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  1. From "Dear diary" (Season 4): From the "don't try this at home" file, Bo executes a flawless hood-slide in this episode, and ghen goes one better by attempting the rare and far more difficult "roof-slide" across the General Lee. -I did that? Cool!- said John when reminded of the feat -I don't know how I got over the car like that. If I ever did it well, it's 'cause Tom could, and we both had a competitive spirit-
  2. From "Good neighbors Duke" (season 3): I was a decision fo John and Tom to sing "Where, oh where, are you tonight?" in the opening scene From "Bye line, Daisy Duke" (season 3): Daisy demonstrates her archery skill, which was not shared by Cathy From "Bye bye, Boss" (season 3): John, Cathy and Tom mount up and perform impressive equestrian feats, including a small jump, without the use of stunts (for who ask in another topic)
  3. Well, at this point I have a doubt: Leah is a girl or a boy? 'Cause sometimes here is mentioned as a girl but now you say is a boy. Actually, in one photo in another topic, there were 2 boys and 1 girl
  4. morgan


    Anyone see it and can give me a good internet site? My favourite characters are Jake and Stanley
  5. This is the 1st episode where John and Tom sang in the serie, too
  6. In the episode "Treasure of Hazzard" (season 2), John fought with an alligator and he still carries a scar on his chest. From "Carnival of Thrills" (season 3): "Though it has been suggested before, this episode proves that Bo is the dumber of the Duke cousins or, at the very least, "naive". -Well, love sill do a lot to a fellow- says John in his character's defense. Dumber?? I don't think he is! Maybe impulsive, ingenuous, but not dumb!
  7. Well, if I'll come I'll spend a week in US so I'll can take a train or something and do a trip up to Nashville
  8. Sorry for the question but...someone read this topic? Do I have to continue to post? Ok, in the meanwhile I go on. From the episode "Route 7-11" (season 2) When uncle Jesse demonstrate his skill at card tricks, the hands actually performing the tricks belong not do Denver Pyle, but to John Schneider From "Double sting" (season 2) Is really Cathy hanging on the roof of the crooks'Winnebago From "The rustlers2 (season 2) When Luke and Jesse sang "Amazing Grace" Denver's voice had to be dubbed for the duet
  9. I have that soundtrack on cd: I ordered it on amazon about 2 months ago. Beautiful!
  10. Well, I think for me it's about the same Nashville or Atlanta but, in the 2nd case, I guess I can't go to see Cooter's place...
  11. There are some goods photos in this site, too. Me have some, if you want.
  12. Sometime ago i put a post on my blog about this argument. Well, the Dukes a little influenced my driving style, but not so much to be... "crazy": I'm always trying to be carefull
  13. From the highlits of the episode "Deputy Dukes" (season 1): "[...] it's the sight o Bo and Luke skinny-dipping in the pound that found its way into several future episodes. To satisfy the squealing young female readers of Tiger Beat Magazine, John and Tom wen shirtless so ofeten oncamera that The Dukes of Hazzard became the male equivalent of Charlie's Angels. -We never thought it was explitation- said John -If that had been done today, with 2 guys on Beverly Hills 90210, it would all be shot to titillate the audience. But we never looked at it that way." From the notes of the episode "Repo men" (season 1): "Lulu's laugh in the scene was looped in post production by John" That means that John did that laugh???
  14. I remember the Three County Hospital but not where it is
  15. Here's a photo for you
  16. The anniversary was yesterday, 11th July
  17. In 1979 Tom, Cathy, Denver, Sorrel and James played "All-star family feud" against 5 stars from The Waltons and won, raising money for Special Olimpics: anyone know which sport they played? Some years after the end of Hazzard, John was in a ranch in Texas and met a cowboy: -My son just gradueted at college, you taught him how to drive- said the cowboy -Well...I'm sorry about that- answered John, prepared to hear a tirade about speeding tickets and auto repair bills -He's a little crazy in that respect- the man continued -but you folks on that show taught him how to respect his mother and me, and how to be a good boy-. He took off his glove and reached out to shake John's hand -Thank you- he said
  18. Even John and Tom didn't like the use of the models instead of real cars
  19. There is another episode where Luke fell in love with a woman: is when he met an old friend of Marines period and he pretended to have a sister (instead she was his girlfriend); in that episode, Daisy said to the girl that, while Bo fell in love every week, for Luke is different.
  20. I remember the kid on the back seat of the General in the 1st episode of season 1 but, actually, I don't remember his face, so I can't help you.
  21. John and Tom did the most of fightin scene (and sometimes the one where they were hangin on a moving truck) by themselves: -I once told John, half in jest "You hit me and I'm gonna hit you back" [laughs]. I think he clipped a few more stuntmen then I did- Tom says. About Tom and John's walkout in the 5th season; when Cathy asked if they wanted she joined them, they answered it was a man's work and John added: -I'm very chauvinist: I don't believe to pushing women into the line of fire-. Maybe it was John that suggested Byron for the role of Coy; he says :-We have done commercial together. People thought we were brothers, 'cause we looked so much alike-. (I don't absolutely think so, ndr*). In November 1982, while Coy and Vance were yet on the screen, John worked across the streets of Burbank Studios, selling and repairing sports car in his John Schneider's Celebrity machine dealership *ndr means that this is my comment, not taken from the book
  22. I was so jealousy the day you told me that!! Well, if I'd have the occasion to meet him, probably I wouldn't able to say a word!
  23. Yeah, it was very funny that interview! John laughed up to tears!
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