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  1. I haven't been to the cinema for years (I've actually lost count just how many), and so like many others, this movie has passed me by. The trailer (below) looks quite fun, so I'll check it out if I get a chance. BTW, Spike, IMDb says that Channing Tatum was born in Alabama, but none of the other leads appear to be from the South, and Daniel Craig isn't even from the south of England.
  2. I saw a meme yesterday with a picture of a roll of Gorilla permanent tape which was captioned "Louisiana waxing kit". The lady may get some money, but she's not getting much sympathy from the general public!
  3. I'm glad you told us, because it would probably have taken me ages to notice!
  4. Welcome to HNet, mooglide. You will have to contact leedog directly through the messaging system, and they haven't logged in since December. Also, be aware that anything offered for sale by members is not endorsed or warrantied by HazzardNet.
  5. 'Treasure of Hazzard' was on earlier, and there's a scene near the end where Daisy and Boss are fighting over the box with the payroll in it. As the others run over, I'm not convinced that that's Denver on the right. It's odd because he's in the other scenes at the end (the inset picture is taken about 30 seconds later). What do y'all think? His hair looks more gray than white. Maybe it's the same double who was caught in the shot below from 'Mason Dixon's Girls'.
  6. You obviously mean rugby football, Roger. It's good to know that you'll be staying in to watch Ireland v Wales this afternoon (or morning for you)!
  7. Sorry I'm late to the party, Mark. Well done - your continued love of all things Dukes makes you a deserving second-time winner.
  8. It's not very interesting, it's only quite interesting - that's what QI stands for in the show's name.
  9. That was one of my first recreations in the Signs of Hazzard thread. Here's the original:
  10. I see that you can get a few Hazzard vehicles in 1:43 scale. Do you think they'd fit in?
  11. Even at this early stage, the model's looking great. Keep us posted with updates. It looks like it's a smaller scale compared to your model of Cooter's.
  12. The closed captions say "Thank you", but to me it sounds more like someone is saying "Keep it", but I'm not sure that that person is Cletus.
  13. Well, the government announced today that we'd continue the current full lockdown until at least March 5th. That means only essential stores open, no schools, no travel and no haircuts! They're increasing checkpoints, increasing fines for traveling more than 5km from home, and forcing people arriving in the country to quarantine.
  14. A episode of the current season of the UK TV show QI put forward the following: When the Vikings invaded in the 11th century, English women found them attractive because they washed more often than the native British men. The Vikings tended to come without women, so they married English women, upsetting the locals. One monk, John of Wallingford, claimed that Danes cheated by washing. He wrote: "The Danes made themselves too acceptable to English women by their elegant manners and their care of their person. They combed their hair daily and took a bath every Saturday, and even changed thei
  15. The shows that get on-screen warnings for non-PC content seem pretty random too. I've mentioned that the UK channel currently showing Dukes includes a warning at the start, but I don't think they include one with CHiPs, which is from the same era. Another of their shows, an innocuous British sitcom from the late-80s/early-90s, also gets a warning (I'll have to see it again to check the message). The show is based around a man in his 50s dating someone half his age, but I can't see what content might be offensive. I'm considered old-fashioned these days because I'm still adding to my DVD c
  16. bargain What's this about lower grade second rate stuff? I've had my lava lamp for over 30 years!
  17. Welcome to HNet, Glenn. There were only three two-parters in the series, but I think the one you're after is 'Carnival of Thrills' which started season 3. Bo falls for the owner of a traveling stunt show, but the rest of the family are suspicious of her motives when they find out about a series of accidents.
  18. These young drivers have grown up with the internet and social media, but still don't seem to see the consequences of their actions. In December, just after he'd signed on as a 2021 driver for the Haas F1 team, 21-year-old Nikita Mazepin was condemned for posting a video showing him groping a female friend. Story here.
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