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On 11/19/2021 at 2:32 PM, HossC said:

This is supposed to be a continuous thread - it makes no sense disrupting it by replying to 12-year-old posts. You have to link back to the previous post!

Skipper, which bit of this aren't you getting. ONLY REPLY TO THE PREVIOUS POST! If you carry on replying to old posts, I will start deleting your replies because they make no sense.

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Right now I'm doing what I call, " Chasing the illusion".  I started watchinfg DOH in high school before I had my license, so me and my friends alll watched Dukes on Friday night! That was the big time! So...NOW....I'm watching " The Legacy" and a few others  on this same DVD and trying to recreate the " Feel". I'm sure you guys know what I mean. It's just like when I say something about a character or an episode......I don't have to explain ANY thing! You guys are " Already there!" I think that's why we're so tight and feel so close. This is OUR world in here. The DOH Universe! Hopefully one day there will really be a Hazzard County somewhere!  Until such a time, we can all live in HIMM! ( Hazzard In My Mind!....MY mind or YOUR mind...!!)

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