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  1. Favorite car chase scene is any that Enos and Roscoe crash into each other. Favorite Bo Duke scene is either a fightin' scene or an emotional scene,
  2. He has them because he doesn't want them to be destroyed. JEEZ ya'll.
  3. I admit I cry every time I watch an old Smallville episode with John. My dad laughs at me. It stinks that Clark wanted to save that jerk named Lana.
  4. Bo is sooooo gorgeous. Never been a fan of any other cute boy. Bo/John is always way behind him in my life.
  5. You should be proud. Thanks for the site. BYE ya'll.
  6. It's on the WB. I'm gone ya'll. YEEHAW
  7. My vote is Bo, because he looks better driving.
  8. They did change it, which is WRONG!! Oh, and thanks for what you told me.
  9. My friends and I know zippo about our favorite Duke. Anyone want to spare some facts on our behalf.
  10. My dad said the same. If Dean dies I'll cry so bad.Sam i might be upste a bit. I don't really care 'bout John. BYE.
  11. I cried in Ghost of the General Lee when Enos couldn't find Bo & Luke and in Grannie Annie, If Roscoe, Enos, Bo, Daisy, Jesse, Luke, or Boss cries I cry. I am such a crybaby.
  12. I was a good finale. So do you think they'd kill of Sam, Dean, or John?
  13. That is soooo cute. I think Bo probably was that cute as a baby.
  14. HAHAHA!! I love it it's soooo cool. HEHEHE!!
  15. I listen to country by the cast of the Dukes of Hazzard tv show. YEEE - HAW!!
  16. that one is hilarious. It is my fav. Enos quote.
  17. My Dukes of Hazzard CD made in 1978 - 1980
  18. Mine is John Schneider- In the Driver's Seat. Tom Wopat- Up on Cripple Creek Waylon Jennings- Good Ol' Boys Catherine Bach- Down Home American Girl
  19. Cathy, she is not a well... I wanna keep mybad language down so.....How bout Jess isn't a freakin' ugly weirdo.
  20. Jessica simpson can not come close to Cathy.
  21. I read.... ithink it was Beauregard JAMES Duke. i'll check ta make sure.
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