

"They did," Enos slowly states, "but Mr. Gordon refused to race Boss...so Boss got desperate and took desperate measures. I guess."

"Now I'm mad," Sheriff Little states, the fire in his dark eyes confirms what he had just said, "I am not leaving Hazzard County until justice is brought upon Hogg and Coltrane. I will not leave until this Mr. Gordon is a free man. Where is Mr. Gordon, Deputy?!"

"I...I don't know, Sheriff," Enos shyly states, "you know they don't tell me nothing. They don't trust me to keep their secrets a secret."

"Well then, I suggest we go back inside and you put a call into your boss," Little orders Enos, "tell him there is an emergency at the sheriff's station. You need him and the sheriff back here as soon as possible."

Everyone starts to walk away from the garage and back into the sheriff's station. "I. . .I can try," Enos slowly states, "but what's the emergency? When Hogg is off on one of his money making ideas, there is no way of pulling him back!"

Little eyes the investigators before eyeing Bo and a smile forms on his face before he quietly whispers the idea to everyone around. "Got it?" he asks Enos.

Enos eyes Bo and then the investigators. Looking at Little, Enos nods. "I got it Sheriff," he pauses as Little hands him the CB holder. Enos fumbles with the switch to move it to the right channel before screaming into the CB, "Commissioner J.D. Hogg! You out there?! Sheriff Coltrane, you out there?! You hear me?" static comes back, "Sheriff! Boss! I need you to answer me! Sheriff! Boss! ANSWER ME!"

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Boss is ready to push in the microphone just after Rosco turned the CB on when he heard Enos's request. He was furious.

"Listen here Enos, you get off this channel right now! I have an important call to make and the last thing I need is a dipstick like you throwing a monkey wrench into my plans.

Now get on out there and write out some parking tickets or something and leave me alone. If you don't do as you're told you're going to be the pooper scooper down at the Hazzard County Humane Society. Now git on out of there and away from the CB. Do you copy that?"

Boss put down the CB and pounded the dashboard. He went to pound it again and knocked his hat off when he lifted his fist up. A nervous Rosco, sitting in the drivers seat put it back on for him.

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Enos jumps and looks back at all the men staring at him in anticipation.

"I...I can't Mr. Hogg!" Enos' voice squeaks in his mocked terror, "You see, Mr. Hogg. Mr. Coltrane. Bo Duke is standing right in front of me as I speak. He's real mad, Mr. Hogg. Saying that Mr. Gordon fella is innocent. I never seen him so mad."

"Tell him dummy!" Bo yells behind Enos to be heard on the CB.

"I'm tryin' Bo!" Enos yells back at Bo before turning to the CB, "Well Mr. Hogg. Mr. Coltrane. Bo's real mad...never seen him so mad. And...and -"

"Do I need to do it now?" Bo grunts in Enos's ear to be heard on the CB.

"No, please, no Bo!" Enos squirms as he he speaks into the CB, "Bo here came with a message. He's got me at gun point...I have to do as he says. Or he. . .will shoot. And then he say's he'll burn the jail."

"That's right Hogg. All that money you got tied up in your office will be up in smoke. All that paper work. Up in smoke. And anything else in this heap will be up in smoke," Bo forces himself to be serious, "along with your clumsy deputy here. Now tell him Enos."

"Yes sir, Bo," Enos sighs heavily, "Look Mr. Hogg. Mr. Coltrane. You've gotta come now. Bo's gone and lost it. Says you've gone too far. He wants you to bring Gordon with you and do a swap."

Earl clicks his gun next to the CB. "Bo! You said..."Enos gulps.

"Forget what I said. You talkin' too much. Get them here. NOW!" Bo screams and Earl fires the gun through the open wind and Enos yells loudly, mostly due to the loudness next to him. "Next one, I won't miss," Bo states coldly.

"C'mon Mr. Hogg. C'mon Mr. Coltrane. I need you here. NOW!" Enos yells into the CB.

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Jesse Duke nearly runs his old truck into the ditch with surprise and fear as the loud gun shot rings out over the CB. "What in the world is going on?!" he yells as he forces his truck to a halt and looks over at Daisy. "What is Bo doing with a dang gun not alone shooting it at Enos?!" he yells, not knowing what to do.

Daisy shrugs as she looks around the familiar scenery, familiar scenery that looks so foriegn with all that has unraveled on the air. "I. . .I don't know Uncle Jesse," she hugs Jesse's arm, "I'd like to say this is just some scam of his to scare Hogg into turning Gordon over, but -"

"If it is he is doing a dang good job at scaring me! No. . .I don't think this is any scam of Bo's or Luke's or anyone's! Bo'd have a hard time putting such emotion into his voice, no matter how hard he tried. You remember he tried to pull one over on me a couple of years ago in order to convince me to allow him into that dang race. He'd have had me fooled if it wasn't for the lack of emotion in his voice on the CB." Jesse goes silent and shakes his head, "That there is no scam. It's the real deal."

