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  1. sorry it's been so long folks! I've been bussy with school and some other personal things... I'm workin' on some more for ya. I should have something for ya real soon! sorry and thanks.
  2. Merry Christmas Brian and thanks. Merry Christmas to ya'all and happy holidays. Take care ya'all.
  3. "You up for celebrating now, honey?" Des asked Luke as she wrapped her arms around him from behind. "Sure am!" Luke replied as he grabbed her hands and loosened them enough for him to turn around. "Hey Bo... Des and me, we're gonna take her car out for a celebration... give us a call on the cb if ya need us" Luke ran out the door pulling Des behind him. ~*~*~*~*~*~*~* Bo heard his cousin but didn't answer him. He pulled away from Kristy a bit to shut the door just behind him. Bo held Kristy tighly as she slept... or so he thought. "Oh brother!" Kristy yelled as she jumped up and ran to t
  4. http://www.myspace.com/24280403 My myspace... come find me
  5. "Duke farm!" Daisy answered the phone. "uh huh, OK thanks Maybel." Luke and Des walked into the kitchen as did Jesse. "Who was that?" Jesse asked before Luke could. "Maybel, Boss wants me in early and Des you too. Maybell tried reaching you but no luck." Des sighed, "Alright, I guess it will keep my mind off other situations. Daisy can i ride with you today, so Luke can look at my car?" "Sure can sugar, why what's wrong with yur car?" "Somethin's rattlin' under the hood, when i reach 50." "Why in tarnation are ya goin' that fast fur in the first place?" Jesse asked knowing the answer h
  6. "Luke, I'm scared." Des said as he reached for the door knob. "Scared? For what baby?" "Cause it was their farm, and what if they can get it back? And what if... they go to jail and get out and come back again?" "It aint thier anymore... That contract your uncle signed makes it legally yours cause it's in his and your all's names. And they are going to jail and will stay there. Don't worry honey..." he said cupping her face in his hands, "... us Dukes don't take kindly to anyone messin' with our family. They aint gonna do anything to you anymore." "Thank you.... and can you just be there
  7. Luke stoped for a second and Jimmie held up his hands in defense. "Ok!" he shouted. "What? Ok what?" Luke yelled back. "Let me talk! Or you can keep hitting me and you'll get nothing. It's your choice." "Well, If it's my choice then...." "Luke..... Don't you do it." Bo yelled at his cousin who raised his fist again to hit Jimmie. "Danm it Bo..." Luke paused for a minute realizing what he was doing "... I'm sorry cuz. your right. ...... So get talkin'" "Well....." Back in town Boss was waiting to hear from Paul and Jimmie again and had Rosco stand guard. Rosco being his self was 'pr
  8. I love the show... I'm not sure why but I like the way he is. Most likely because he acts like most doctors pro'ly do when they aren't with or around patients. I find the show funny, gross, and dramatic. All in all I llike it.... How 'bout anyone else?
  9. he did indeed get fiesty........ but who didn't like that? At least a lil' bit? I know i did. Seeing Luke get away from the family was not what i figured would happen but the 'fun' he had...... Come on ....... I'm sure everyone here's wanted to just plow through some mailboxes before... right? I know i have. tehehehe. Sorry MaryAnne. This was one of my favorite episodes as well.
  10. Bo and Daisy each held Kristy, Daisy held her legs in her lap and her head lay in his lap. Bo just stroked her hair lettin her fall asleep. Daisy slipped away with Angie and Cooter while Jesse made a pot of coffee. Luke and Des were in Bo and Luke's room. "I taught her that. To let the car roll down the hill." Angie laughed, "We did that to our old truck and her old car." "you did what? To what?" Cooter asked surprised. "Yep, to our truck and her old car." "Wow, why?" Daisy finally asked. "Well.... her car was junk and we pushed it over the cliff for fun and the truck was an accide
  11. "Damn it Jimmie!" Paul yelled as he untied his partner. "What the hell happened?" Groaning and holding his head he said, "I don't know, the last thing i remember was me tellin' that woman she was a pretty lil' thing and then I don't know." "By chance did you call her 'honey'?" "I.....I.... I might have. But.... Damn it I'm gonna kill that woman." Jimmie screamed holdin' his head in pain. "Let's go." Paul helped Jimmie up and said "lets get you to the doctor" The two headed out to find their car gone as well. Looking around they decided to take the chance and take the van. Kristy and Bo wa
  12. Come on ya'all there's gotta be something ya'all is proud of Rosco for. This is the spot to do it.
  13. Bo and Luke watched frome the garage with Cooter and Angie as they cought their breathe. "How's it lookin' ya'all?" Bo asked "Well we aitn seen much other then them walk in." Luke asked, "Ya'all hear any of it?" "Nope, nothin'." Angie said regretfully. "Don't worry honey, it'll all be ok. You'll see." Cooter said putting a comphorting arm around her. "But, you may wanna go file a report on your sisters kidnapping too." "Why? Don't you think their's is enough?" "Uh....not exactly.... see uh..." Bo struggled "Boss Hogg and us Dukes aint the best of 'friends' if ya will." "Why not?" Ang
  14. They drove it over the cliff because the brakes wouldn't work and they were headin' toward that cliff. So they jumped and saved their 'fine behinds' and caused Daisy to chase them with a huge frying pan when they gave her the news. That was great. she was swinging it and everything. Thats why they drove that Beautiful, awsome, fast car.
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