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  1. Forgive me for not posting here more often! I'm very glad that he got a sponser. You're right it wouldn't be the same without him racing. I'm so happy for him and you!
  2. I don't feel that it'll ever get old. Like a few others said, it's timeless. There's a song that often runs through my head when I watch it. I don't know who sings it, but it's called Forever Young. Lol a bit wierd I know but to me it's almost a perfect description.
  3. Red Diamond ( what else, it's a Texas brewed iced tea he he)
  4. I loved Cooter's lines in that episode!
  5. Beer for my Horses- Willie Nelson sorry guys I couldn't think of anything else and btw Garrett, I'm flattered by your comment. I'm not the only girl in Texas but I am the biggest Dukes fan in Texas besides maybe daisyxenos. I don't know any other girl that's as crazy about Dukes in all of Texas that's for sure.
  6. So far he's doing great and thanks for the concern. He has to get his white blood count done again this week and if it's normal he won't have to see a specialist. I'm praying it won't come to that. I'll update you again as soon as I can. Thanks for your support, it means so much to me that I have my Hnet family to come to. God bless!

  7. Thanks Roger. Next week we'll know more or less. I'm praying it won't get worse.
  8. This is really off topic, but I had to take my oldest son to the emergancy room today. They believe he has strep. They also believe that it might have already gotten worse and it might require going to see a specialist for his lymph nodes.(not sure how to spell that). I would sure appreciate any prayers. Thank ya'll and God bless.
  9. No apologies necessary Hoss! I got a laugh I needed very much out of that pic!
  10. John Schneider couldn't have done a better job if he had tried. No one can replace him. When I think Dukes I think John, Tom, Catherine, Denver, James, Sonny, Rick and Sorrell.
  11. I got a scrapbook for Christmas last year and I haven't done a thing to it. I don't have any space or money for that matter. Maybe someday...
  12. Hoss I can't thank you enough for finding that info! I was never sure where to start looking. I've considered changing it but convincing my husband would be a pretty big chore. Oh well. thanks again Hoss I owe you one. Let me know if there's any way I can help.
  13. I had never driven much until I was married. Then it still took a while. My honey brought home a blazer and gave me the keys and said "Here now go drive!" I was terrified. Lol. But yeah. I did get the hang of it and after driving for 3 years now I still don't have my license. I have tried but wow with some of the paperwork that has to get done, we just don't have the money. It's supposed to cost over a thousand dollars. Ouch. Dukes have influenced my driving in more ways than one. Lol Not just them either, so has my husband, he remindes me of the Duke boys when he drives.
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