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28 minutes ago, RogerDuke said:

This is a great idea. For the moment I can't think of a better date but it will be almost a year before we can celebrate. We could always use Skipper's help to promote it on Facebook. It's too bad we can't think of a day in the summer instead. 

Give me a little while....I'll make up someth.....I mean I'll find another good date close by! 

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Well guys, the reason I suggested May 9th, is because the show was about Southern people but it had Yankees in it too. May 9th was the day the War Between the States  ended.  ( May 9th 1865) . We ALL enjoy the show and we're all friends and even the people on the show  were a mixture of Confederates and Yankees, both in characters and in real life . ......Just a suggestion though. I'm down for whatever you guys come up with!  ( Hey, if you can't trust and depend on the citizens of Hazzard.....who can you depend and trust??? :)  ) 

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11 hours ago, RogerDuke said:

no, Meadowmufn

Well, I love Muf'n ....so if you want to do that, I got no prob. She's a very nice, very sweet lady! ....Though I'll go for whatever you guys decide....I just fig. May9 wouldn't be that far off and we could still have enough time to decide what to do to celebrate it etc. 

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