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  1. Well, to be honest I think then that, although I like that cover pic, I think they should have used one from season 7. The cast posed for pics every year and even if they didn't have one they could use, with all the photoshopping and what today's digital technology allows, they could superimpose Sonny Shroyer in there for a cast photo. I just feel that since it's the final release, that everyone should be on the cover. And btw, I need to correct myself, Dukes won't be the only series I have ocmplete, when season 4 of Lois and Clark comes out, I'll have that complete series as well but Duke
  2. Which is right what I expected. Released just in time for Christmas. You know, the only sad thing about this release is there's not gonna be any more DVD's to look forward to unless the reunion movies get released generally at some point.
  3. Yeah it does look good, but at the same time, I would have liked to have seen Boss, Rosco and Enos on there too. Would seem kinda appropriate to have everyone on there since it's the last season. Can't wait for December now. When season 7 comes out, Dukes will be the only complete series I have on DVD.
  4. I know Sorrell Booke wore a fat suit to appear as large as he needed to for Boss Hogg, but I was just wondering, was the same true for Peggy Rea? I've never heard if she was really that big in real life, I know she wasn't that big on the season 1 DVD but I was just wondering about during the series run was she really that big or did she wear a fat suit like Sorrell?
  5. Well ain't that cool!!! I'd love to get a General Lee one day, maybe it'll happen. Congrats with yours!!!!
  6. That's easily enough gotten around, the movie was set before the Dukes got probation. And in the next one, show Bo and Luke could be seen recieving probation and then them destroying their moonshine equipment or turning it over to the feds. Then Boss and Rosco can try to start framing them for moonshine as they did in the earlier episodes of the show. It would be funny if they'd have Hughie Hogg in the next one or maybe in a third film and have Burt's Boss Hogg say something to Hughie along the lines of what Buford said to Junior: "There is no way, no way you could have possibly come from
  7. Basset Hound, I believe.
  8. Also, it wasn't an ego thing. I remember hearing John and Tom once saying that it wasn't quite as easy sometimes getting in and out of the opposite side they were used to doing.
  9. Luke jumped the General Lee plenty of times, but you are correct in that Bo did it a lot more.
  10. Yes, Luke was a good driver, but seeing as how Bo had been driving professionally for years probably at that point, I'm sure Luke was content to let Bo drive. Besides, if Luke had done a lot of the driving we might not have got: "You are aware that this road goes to Dry Creek?" "I am aware this road goes to Dry Creek." "You are aware that there's no way to get over Dry Creek?" "I am aware there is ONE way to get over Dry Creek." "Oh lord, I'm gonna die!!" LOL
  11. I only bought the unrated version because it was widescreen and the theatrical release was fullscreen and I vastly prefer widescreen. *sigh* If only they had put out a widescreen of the theatrical release....
  12. Forgot one - the original George Reeve in the 50's TV series.... There's more than him. There was Kirk Alyn, who played Superman in the old serials back in the 40's. He also appeared in Superman: The Movie in a now-restored scene just after a young Clark runs past the train and the young Lois Lane waved at him she told her parents about it. Kirk Alyn played her father in a cameo in that film and Noel Neill (Lois Lane from the TV series) played her mother. Then George Reeves in the above-mentioned TV show, and then obviously Christopher Reeve, and Dean Cain and now the young guy (can't remem
  13. There were quite a few instances of the Dukes getting some fair-sized rewards for some of the people that they helped apprehend in some of the episodes and much more often than not, they ended up donating it all to charity. Just makes me wonder, why wouldn't they have used the majority of that money to pay off the mortage to Boss Hogg so he couldn't be trying to evict them all the time? Or getting back up on their feet a bit more cause it was said several times that the Dukes were dirt poor. Or something else along those lines? I'm not saying they shouldn't have donated at all, but I'm ju
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