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  1. ERNIE Lively (aka. ERNIE Brown) Appeared as three different characters across five episodes.
  2. spare I know the term, but I've never seen one. I'm not a great bowler, and I think I may have had two strikes in a row once or twice. I haven't been bowling since before Covid - our local bowling alley still has photos of Bruce Springsteen's visit there 9 years ago.
  3. New YORK Street One of the backlots at Warner Bros' studios which was used in Dukes from time to time.
  4. Good one, Roger. VIVIAN Stewart The missing granddaughter in 'Heiress Daisy Duke'.
  5. Thanks, Skipper. When you have a story like this that's not fully in public view, it's always best to cite/link to/quote sources. Otherwise, the information can come across as hearsay/speculation.
  6. Can you post the source of your story, Skipper? There's no mention of it on the Ray's NEOD's Twitter page, and the NEOD's Facebook page is just promoting their new video, 'STUNT/LIFE The Motion Picture'.
  7. QUIRT McQUADE (from 'Mary Kaye's Baby') There was a Possum Hollow in a couple of episodes and a Possum Hill in another, not to mention all the possums on gum bushes!
  8. OPENING Night at the Boar's Nest
  9. KRIS KINCADE (One of the writers of 'Luke's Love Story')
  10. The Dukes in INDIA One of the cartoon episodes.
  11. Boss' CELEBRITY Speed Trap I think she spells it Beulah going by the closed captions, but a great obscure name nonetheless.
  12. HossC

    NASCAR news

    Since 2012, Austin has hosted the US Grand Prix (with the exception of 2020 when there was no race due to Covid). This year they've added Miami to the calendar to make it the first time since the '80s that the US has hosted two grands prix. Next year you'll get a third race at Las Vegas.
  13. HossC

    NASCAR news

    The Formula 1 race this weekend is at a brand new track that winds around the Miami Dolphins' Hard Rock Stadium. With first practice just over, it looks like Mercedes will be closer to Ferrari and Red Bull after a poor start to the season. As far as I can see, the race will be at 3.30pm ET on Sunday, which means it's 8.30pm for me.
  14. We understandably struggle with Qs, Xs and Zs, so it's OK to bend the rules on these letters. TriXie Hughie's genie from 'When You Wish Upon a Hogg'.
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