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  1. Yes- its all props or other production materials (like call sheets and Ben Jones' seat back). M
  2. I'm trying to figure out if the VOTE FOR HOGG sign is an actual prop from the show- which episode would that have been from? Any help is appreciated!
  3. I’d like to suggest changing the settings on the FB group to allow more conversation/traffic. I don’t see visitor posts when I go there and it seems posts have to be approved before they appear? Maybe Im doing something wrong on my end, but I don’t see any interactivity going on.
  4. Might not hear back from him for awhile- he’s on a 3-hour tour. M
  5. Congrats Skipper! Its lucky for us that you got off that island and are here to bring some new enthusiasm to the forums! M
  6. October and Fall in general is 'Dukes' season to me for some reason. I think its because that's typically the time of year we would venture up to the Smokey Mountains area, which means trips to Cooter's and just being in the deep south region ('Hazzard country'). The last few years working for Ben Jones at all the Cooter's stores this time of year has just added to that feeling! M
  7. That is actually something I considered! Although if we do that, it will actually be a hole into the neighboring store M
  8. Here is the current state of things at the end of October- Its really starting to look like the Hazzard garage we know. Big thanks for my awesome team: My wife Dawn (who it turns out is a great scenic painter), Walter (who it turns out is a great carpenter and electrician!), and Joe, Nelu, and Shannon who keep the store running while we tear it apart, and scare children with the construction noise! Its a particular challenge working around the General Lee- we have to be very careful swinging ladders, lumber, and paint around it.
  9. That's Stacey Harris (goes by Tracey Duke on Facebook) who has the Boar's Nest: A DOH Museum in Rougemont, NC.
  10. I'd like to help if I can. I'd like to see some more lively discussion happening. With my involvement with Cooter's, I see a lot of stuff actually happening in 'Hazzard Nation', and it would is easier for me to share it on FB. M
  11. Well what do you know? I should have guessed somebody aready figured this out! Thank you! Mark
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