Daisy shivers at the thought of it all. "But Uncle Jesse, where did he get the gun? And Earl and the rest of the private investigators," she shakes her head, "they wouldn't just sit back and let him do somethin' like this. They'd have a sense of taking things too far and would put a stop to it -"

"Perhaps they think if it works, they'll get Gordon out of it. They don't think Bo will go that far. Or could," Jesse muses out loud, "But you heard Bo? He's mad enough to do it without thinking about it...til afterwards. We all know how much he looks up to Jeff Gordon...heck he got into that dang fight a couple of years at The Boar's Nest when that drunk started cussing Gordon out while the race was on. Had to go bail him out m'self."

"Oh Jesse," Daisy states, eyeing the CB waiting for Bo to continue but he doesn't, "what are you thinking?"

"I think enough to be scared for Hogg and Coltrane...and Enos!" Jesse turns the truck around, "I am going to go talk some sense into him. Gun or no gun!"

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Boss's jaw drops. His cigar falls out of his mouth onto his lap causing him to panic and throw it out the window before it damages his white pants.

He turns to look at Rosco who is already looking at Boss.

Boss "Did I just hear what I thought I just heard?"

Rosco "Um, I think so. I'm not exactly sure what it was though."

Boss thought for a moment. "I have to admit Rosco. I can't tell if Bo was serious or not. It could be a scam. He's a fairly decent actor you know. It was just last year that he pulled that Ebeneezer Scrooge scam on me with the ghost of Christmas. Woulda probably pulled it off if it weren't for Cooter interrupting."

Rosco "I don't know nothing about no acting Boss but I gotta tell you, that sounded like the real thing. I think something's done went and gone haywire with Bo. He's done blown a gasket upstairs or something."

Boss "Well, I just ain't believing it! I just ain't believing it! Bo Duke might be a lot of things but he ain't no killer!

Just keep your mouth shut and let me run this show!"

Boss took two deep breaths and keyed the microphone up "This is police commissioner Jefferson Davis Hogg calling Mr Aussler. Do you copy?"

Rosco was irrited at his boss. "You just can't ignore something like that. You can't just pretend it didn't happen!"

Boss snapped back "I'll do whatever I want Rosco. Now keep your mouth shut or I'll ignore signing your next paycheck....and the one after that."

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Luke was sitting uncomfortable in the car when Enos' call came over the CB with Bo's comments ringing loud and clear before the gun goes off. To send his thoughts rushing through his head. Bo would never hurt anyone and yet here he was threatening Enos. Could be a scam in order to get Hogg to answer his rerquest about Gordon, but knowing how upset Bo has been over the whole Gordon ordeal and just how hateful Bo's words came out on the CB, has him wondering if Bo has snapped.

"Luke! What is this?!" Thom yells as he points the CB, "That cousin of your's is threatening a deputy's life on the air?! He didn't come off as the smartest person, but didn't think he was that STUPID either!"

Luke eyes him for a long moment in attempt to sort through his thoughts. "Mr. Aussler, I'd appreciate it if you wouldn't point at me and talk to me like that. I am here. Bo is there. It was your bright idea to split us up like this. Not mine. I am not responsible for my cousin...especially when I am not with him." Luke states, buying time, "And if you ask my opinion, something is up. Bo wouldn't hurt no one...but this whole ordeal with Gordon has gotten him highly irritated and upset. Perhaps..."

"Perhaps it's real? He's not -" Thom begins to yell before being interrupted by his cell phone.

Luke watches him nod and say a few hmm's to the person on the other end of the phone. "Besides Thom," Luke states as he watches Thom pocket his phone after a few minutes, "half of your investigators are with him. They must be in some sort of agreement to let him go on the air like that...afterall it is four of them against one of him."

"They're not your cousin's baby sitter!" Thom snaps and rolls his eyes, "This could really turn -" Thom is once again interrupted.

"This is police commissioner Jefferson Davis Hogg calling Mr Aussler. Do you copy?" comes Hogg's bossy voice over the CB.

Thom eyes everyone before he grabs the CB handle from an investigator sitting in the front seat. Inhaling deeply he slowly states, "Commissioner." He goes silent for a moment. "I deeply shocked that you are cold enough to call me after you just received a call from your own deputy saying his life is in danger if you don't follow through with Bo's orders. If it was one of my men who was in your deputy's place, I'd drop everything to help him out in any way I can. No matter what."

Thom pauses again as he looks out of his window. "Well perhaps you don't take Bo serious...let me tell you I just got a call from one of my best investigators and let me tell you, that Bo is damn serious about his threat. Earl, my investigator that I talked to, has told me that Bo backed him and the rest of my investigators into a closet and has them locked in there." Thom states, fear and irritation deep in his voice, "Earl says Bo is is real scary acting right now...all he has in mind is saving Jeff Gordon. No matter what it cost..."

"If you don't respect your deputy's life enough to drop everything to follow through with what he has asked you to do, then his life is on you and your greedy and selfish head," Thom pauses, nearly spitting into the phone, "I for one respect my investigators' lives. As of right now, I got other things to worry about than our meeting that you had set up. If you were wise you would be on your way to answer your deputy's cry for help."

