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  1. yes....a guy named Chase is always trouble on a race track!
  2. well that was just the preliminaries...we'll have the main race next week! ( Hope to see you there! )
  3. I can sympathize with your uncle Rip.....I take 1.High blood pressure med. 2. cholesterol med 3. Gout med 4. stomach med ( Omeprazole) 5. allergy med ....I'm forgetting a few....there's 2-3 more! It sucks, so my heart goes for anybody on meds!
  4. I can't believe Hamlin didn't do any better than that! I did better than that in yesterday's Moonshine 400! ( Where were you guys?) I didn't win though because I was constantly behind Daisy......keepin' an eye on her tail! Also Uncle Jesse kept tryin' to knock me off the track......think he was protectin' daisy!
  5. In-laws can be a great stress to ANY marriage! ( Better stay in Hazzard!)
  6. Dune Buggy! ( you have those over there?)
  7. cry ( some of them bring tears to your eyes!)
  8. Well, you can do what I do for my arthritis in my spine. I take BC's! ( They're an all time NASCAR favorite you know! ) I feel for you Rog! I hope you get to feeling better. I can sympathize with you on that one! ( unfortunately!)
  9. no....I'm familiar with that one...... it was Luke saying, " I'm .....and this is Bugs Bunny! ( talking about Bo)
  10. Tom? My name's not Tom, my name's Roscoooo P. Col...oh! ohhhh!!! ( falling as she pushes the ladder he's standing on over!)
  11. Pirelli ( I used to work for them)
  12. There was one show where Luke told somebody he was....??? Can't remember....Elmer Fudd ??? and " This is Bugs Bunny" talking about Bo.
  13. It could have been a play on the name...Generally ( General Lee) speaking!
  14. Yes, we all need to BEE PEE CEE!!!
  15. That was wild. I don't think I've seen that before!
  16. scones! ( you guys have those over there?)
  17. any of you guys want to visit there, let me know and we'll plan.....a ROAD TRIP!! ( It's about 80 miles away from me)
  18. I'm going to have to try that one day! Here's an odd fact for you......you can BUY JD in Lynchburg but NOT TO DRINK! Lynchburg is in Monroe County and it's a DRY county! They can export it but not serve or drink it!
  19. Lynchburg Tennessee! ( does anybody here know how these 2 are connected? )
  20. I remember when I was in 2nd grade in '72 ( I just turned 56, in case you're trying to figure it!) , and my teacher asked the class who liked Buttermilk. Everybody's like " EWWW"!! I was the only one to raise my hand. My grandmother used to keep me before I was old enough to go to school and she used to give me Buttermilk. Nothing beats Buttermilk and Cornbread! ( Me doing a Jeff Foxworthy impersonation: ) Do YOU like cornbread and Buttermilk? Then you just might be a REDNECK!!
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