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  1. I'm glad to hear he's doing better. keep us up on it!
  2. He did the same thing in the Moonshine 400! ( That race will be coming up soon!)
  3. Daisy Duke ( Remember when she decoyed Cletus by wearing that bikini ?)
  4. Don't know but I knew a guy who was head of another DOH group and he had talked to her and said she was wild. He even got embarassed when she talked about her husband...lol! She must've been a wild child in real life!
  5. REO Speedwago! ( my fav. group!)
  6. well...great minds ( and modest ones) think alike!
  7. You forget the Q..... liQuor ....moonshine! Sorrell and Jimmy were the best actors and between those two....it's a toss up!
  8. Red Nose ( drunk Reindeer? Hit grandma?)
  9. Reindeer....she got ran over by one!
  10. This is one you may not get unless you think about it. I know I didn't think about it for a LONG time! LOL! ( Rosco to Enos) " How many times, have I told you, that no one goes into that office but Boss, the dog or me, when I'm not here?" LOL!! I think that one's funny!
  11. I forgot that...there's a few I've only seen a few times because I don't like them. That one's because I can't stand the kids whiney voice. Y is the shape of the fork in the road where one leads to Colonial City and the other leads to Hazzard.
  12. ok....maybe you had to be there.....
  13. WAYLON....it's all I could think of right now.....
  14. It made me think of a good stage name. I know some people in the country out here, with the last name of Howell and then you take Waylon and....a new name for a country singer, " Waylon Howell"...lol....get it.....? ( Wail and howl?) LOL!
  15. ??? I don't remember him...? Remind me please!
  16. I'm sure Mercedes will rise to the occasion. They are the tops at building all-around great cars, although the Italians build the fastest.
  17. Boss Hogg:"Rosco!" Rosco:"What?" Boss Hogg:"Jack ass! Why didn't you arrest 'em? Remember " Money To Burn"? Rosco was inside the empty casket stacking bills ( or Moonshine?) and Boss called him a Jackass and he said ....keeping his face hidden in the casket...." That's sheriff Jackass!" Anybody remember that one?
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