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  1. Helps very much indeed! Thanks. (I welcome more respondes too)
  2. We've done an interview with John for our TVland show My First Big Break (airing in spring: we'll post when on th site). I'm scouring the Dvds for a great chase scene, but wanted to ask the experts, namely you all.
  3. Which season is that? (he asks as he heads off to google "hazzard derby)
  4. We're doing a series in which we interview JS (for TVLand: out in spring: details TBA). I have two questions for you DUKES fans: What is your favorite car chase scene? (Ep & title) What is your favorite Bo Duke scene? This can be comic or dramatic.
  5. Which episode did John wrestle an alligator in?
  6. I am a TV producer doing a show on John Schneider and was wondering which episode Bo Duke wrestled an alligator in.
  7. Hi folks, I'm a TV resarcher for a TVLand Show called My First Big Break. I am trying to locate DUKES guest stars Tisch Ray (1.1) and Carlene Watkins (1.5). Anybody have a lead? I'll probably be posting on other threads too, looking for footage from DUKES conventions, etc. There's also a "favorite episode" poll on the John Schnieder thread.
  8. I'm working on an upcoming show for TVLand that interviews celebrities about their "big breaks" and John Schneider will be one of our subjects. I wanted to poll Dukes Experts as to whether there were any episodes centering around Bo from the first season (other seasons OK too). Also what do you think are Bo's best moments, dramatic and comedic?
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