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"I figured you big city lawyers would hire some of these no account local boys to help you with this scam of yours Mr Aussler. I also figured you big city lawyers are a pretty arrogant bunch of fellers and you think us country folks are stupid so I'm here to prove you wrong.

Last night I made some phone calls and have officially deputized a few good men. Some of my deputies are with me and some are in town there. At this very moment my sheriff is on his police walkie talkie activating the deputies who are in town and they should be there any moment.

Now just in case I'm wrong....which I know I'm not....those deputies in town will take care of it and expose your scam and probably end us arresting Bo Duke and some of your henchmen for fraud and the services of me and my sheriff will not be required.

In the meantime I suggest we continue on with the business at hand. And if I was you I'd keep your nose out of the county's business. It's not your job to enforce the law in a county you've never even been to before yesterday. IT IS your job to suck every penny you can out of your clients and stick it in your own pocket. That's what lawyers do best.

My job is to find justice in Hazzard County and I have a sheriff laying here in an ambulance who is suffering greatly from the afteraffects of his accident. His doctor, who is also here will testify that sometimes back and neck issues can show up days after the impact.

I really think it would be in Mr Gordon's best interest if you would bring a blank check out here and settle this whole thing. Then, you can be merrily on your way out of my county."

Rosco quickly responded "Uh, Boss I ain't in no ambulance."

Boss fired back "You will be in a minute Rosco. Now git on over there and have Hughie and his fake doctor and nurse fix you up."

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Jeff Gordon eyes the two men with anger in his eyes thinking of all the things he should have done and the things he would like to do. Perhaps he should have just agreed to Hogg's silly deal. If Hogg kept true to his word, he could be out of this state by now. But why would he just let Hogg win? And now he has been kidnapped by the supposed law who seems more crooked than any crook would be. "OK I give up," Gordon breaks his silence, "you two are part of a circus and this all is part of your act. Right? I mean if you were actually the law, you would know better than to kidnap anyone. You would know better than to be faking some unknown injury. Quite the act you are putting up...better be an act cause those private investigators that Thom has hired are mean and mean business. They aren't just some local people he hired. No they are trained invistagors...a few of 'em were actually detectives before retiring and going on with Aussler.

"And now you are just digging yourself a big ol' hole that they can burry you both in. Wonder if Jesse Duke would accept to be the next police commissioner? He'd at least be honest and for the people. And not dishonest and for himself!" Gordon yells at him, "When you get arrested and get your jail outfit...I wanna picture of it. You'd look good in prisoner orange or prisoner stripes. Bet they'd be putting you on a diet though, Hogg. You have your greedy self to blame."


Earl closes his phone and looks at the group of men. "Aussler states that Hogg has deputized some people and are sending them here to arrest Bo for a supposed scam. This Hogg guy has nerves of steel to not fall for that. Hot damn," he shakes his head as he begins to pace. "What now, hot shot?" he eyes Sheriff Little.

"I ain't 'fraid o' Hogg and Coltrane. What we need to do is find a way to get Coltrane away from Hogg...without Hogg, Coltrane will melt under pressure. He's all monkey do, monkey see with Hogg," Little muses aloud, "as for Hogg, well he is greedy and he is dirty, but he does have standards. He's just trying any attempt he can to get at your boy Aussler and Gordon. I say we hit the road. Take Enos with us and keep at it...before his deputies get here."

"Where to?" Carl asks, "I mean -" he is interrupted by footsteps in the hall and everyone looks at each other in shock, as if asking each other quietly what to do.

"Guess we're too late," Darryl adds to break the silence, "sounds like they are already -"

He is interrupted as the door swings open and everyone sighs in relief and Jesse and Daisy quickly walk in with hardened looks of anger. "Beauregaurd Thomas Duke what in the world you think you don' threatenin Enos like that?!" Jesse yells as he enters the room and everyone looks at Bo. "You know how I feel about violence and taking it out on others. Poor Enos here has nothing to do with what Hogg is doin' to Gordon and you know it! Plus you on probation and all you are going to be locked up tight for the next twenty years!"

"What?!" Bo asks, surprised that his own uncle bought it all, "First of all, you know dang well how I feel about you using my whole name. Especially when I did NOTHING wrong to deserved to get yelled at! I didn't even touch the dang gun. Tell him Enos."

"He's right Mr. Jesse. Earl there fired the gun. It was all set up to get to Hogg to come to the jail," Enos nods in agreement, "but he didn't buy it and is sending his newly deputized deputies out here to put a stop to it. And to arrest Bo."

"Great," Jesse sighs, "and all you investigators just played along with Bo's idea? This could all back fire at us all now if Hogg don't buy into it!

"It was my idea Mr. Duke," a deep voice draws Jesse's attention and he jumps at seeing Sheriff Little, "I came to help Mr. Gordon. I saw the accident with my own eyes. Have this picture to prove it too." He hands it to Jesse. "But you know Hogg and Coltrane won't listen to me. To us. Bo here almost had him tricked...I know it."

