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  1. i got Sonny Shroyer 's autograph free he was here in georgia back in uh 88 i think i was like 10 years old also got a picture of me sitting on his lap
  2. um...think ima like this mabe they should team up and bring the dukes of hazzard back to life and start filming again im sure john and tom have the finances to do it and no there not to old look at them there looking good daisy to i'd love to see cathy in them daisy duke's again
  3. sean william scott he played bo in the new movie i read in a newspaper article where he said that he knew nothing about the show dukes of hazzard when he played in the movie they asked him did he perfect sliding across the hood of the general he said yes but getting in the windows was a b**** he made the comment that bo an luke must have been coke heads in order to get thru the windows so fast(to you scott they were not coke heads just natural actors something you will never have you jerk) i hope bo an luke kicks your ass
  4. um.. everytime i upload an avatar it says the url is wrong can some one help on this?am i doing it wrong
  5. jessica simpson does not hold a candle to cathy bach theres only one daisy duke that new dukes of hazzard movie was a complete disgrace to all of the origanal cast even shorrel brooke an denver pyle who are now dead rip Boss an jessy.
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