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  1. George Jones ( used to be married to her!)
  2. well, she may not....I'm just saying don't put anything past anybody!
  3. I don't know...is that the one that's got the host, Svengoolie? ( Maybe that's just a local show....you may not know about it!) CNN...LOL! It's hard to believe they still air that show! Nobody believes them on anything! I love the Great Pumpkin! ....I like the spooky stuff on Scooby Doo!
  4. people do people wrong and cheat others all the time. The only time you can get cheated by someone is when you let down your guard and trust them!
  5. Still ...you've never been done wrong by anybody you didn't trust.....so....think about it!
  6. Tammy Wynette " Our D-I-V-O-R-C-E becomes final today........"
  7. Hopefully the perpetrator will be caught and something good may come from it all. ( Irish unification?)
  8. I would've told them where they could shove that stuff! They must've been drinking some of my shine if they think that will fly!
  9. It showed some really good acting skills from Denver and Jimmy. Them and Sorrel were the only 3 REAL actors on the show!
  10. I've even heard it might even create a few new variants!
  11. My mother said she was afraid I'd be a bald baby because it took me so long to grown hair. Now I've got a head full of hair PLUS a long ZZ Top white beard ( Santa)......ZZ Klaus?
  12. I majored in English with an emphasis on grammar and I graduated with one of the highest temperatures in my class!
  13. Yea, studies have shown that my shine will kill all the viruses and variants ....AND... it might even help get Hoss back on his feet!
  14. You hang in there bud and take it easy! Don't try too much, too soon! ( and keep us up on everything!)
  15. Thespians ! ( They done learned me real good in that there school I done been to!)
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