Jesse looks over at Bo apologetically only for Bo to turn his back to him and walk away and Daisy hugs Jesse's arm. "I'm sorry Bo," Jesse states though knows the damage is already done. "So what's your bright idea now, Sheriff Little?"

Little eyes him with dark eyes. "I don't know," Little shakes his head in disgust before glancing over at Bo who now sits in a chair off to the corner.

"Well we got damn good evidence to put Rosco at fault between the vehicles in the garage, our pictures we took, and Sheriff Little's picture," Earl confidently states, "I think it is time to go show Thom what we have and let him handle it."

"I'm sorry Bo," Jesse says as he walks besides Bo down the hall to their vehicles, "I should know you better than that, it is just I know how much you look up to Gordon and how upset you are about all this. Figured it pushed you over the deep end or something. I don't know, but I'm sorry." Jesse goes silent as they go outside, "How you doin'?"

Bo remains silent, his jaw clenching shut as Jesse sees the hurt and anger in Bo's eyes. Not at just Jesse getting mad at him, but at all that is going on with Gordon. "I'll be fine," Bo finally state taking a deep breathe before looking up to see that Earl has left the door open for him, "guess I'll be riding with them. I'm fine."

Jesse watches Bo silent get into the car with the investigators before Sheriff Little calls at them. "Jesse and Daisy. Wanna ride?"

Jesse eyes Daisy before walking over and they both get into Little's red Mustang. "Wow Sheriff Little. Didn't even know you had a personal car not alone a Mustang," Daisy states as she climbs into the back seat and Jesse in the passenger seat.

"A classic, isn't she?" he smiles back at her before looking forward to follow the investigators. "Fasten up everyone."

Jesse fastens up and says, "Thanks for the ride Sheriff Little. And for your help. It is greatly needed."

Edited by Garrett Duke
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Rosco listened to Jeff Gordon then turned to Boss "Ya know Boss I'll let you deal with this dipstick. I'm gonna do as you say and git on over to that ambulance and let that fake doctor and his cute little nurse make it look like my neck and back's really hurt."

Rosco caught some movement out of the corner of his eye then pointed to the oncoming vehicle "Hey, Boss, that's Jeff McCabe and that hot GTO of his with that supercharged customized V-8. Is he one of the fellers you done deputized?"

Boss smiled "You bet. And if you'd open your eyes a little wider you'd see a few more of them hidden between the trees because my original plan was to meet Mr Aussler out here and I thought we'd need some protection."

Rosco chuckled "Khee Khee. And I gotta hand it to you Boss. You had those boys on the CB believing you have deputies in town. That sure fooled them. I bet they're running like crazy right about now. Come to find out, all yer deputies are out here."

With that Rosco walked over to the ambulance.

Boss turned around to Jeff Gordon. "Ya see here Mr Gordon. The thing you ain't getting is that everybody in Hazzard County lives in a house or on a farm where I hold their mortgage....and they's the ones that sits on juries. Now they might be big fans of yours but they're even bigger fans of having a roof over their heads....." Boss was interrupted by Hughie wanting him to come over.

As Boss walked over to the ambulance Jeff noticed that the keys were left in the sheriff car. He had been working behind his back to try and untie the ropes and now, with nobody looking he was able to wiggle his shoulders and upper arms more to make better progress at gaining his freedom.

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Gordon can't believe his luck. First the ropes were easy to come off and then Hogg and Coltrane leave him an great opportunity to escape. Except for all them deputized citizens who is s urrounding him and that powerhorse of a car coming towards him. But with Gordon's skills, who could stop him. Eyeing around the scenery he is quick to make it to the front seat. Watching he picks up the CB and states, "If you Dukes are out there please listen Hogg has me at this remote location," he goes on to describe the ambulance and the hills around him, "but if I am lucky, won't be here for long. Rosco is faking an injury now...gotta run."

He throws the handle down, turns the key, does a quick 180 and shoves the accelerator to the ground while watching the pedometer get to ninety. Heading right towards the car that was coming at him. "Let's play a game of chicken!" Gordon laughs and as he gets to the oncoming car, the driver finally loses nerve at the last second and forces the car left, hard. Too hard. Gordon watches in the rearview mirror as the car takes a nose dive hard into the deep ditch that had surrounded the road. "Chicken!" Gordon states as he shoves the accelerator harder.


Meanwhile Luke and everyone else had heard what Gordon had said over the CB. Making them all look at each other with puzzlement and excitement.

"I think I know where that is at," Luke states. "Turn left here."

Aussler's driver listens and turns left. "This better be our chance," Thom states, "Gordon has already missed speed trials. The media is going nuts. His family is going crazy without him. So far my representatives back home have kept the meida at bay...figure a guy who is greedy like Hogg would love the attention from the media."

"Great idea Thom. Hogg woulda loved the media for this," Luke states, "turn right up here."

