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  1. When they got to the Duke Farm, Madi and Jesse ran to the barn. Madi ran all the way to the end stall where the stall door stood open. She knelt down beside Dusty and motioned for Jesse to come and sit. "That's a girl, easy Dawn. Take it slow. Shhhhh." Madi said, as she stroked the mares soft muzzle. "It'll be O.K." Dusty soothed. Doc came in and began preparing the stall for the birth of Dawns colt. "I'm gonna go get some coffee for ya' Dusty." Madi said, kissing Dusty before she left. In the House...... "So, you and Dusty." Daisy said raising her eyebrow. "Me and Dusty what?" Madi said, pouring two cups of coffee. "Oh, don't act like nothin' ever happens when ya'll go out to the barn together at night." Daisy said, starting dinner. "Nothin' happens." Madi said deffensiveley. "Oh and don't act like noone saw ya'll kiss in the barn just a few minutes ago." Daisy said, still smiling. "That was a "thank you" kiss. Do you know how long he sat out there with MY horse while I went to the boars nest and got YOU?!" Madi asked. "No I don't." Daisy said, "But I do know that Dusty would do ANYTHING for you. He told me so." "You gotta be f'in kiddin me." Madi said, shocked.
  2. all of it is really good. just give it a shot.
  3. The phone in the farm house rang, and Uncle Jesse picked up. "Hello, Duke Farm." Jesse said," Oh hey Bo. What? Your where?!" "In Atlanta. At the airport. I'm going to be by for my stuff."
  4. "What? You were in jail?" Bo asked. "Yes, I, I, I got aressted for murder. But I got out because I was innocent. And they had me confused with someone else. But now I have even more good news." Madi said, placing Bo's hand on her stomach. "We're gonna have a baby?" Bo asked with delite. "Yes, Are you as excited as me?" Madi asked. "I'm happier than words can say." He said hugging her close. "Well," Madi said, straightning out her back and letting out a sigh," let's get you out of this rathole." "Let's. But my family don't believe me. Where will I stay?" Bo asked. "With me. Forever." Madi said.
  5. i live way in the missouri bootheel and we eat that kind of stuff
  6. "I don't know." Rachel said bursting into tears,"But I aim to find out" "Don't kill him, Rachel." Dusty said. "Oh, I'll do more than kill'em, I'll kill his little slut girlfriend too." She said. "Just settle down, Rachel." Dusty said. Dusty looked at the floor where the two of them had been fighting. There was blood and beer all over the floor. Meanwhile at the hotel... Snow Fox and Bo got their hotel room and made love until daybreak.
  7. Bo_Duke_girl, 1. Alligator Tail 2. Deep Fried Candy Bar (Yuck!, that just wants to make me gag) 3. Maccaroni on a stick (Not interested) 4. Pickle on a stick (Why?) 7. Animal brains (No!!!) 14. Animal feet All I can say is.... WELCOME TO THE SOUTH!
  8. "This," Bo said Drunkenly, "this is differnt." "Come on baby, lets go to my hotel." Snow Fox replied. "Okay Baby." Bo said kissing her neck. "*giggles* BO!" Snow Fox laughed. "Bo aren't you forgetting soeone, as Rachel and Daisy walked through the door. Rachel saw Bo. "Oh lord." Dusty thought. "Bo, who the hell is this little tramp, May I ask?" Rachel asked. Bo looked up from kissin on Snow Fox's neck. "Her name is Snow Fox." "Oh, girl your askin for it." Snow Fox started. "You wanna fight? I'll fight you till the death!" Rachel said, jumping on Snow Fox. They rolled around on the floor untill Bo snatched up snow Fox and held her close. "Rachel what in the hell are you doin'?" Bo said. "I love you Bo, That's why I gotta beat the f@#$!%g s#$t out of this f@# $%^g tramp." Rachel yelled. "Come on Baby, hows about that hotel room you was talkin bout?" "All right." Snow Fox said lookin back at Rachel when they started to walk off.
  9. "BO THIS IS THE LAST TIME!!!!!!" Jesse said. "Please one more chance! Please!" The 16 year old Bo begged. "NO! THERE HAVE BEEN TOO MANY ONE LAST CHANCES BO!!!" He yelled. "I don't want to go, please Uncle Jesse, Please!" Bo cried. "YOU HAVE TO PAY THE CONSEQUENSES SOONER OR LATER, BO." Jesse said. "But I didn't do it!" Bo yelled, "I didn't mean to hurt him." Bo pleaded. "Please, Bo don't make this any harder than it has to be." Daisy said, holding Bo back. "Daisy, you believe me don't you?" Bo asked. "Bo, I, I..." Daisy stuttered looking for the right words to say, "I don't want to believe that you did it, but..." "So yer on his side? That just figures. That just figures real nice." Bo said, being dragged off, handcuffed. He sat there mumbbling in the back of the police car as he watched the car pull away from the small farm he had called home for so long. It was a few weeks away from Christmas Bo was going to jail, Luke was in the hospital in a coma, and The General was wrecked beyond repair. At the jail... Bo had been sitting there in the jail for what seemed like days. He heard the cell door creek open and he turned to face the door. "Duke, you've got a visitor." Bo hopped up, and was led out to the socialization room to see Madi. He ran to her and gave her a huge hug. An officer tried to pry him off, until Madi kissed Bo and cleared things up. Bo broke down crying. "Don't worry, baby. Me and Enos believe you and we got enough money together for the bail and you won't have to see that ugly cell again. Shhh, I know how it feels to be locked up." Madi soothed.
