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  1. Oh okay! Thanks!! Long live the bearded cooter!!
  2. So thats what it was!! Then where was cooter when all those cousins of his replaced him?
  3. Throughout the Dukes series cooter was replaced every once in a while by one of his various cousins..... My question is why is the real reason Ben Jones was not in these episodes?
  4. While whatching the season 2 DVD I noticed that Rosco is replaced in a few of the episodes. I was just wondering the real reason why James Best was not in those episodes. Anyone know?
  5. Check out this site for some personal pics from the set of the movie! www.forteriedave.com
  6. Does anyone know which casting agency is being used for the new dukes movie? I do some movie extra work and it would be a dream come true to be an extra in the new movie.
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