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  1. Loved him in Night of the Twisters Dukes Reunions Snow Day
  2. He' s immature, funny, best driver, and HOT!!!!!!! That is what makes him
  3. i lke it when luke says to bo - you have the iq of a turnip, a small one. i laugh when i hear it. my friend makes me laugh when she says it.
  4. Yep, he pretty much did. But he looks soooo hot doin it. I ummm hate it when Bo or Luke get hurt. 'Specially Bo.
  5. Well he did breath pretty hard after fights. Bo didn't John did. YEE - HAW
  6. How could you not. He fights, drives like no other, he is so attractive, and he's BO!!! YAA - HOO
  7. He was in it .... and i missed the one episode he was in. oh dang it. Yee - Haww
  8. he was in it and his character died in Nov. or Dec. I cried way too much.
  9. Beaugard is the definant hottie in Dukes of Hazzard
  10. Beaugard is teh definant hottie in Dukes of Hazzard
  11. Bout since January or February this year when it started on CMT.
  12. It is...... Bo: ( to Lucas k. Duke) I sure do have a strange feelin about him. Luke: What aboui his daughter? Bo: I have a feeling about her too but it ain't quite so strange.
  13. Currently none other than John Schneider - In the Driver's Seat. Yee - Haww!!
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