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The people gathered around the ambulance included Boss, Rosco, Hughie, a fake doctor and nurse and two deputies with cars hidden behind the trees. Temporary Deputy Jeff MCCabe just pulled up in with his black GTO and got out.

Upon seeing the action Boss yelled "Well don't just stand there Rosco, git after him."

Rosco responded while watching Gordon drive away. "I sure will Boss. Jeff Gordon done went and run Zack Perkins off the road. What a pity. Zack spent three years rebuilding that Camero."

Rosco pulled the fake cast off his leg. " I'm condminerin....I'm condemmering....I'm condemering your vehicle Jeff McCabe."

Rosco then pulled the fake cast off his arm too and hopped in the souped up GTO. Boss quickly jumped in the passenger seat and MCabe hopped in the back. Everyone else hopped in their vehicles as well and moments later, the GTO, followed by two deputies in their cars and Hughie with his doctor and nurse in the ambulance behind them were flying down the road.

Rosco was loving the power of the GTO. "Khee Khee, you sure got this old timer running sweet as sugar McCabe."

Boss responded angrily. "That don't mean nothing you dodo bird. You're up against the best driver on this planet. His skills can make up the differnce so keep you hands on the wheel, the rubber on the road, your eyes on the prize and your puny little mind on what you're doing."

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Jeff Gordon watches the car in his rear view mirror before looking forward and pressing harder upon the accelerator and feeling the car shove forward. With the speed under him, he feels the adrenaline rush wildly within him. Never before had he ran from a cop. Never before had he been in trouble from a cop. But also, never before had a cop frame him for something he didn't do. Especially something as serious as attempted murder of a police officer.

A small and nervous smile crosses his face as his thoughts turn to the media and what all they would say over his predictament. What they may be saying about his disappearance. Only to remind him of his son's movie the first "Cars" and Lightning McQueen; who was a famous rookie race car going for the championship when he got lost in a small town and was reported missing at the big championship race.

But that was a fictional movie...this was not. What was he going to do if he escaped the oncoming law? He couldn't possibly run away from the law for the rest of his life. But he refused to sit behind bars for something he didn't do. Refused to sit there and let people accuse him of such horrible things and allow his own children to hear such accusations about him.

Picking up the CB he thinks for a moment and with a smile says, "Bristol." With that said, he throws the CB down and makes a sharp left turn on a dirt road and watches the distance between him and the GTO grow in distance.

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Boss was furious that Jeff Gordon was pulling even further away. He took Rosco's hat off and hit him with it then threw the hat in the back seat of the GTO right beside the car's owner Jeff McCabe. "Rosco, you're as slow as a snail in cold molasses. You're driving the fastest car in the county and he's still pulling ahead."

Rosco responded, "You said it yourself Boss. He's the best driver on the planet. Besides the General Lee is the fastest car in the county, not this one." Rosco paused a second "Khee Khee but this one ain't no slouch."

McCabe noticed Gordon turn off. "Hey, he's heading down Old Spoke Road. That means he's heading straight for Axle Intersection."

Boss, "What are you talking about McCabe. What's Axle Intersection?"

McCabe responded, his head bobbing around from the bumps. "Me and my hunting buddies all call it Axle Intersection because when you're up on the peak of Moonshine Mountain looking down, all those roads come together in the same spot just like spokes on a wheel come together at the center, right at the axle."

Rosco added "That's a dangerous intersection Boss. I hope nobody's coming from any of the other roads. I wouldn't be surprised if those fellers in town are coming this way after hearing all this radio chatter."

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Jeff Gordon shoves the sheriff's car as fast as it can as mixed emotions flow through Gordon. Fear, excitment, relief, nervousness. All wrapped up within him. Only to send questions rippling through him. Was his win at Atlanta worth all this? No...not only is he stuck in this nightmare, he is away from his family who is worrying about him. He is away from the track which means he has probably missed another big race. Meaning a big hit in his points. Also meaning his chance for this year's championship is all but over for him. And his team. His poor team. Just because he decided to go off on his own, they are now without a driver and will also take the same hit in points he has taken. All because of him. They are probably worried about him now, but if he ever gets out of this, they'll be rightfully angry at him.

And what about the Dukes and the rest of the innocent people of Hazzard who live with this every day? How can Gordon walk away from here and leave it as it is without feeling bad for them? Especially the Dukes after all they have done for him.

Of course, driving in NASCAR for twenty years, Gordon does know the right people. Perhaps he could take Bo and Luke with him. Show off their talent. Get them a ride in the Cup Series. That would definatly be a start at paying them back for all that they have done for him.

Gordon sighs as he sees a dark intersection up ahead, car lights flair on the other side. Looking to be going as fast as he is. Leaving a large lump in Gordon's throat in fear. Going the speed he is going, there is little hope that he'll be able to stop in time. If he does, he'll be going back with Hogg and Coltrane...


"Thank you for coming over and trying to help Mr. Gordon out, Sheriff Little," Jesse states from the passenger seat as they get to the top of a large hill with a sudden drop. "Think we all need all the help we can get. Coltrane and Hogg are willing to do anything to set up Gordon."

