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  1. Thank you all to share with us your photos and report! I'd like very much to be there, too!
  2. From "opening night at the Boars nest": Bo: -bad landing! I've broken the shock absorber- Luke: -my back, too!- [...] Luke: -could you try to avoid some hole?-
  3. Well, one of my favourite photos is my avatar, but in this one John is very cute!
  4. I voted for Daisy's cook, but I'm agree with Lostinthedukes: Boss dessert seems very good! But, as most of people say, I have here the best cook over, the italian one!
  5. Yesterday, I put the 2nd disc of 7th season, side B on my dvd player. After some seconds, it tells me "no disc"; I tryed 3 or 4 times, but the same. I thought "it would be the player that doesn't work!", so I put it in the computer and...same result! The b-side of disc 2 doesn't work!!! I'm soo angry! I hoped not to have other problems, season 5th and 6th are perfect, and the 4th almost! I asked to a friend if he can duplicate it, or give me the disc (he has 2), he has only the original version but I prefer to see it in english that don't see it at all
  6. Yeah, I heard about that. He wanted to get into the character the production was looking for
  7. Yes, it is! I have another one, always 7th season, episode 14th episode (escape from jail): Luke: -Bo?- Bo: -Tell me- Luke: -Why we always reach to escape?- Bo: -'Cause nobody can't stop us!-
  8. Yesterday I received the cd with the Hazzard soundtrack (the same I saw in the merchandise here) ordered on Amazon. Very good! Very funny songs!
  9. Oh, I'd like to be there, too!! Please, shoot lots of photos for us that can't come and publish them here!
  10. 7th season, "welcome back to Hazzard, Cale Yarborough": Bo: -don't worry, Cale! We found ourselves in worst situations- Luke: -remember me when!-
  11. One friend read somewhere that there'll not be a 3rd reunion, 'cause it would be..."strange" to see over 50 years old jumping in the car by the windows and similar. Don't know exactly who said this, but I don't agree! They'd find different situation for them!
  12. I saw that episode some weeks ago, so I remember he asks for his pants but, actually, don't know if there is the part where he tells Daisy to turn. I'll put attention next time.
  13. Thanks. I really hope that they release them
  14. It's possible that he, thinking it was better not to drink "real" beer, found an excuse for have "special" beer (maybe he sad he was abstemious)
  15. Very good photos, thanks! I recently made a search with Google to increase my collection, then a friend send me others beautiful
  16. Miss Tisdale! Now that you make me think, she doesn't appear in the last 2 season!
  17. This episode is beautiful, but sorry, i don't understand the all question, don't know who is Janie...
  18. Another question come in my mind: I read (don't know if it's true) that they discovered only after the 3rd episode that John was younger of what he said. So, how can they give him "special beer"?
  19. Thanks to BoJamesDuke, i have lots of John's songs! My favourite are "What's a memory like you" and "If it was anyone but you", but I love them all!
  20. I don't reach to register in myspace: it doesn't accept my e-mail address. Someone knows why??
  21. Oh, what a good debate! Well, not so important, i just had some time to waste, that day!
  22. I say Jab Stuart and Luke's brother
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