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Hughie Hogg's VW Beetle -- Work In Progress

Andrew D Charger Chaser

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On to project #10: Hughie Hogg's Volkswagen!  

The first thing I discovered was that it was NOT repeat NOT a true convertible.  Rather, it was a chop-top, as evidenced by the sedan-style windscreen, and the bottoms of the window posts still remaining.  

The second thing I had to learn was the difference between the classic Beetle and the Super Beetle.  Some of you already know this, but it was new to me.  Although the differences are easy to miss at first glance, I now see clearly that Hughie's ride was most definitely a Super Beetle with the roof cut off.  




After much more research and guidance from folks at an automotive modeling forum, I realized (after much frustration) that I was going to have to kitbash THREE different kits to do this.  

1) Aoshima Beetle 1303S for most (not all) of the body and the bumpers 

2) Revell '68 Beetle for the chassis, engine, windscreen, rear body vents, tail lights and much of the interior

3) Revell VW Cabriolet for some of the interior and some of the body details



I should also mention part of my research was to go through every Dukes episode in which this vehicle appeared, pause the DVD whenever a good view appeared from any angle, and photograph the scene.  I then had the photos made into prints to use as I build.  Maybe low-tech, but it works for me.  


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The excellent Revell '68 chassis actually fit the Aoshima body *mostly* well.  Only two issues to face.  First, it needed widening on both sides with a .040 strip (easy fix). 

The bigger problem was that the aft wheel wells and engine area didn't fit.  So I took a saw and cut partway into the plastic at that area so that the aft area could be bent upward, and then fit quite well, considering.  








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Final step for now was scratchbuilding the large McPherson struts, a vital item for the Super Beetle.  The struts themselves were made from plastic tubing, then the springs made by wrapping metal wire around an appropriately-sized plastic rod then trimmed to shape and installed.







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50 minutes ago, RogerDuke said:

I'm not a fan of the reunion movies but Hughie would have been the best choice. It would have made Boss's death just a little easier to take, knowing he would have approved of Hughie taking his place....even though Huggie drove him nuts. 

My thoughts exactly!  Me and Hughie are enjoying some Pale Ale right now at this moment as a matter of fact!

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