Little grunts from the driver's seat and Jesse notices how tight his hands are upon the steering wheel. "Had to do something when I saw it happen. Just knew Hogg and Coltrane wouldn't listen to me. But when I saw the picture I developed, I knew I had it," Little blows out heavily as they begin to go down the hill, "Hang on. Those two cars are coming down that hill at a good clip. As am I. No way any of us will be able to slow down."

Jesse finds himself holding onto the door and glancing protectively back at Daisy who flashes a small smile. Looking back, Jesse gripes, "Who in the right mind would be driving that dang fast down this dang road?! Especially at night?!"

Litttle shrugs. "We are," he states, "one of us is gonna have to budge."

Jesse nods silently for awhile watching Little's Mustang reach the dip in between the hills while the other first car reaching around the same time. "Hold on Daisy," Jesse says worriedly as they reach the bottom.

As they reach the oncoming white sheriff's car, the sheriff's car professionally swings over to pass Little's Sheriff car. "What in the world?!" Little exclaims, "Your Sheriff Coltrane musta been taking lessons from your boys to be driving like that! That was an expert move...too easy to swing over too much and go into the ditch!"

With they all look out their windows at the deep ditches that have large thick trees planted in them. "We ain't done yet, Little," Jesse warns as they brace themselves for the on coming car.

"He's racing in the middle of the damn road!" Little exclaims, "No way we can make it around that fool!"

Jesse braces himself for the hit and as the cars get close they both slam on their brakes forcing their car to hit eachother sideways. As the fancy GTO car hits Little's car it slips forward to dive into the deep ditch forward, coming to a halt at the foot of a large and thick tree.

"Damn it," Little cusses to get a dirty look from Jesse, "sorry. But this here Mustang is my baby and just look what that...that...that fool gone and done! Just 'cause he thinks he's too good to drive on his side of the road as everyone else does!"

Jesse shakes his head. "You OK Daisy? Little?" he checks on everyone who nods sullenly, "We better go see if the other driver is OK."

Little nods as they all pile out of his car and walk over to the crashed car as the doors swing open. "Sheriff Coltrane? Boss Hogg!" Little yells in surprise, "Who in the world is driving your car? Heck I shoulda known it wasn't you Coltrane. He was much better driver than you! You just proved it...driving in the middle of the damn road! Look at what you done to my Mustang! Hope you know you payin' for the damage you done!"

Jesse eyes Little and the fire of anger in his dark eyes. "It's a car, Little," Jesse states as he slowly slides down the hill to where Hogg was having difficulties gettin gout.

"Just as your beloved General Lee is just a car, right?" Little spits out, walking back to his car.

"Boss, Rosco," Jesse states as Daisy and him help them and their passenger up and out of the ditch, "you got yourselves some explainin' to do."

"And Rosco needs to go back to driving school!" Little yells out.

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In the meantime Hughie, driving his ambulance had fallen way behind. In desperation he decided to turn down an old moonshine trail in hopes of finding a shortcut.

Moments later the trail ended at a road but Hughie was unable to stop in time at the intersection, blocking the road completely. He and his fake doctor and nurse got out and were eyeing up the stuck vehicle when they heard a vehicle speeding toward them from around the curve.

Once the vehicle came into view Hughie yelled "It's Jeff Gordon in Rosco's car! Jump!" The trio jumped out of the way just before the car struck the ambulance with a horrendous crashing noise. Steam flew from the radiator, fenders crinkled and both front tires were flattened.

Thankfully Jeff Gordon got out unhurt.

Meanwhile, back at the other crash sight, another of Boss's deputies who had been following the GTO stopped in his copper colored Malibu. Boss, Rosco and Jeff McCabe hopped in quickly.

Just before they sped off Rosco grinned at Sheriff Little "Khee, Khee I guess we're just going to be a little ahead of Little."

Moments later Rosco had Jeff Gordon back in custody.

Boss grinned "Nice work gentlemen."

His grin quickly turned sour. "But this ambulance has the road all plugged up so we gotta go back to Old Spoke Road. I don't think we're going to be able to get out before they get here."

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Gordon upset at himself for even entering this circus town, upset at himself for allowing the crooked commissioner to tempt him with his unsupervised keyed patrol car, and upset at himself for allowing Hogg's circus act of a ambulance and medical crew to wreck climbs out of the wrecked patrol car. If he was anyone else, he would throw up his hands and surrender to all the fake people of this county with some hope of leaving the town alive...and with a little digintity.

But he wasn't just anyone else. He was a highly trained NASCAR driver who encounters difficulties, wrecks, miscues, and chaos with every chance he climnbs into the car. Meaning one of his characteristics is stubborness to surrender to such circumstances. Always determined to get in the car, push the accelerator down to the floor, and carry on. No matter what. Never give up.

And dispite not having his highly qualified stock car at his side, those characteristics forces him to refuse to give up, refuse to give in to Hogg and his crooked people.

