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School House Blues

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-Scoffs looking at her, not paying her no attention to her threats, sticking his tongue at her.-

I'd like to see you scuff me, Lori, -Growls back-

Besides your a lady and I don't fist fight with no lady. They are to tender. Plus it just plain wrong.

-Grunts as he sinks low with a headache, cussing under his breath.-

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-Growls-Just go back to your seat and sit. You can 't have fun without getting mad, Lori. Lighten up, sheesh. It was all out of fun. Control your temper.

You was agging it on Rosco, throwin them paper wads at her.

*sits in her seat turning back to look at him almost falling out having to catch herself when the bus driver slammed on the brakes*

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-Glares at the young girl for butting in as he shakes his fist at her, seeing her fall when the bus stops, after he had got up from the fall- Why are you butting in for? what gives you the right? it's me and Lori's problem. -He turns away as he see's Lori on the ground and lends a hand out to help her up even if there was a fight going on. Rosco wasn't the one to hold a grudge.-

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