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Where was Rosco in season 2?

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They were holdin' towels around him while they hosed him off after the Hazzard Pond scenes.... so he wanted a good trailer with a dressing room. Apparently, the trailers they did have were so decrepit that they'd fall apart if "the termites stopped holding hands". (Jimmie's words. LOL.)



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That, and then they got a trailer, which IIRC, they kept for a brief time, and then took away again and Best went off, ostensibly for good, and he said something to the effect of that the was "leaving and going back to the Florida swamps and there's no one in California with the intestinal fortitude to come get me" and so they finally got something decent I believe, and so Best came back.

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On 9/25/2005 at 6:11 PM, DixieRose_00 said:

It just wasn't the same without Rosco in Season two!!! If he'd left for good I woulda missed his funny laughs!!!

If he would have left for good, I would have stopped watching the show! I was so heartbroken when he left. :'( Those 5 episodes without him made me miss him so much! They felt like they were longer than all the other episodes to me! I still liked them, but I LOVED the episodes that do have Rosco in them!

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They obviously thought they could do it without him but they evidently found out differently!! As far as Cooter, same thing. They thought they could replace him and found out differently! It goes to show you that the people the actors work for are real jerks and creeps!

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