But looking around and slightly shaken by the wreck he is at a loss at what to do next.. Where to go next.

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Thom Aussler sighs in frustration as he stares out the window anger rages within him. Anger at the crooked commissioner that wouldn't take time out for their meeting and had tried to control him, anger at himself for allowing himself to be jerked about by strangers in his joke of a county, and anger at his client. Anger at Gordon for being naive enough to go off on his own for his own adventure. Thanks to his "Sunday drive" he now has charges of all kinds stacked against him, is on the run, and has him out trying to save his hide. Not to include all the pressue he feels from the media, fans, from NASCAR to bring Gordon back yesterday.

"Luke, I am not in the mood to be messed with right now. We have been on this damn road for the last fifteen minutes and nothing. No Gordon. No patrol car. No nothing. We are in the middle of nowhere!" Aussler yells at the locall despite his growing sympathy towards him and his family for having to put up with this circus act of a town all their life. "Heck, he's not even answering his -"

"That's why," the driver in front states, tension thick in his voice.

"Damn it!" Aussler cusses as he sees the wrecked patrol car, Gordon's small figure in the middle of the road and what looks to be an ambulance.

"Must be that fake ambulance," Luke states as they grow closer, "this here is a rental car and I know you want to bring it back in great shape, but if you want to save Gordon I suggest you ram the ambulance into the ditch before they can use it to take Gordon."

"Do it...do whatever it takes to get Gordon," Aussler states, "once we get Gordon in the car we will call your Commissioner. Gordon can't leave this town an escaped convict. We will have to find a way to sit him down and have a face to face chat. Show him our photos. Show him our evidence...and perhaps work out a deal."

"A deal?" Luke asks surprised, "After what -"

"Not for Hogg's sake or Gordon's. For this town. For you. Your family. Gordon will see fit to do something to pay you all back. He has a heart of gold," Thom nods confidently, "but for now, ram him as good as you can. Just make sure we are not in need of a REAL ambulance due to it."

"Sure thing boss," the driver answers confidently as he presses onto the accelerator and everyone braces themselves as they rear end the back of the ambulance that slowly moves forward and into a tree.

As soon as the car comes to a halt, Luke, Thom, and his agents jump out. "Hughie Hogg you rat!" Luke hisses as he sees Hughing near the damaged ambulance, "I shoulda knew it was you when Gordon said something about some fake injuries! So what you gettin' out all this?"

Luke stares at the thin man before looking up to find Aussler and his guys stuffing Gordon into the car. "Guess this is my cue that it is time to go," Luke sighs, "give ol' Boss a message for me, Thom is going to be giving him a call and if Hogg knew what was best, he would listen Thom through before he says anything. Got it?!"

Before recieving an answer, he climbs into the crowded back seat and slams the door shut before the driver squeals away. "Wow talk about perfect timing," Gordon states with relief, "I didn't know what to do."

"I will tell you what we are going to do, Jeff," Thom states firmly, "I am going to place a call in to J.D. Hogg and place a meeting with him. We will show him our photos proving it was his phony sheriff that is at fault. And then we will make our deal with him. He drops the charges against you, we won't take this any farther. He drops the charges against you, you will race Bo in the General. Three fourths of the money earned will go to the Hazzard County Orphanage...the rest will go to him and his sheriff. So they will get something out of this whole ordeal. Plus we will make it look like it all was his idea...he contacted you, wanted a race, we can even call in a few media sources. Show what a swell guy Hogg is."

"After what he just gone and done to me?!" Gordon yells, "I'll be glad to race Bo but not to give -"

"Jeff, you don't have much of a choice. If we can't get the charges dropped against you, then we will be going to court. Even when we win, your name will be in the media with all this trumped up charges. Right now the media just thinks you went off on your own...got tired of the whole racing and needed a break. They are coming up with a whole bunch of speculation. These charges will only spread fire upon all them speculation. In order to escape bad publicity," Thom states, "we need to give them good speculation. Show them all what the great guy you are. Not that you need to prove it. You already did with your Rwanda trip. Your Children's Hospital. Your other charities, but -"

"With my disappearance I need to remind them of all that," Gordon slightly nods, "fine. Whatever it takes. Do it."

With that the driver hands Thom the CB. "Commissioner J.D. Hogg. This is Thom Aussler. I don't know if you heard back from that rat of your's in the ambulance, but if you haven't, let me tell you, we got Gordon with us," Thom states assertively, "but before you get all upset and ready to fight. Listen to me. Gordon and I have come up with an agreement that we need to sit down and talk to you and your sheriff face to face. Show you what we have. Just as I planned to do when I first got to your town.

"As I said, Gordon will be with me. We are not going to leave Hazzard on the run and if push comes to shove I will have to fall on my back up plan, but I respect that you are smart enough to listen to what we have to say first before doing anything rash." Thom pauses as he whispers something to Luke who nods, "Meet Gordon and me at the Duke farm in an hour. Just you and your sheriff. No one else. I see anyone else coming, we will retreat and my deal I have for you is off the table. See you in an hour Hogg."