  10. *Sighs* "Hi, Daisy I need to talk to Madi." Dusty said. "Okay, here she is." Daisy said. "Hi Dusty. No baby, but we're almost there. We're pulling in to pick up The Doc. , I love you too. We'll be there any minute. Bye." Madi hung up. Balladeer: I know ya'll are probably real confused about who Dawn is and What is so all fire wrong. I was kinda wonderin that myself.
  11. (Winter 2006) Jesse Duke (Bo's son) sat at a table by the window in the recently remodeled Boars Nest and watched the snow come down in sheets. Suddenly a cold blast of air came through the door. Jesse looked towards the door. It was Madi, she ran to where Daisy was. "Madison Renee Duke, I just swept that floor and you come in here and get snow all ove the place!" Daisy said. "Daisy, I drove here as fast as I could. It's time." Madi said with snow falling off of her Carhart and off the brim of her cowboy hat. "Um Let me get my coat." Daisy said, running towards the coatrack. "What?" Jesse asked. "Dawn Come on!" Madi replied. Daisy ran out to the pickup and tried to start it. Dead. "Madi I gotta ride with you. Jesse, come on." Daisy said. They both hopped in and Madi started her Dodge Truck. Not long after, Madi's cell phone rang. Daisy picked up, it was Dusty.
  12. Thats sweet Chet. So you aren't all that cruel. All I want for Christmas Is a Carhart jacket and to see the rest of my family. My mom kind of keeps us away from the rest of my family for some odd reason and it feels wierd because when I was little, I was always with my other family members and now I never see them.
  13. [b]Bo clutched the note in his hands. It was the only thing he had left of Molly and wanted so much for her to come back, to be with him. He finally, after two hours of waiting, started to read the letter. It read: "My dearest Bo, If you are reading this letter you now know that I have passed on while in labor with our beautiful daughter Madi. I wanted so much for us to be together but unfortunate events of my having to return to Our lord and savior, took us away from each other. I have arranged for our daughter to live with some of my relitives until the 14th year of her life. Then she will return to live in Hazzard with the rest of her family. I miss you and will wait for you at Hevan's Gate. Love you forever, Molly." Bo's son walked out and began to ask where Mommy was. Bo didn't answer. summer 2004,14 years later.... It was all arranged. Madi was to come to live with Bo and the rest of the Dukes within two days. Bo's son Jesse got in the General Lee to go get Madi at the station. Jesse's friend, Dustin, came along. When they got to the station, a girl who looked like Jesse sat on a bench by some suitcases. She had bulky arms and football player shoulders. She wore a cowboy hat and tan cowboy boots. She pulled a picture out of her pocket. The picture showed Jesse and Bo. She looked up at Bo and Jesse. "Hey Daddy, Jesse!" She pulled them both into a hug. "I been to Hazzard before and I never saw you before." She said to Dustin. "Whats yer name?" Madi asked. "Dustin Rhode. But call me Dusty." "I like at name Dusty Rhode." "Oh Daddy wheres Daisy?" "She's over at the boars nest. Workin. We can drop by and see her." Bo said. Giving her another hug. "Hey sis, you want to go huntin later?" Jesse asked. "With what?" Madi asked. "Guns." Dusty and Jesse replied. "Can't." "Why not?" Jesse asked. "Probation. 8 more years that I can't use a gun." Madi responed. "What for? When?" Bo asked. "Um I'll explain later somewhere more priavate." Madi said.
  14. I was over at my cousin's house one day and it was about nine o'clock,(It was summertime so it was just then getting dark. I was in the kitchen with my cousin Drew watching the popcorn pop in the microwave. All of a sudden my cousin Amber starts screaming and she ran out of the bathroom right into my arms and she was crying. When I asked her what was wrong, she said the shower was glowing. I, according to her, looked doubtful. She took me and Drew into the bathroom and sure enough, the shower was glowing. Another time I was sitting on the couch watching TV and all of a sudden, the napkin holder flew, litteraly liffted off of the counter and flew, across the counter and hit the trash can. Another time my dad locked the front door and our house is very old so it has a skeleton key for every door except for the back door. Every night he takes the key out. Well he for some reason went to check it and it was unlocked. Holy crap my lamp just seriously went out on it's own. I'm out of here! I'm scared!
  15. "Madi was the first to know. She just sort of blacked out and then didn't remember anything." Dusty replied.
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