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Another of Boss's recently sworn in deputies, Clem Smethfield pulled up to the wrecked vehicles driving his black 1968 Cougar just before Aussler called Boss. Boss grabbed Clem's CB and looked to the sky in deep thought and then Hughie chimed in, "You're not going to give into him are you Uncle Boss? This is your county. Yours and yours alone. Don't let that feller act like he's calling all the shots."

Boss would have none of his nephew's plea. "All right Aussler, I reckon we can work something out here. Me and my sheriff will meet you at the Duke Farm in an hour. You tell them Dukes to give us some space. I don't want them meddlin' in on official police business.

And the same applies to you. Just you and that hot shot driver of yours better be there and NO ONE ELSE or the deal's off. Over and out."

Hughie was disappointed. "Uncle Boss!"

Boss wasted no time in responding, "Now you hush nephew. If you'd been through what I'd been through with that Gordon feller you'd be itchin' to give in a little yourself. I gotta admit I underestimated him. Trying to reel in Jeff Gordon is like hooking onto a barracuda when you were expecting a minnow on the line. I've gained a lot of respect for him."

Rosco smiled "Khee Khee, does that mean you're gonna let my Mama meet him Boss?"

Boss tilted his head "I suppose"

Rosco smiled again. "Hey Boss, maybe Mama and me can come over to your house and we can watch Gordon's next race. You know my sister Lulu loves those races too. Khee Khee!"

Boss shrugged his shoulders. "Just commandeer this nice Cougar and let's git to the Duke farm."

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Aussler lets a deep sigh of relief escape him at hearing the commissioner finally cave into his request to meet him on his terms. "OK Commissioner. Gordon and I will meet you and your sheriff in an hour in the Duke kitchen. They have agreed to stay out until I give them the signal to come in," Aussler pauses a moment, "Just a reminder. You and your sheriff. That is all. Anyone else shows up the meeting is over and my deal is off the table."

"Well Luke," Thom turns to the country boy who had sat through it all quietly besides him, "sorry to see what you and your family have to go through with them. Will be glad to get Gordon out of your town and hopefully set the media right without much damage than what has already been done."

Luke smiles and nods at the lawyer. "Well it is a lot easier to fight an enemy you know than one that you don't," Luke slowly responds, "but it's not over yet. We've got an hour. We better call everyone in and let them all know what is going on and then get you and Gordon ready to meet with our law."

"I'm on it Boss," the agent in the front seat says pulling out his cell phone and pushes a few buttons before saying something into it.

"Hey Luke," Gordon finally breaks his silence, "I will have to say this to everyone, but want you to know how much I appreciate all that you all have done for me. If it wasn't for you, well, I'd probably still be in jail. Either that or had no choice but to give into what Hogg wanted."

Luke gives a small laugh. "Not a problem, Jeff. As I said, we know our law better than most around here. Easier to fight something you know...become to know what to expect and so forth. Though," Luke pauses dramatically, "we would have come to your rescue no matter what, but you really have Bo to thank. Bo would never let me hear the end of it if you went to jail or if we didn't do enough to help you. Know you probably hear this all the time, but he has got to be one of your biggest fans."

Jeff smiles and nods at him. "Well I appreciate you and all of your family for what they did. Appreciate your cousin for his loyal support as well," Jeff states before going silent to look out his window. "Thank you."

"They said they'll be at the farm in another fifteen minutes or so so we can discuss what is going on," the agent says turning around in his seat.

"Alright thanks," Aussler states as he quietly goes over the deal he has planned out to make to the commissioner as well as how he should deal with this meeting.

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Clem Smethfield spoke up because he knew what was going to hit him. "You aint taking my car Rosco. Not without me."

Rosco "Sure Clem, you can come along."

Boss "Rosco, you idiot. Didn't you hear that Aussler feller say the deal's off if we bring anybody. Now hop in."

Clem stood by the drivers door. "Oh no you don't"

Boss "Now listen here Clem. Your poor widowed mother-in-law is two months behind on her mortgage. Now you wouldn't want me to foreclose would you?"

Clem "That would mean she'd move in with me!"

Boss "Sure would."

Clem "You wouldn't"

Rosco "He would."

Clem moved out of the way letting Rosco and Boss get in the Cougar.

Hughie moved over to the car. "Um, Uncle Boss, what about me and my friends. None of these vehicles are driveable."

Boss "Well, they're in the medical profession ain't they? They should know walking's good for you. Get started."

Rosco put the Cougar in gear and threw dust and gravel on Hughie and his friends as he accelerated.

Hughie coughed.

His fake doctor commented "That cough sounds pretty bad."

Hughie "It's just from the dust, I ain't sick doc.....what am I saying. You're not a real doctor. You're a scam artist just like your fake nurse."

He responded. "It takes one to know one Hughie."

Rosco fishtailed the Cougar around the first curve and smiled at how well it handled. "Khee Khee. Hey Boss, the only thing in Hazzard County that's going faster than this vehicle is your brain trying to figure out what to say at the meeting."

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