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Skipper Duke

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Christine fans... In the book, it is so funny when Arnie brings the Buddy Repperton gang damaged Christine from the airport lot to Darnell's Garage on a tow truck. Darnell sees it all smashed up. He thinks to himself "It looks like the Green Giant shat all over it. It's never going to run again. That's all. It won't run another foot."

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Christine fans... How many of you would've believed George LeBay's lie "She'll start. You need these."

My friend Chris Mocaby:"Everyone would have because no one in their right mind would believe the truth." Me:"Yep Chris Mocaby... The truth was incredible!"

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Forgot a quotation mark at the beginning of what I said to Chris.
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George LeBay:"Cuz he's stone cold dead, that's why. Died six weeks ago. He ran a rubber hose through the exhaust pipe." Dennis Guilder:"Arnie never would've bought that car if he'd have known somebody died in it!" George LeBay:"Either yer dumber than you look, or you don't know yer friend very well. He had the same look in his eye my brother always had. Probably the only thing my brother ever loved in his whole rotten life was that car. He had a five year old daughter choke to death in her. He wouldn’t get rid of it. He just went around with the radio blaring. Not a care in the world except for Christine. The only time I interfered with it was when Rita killed herself."


Dennis Guilder:"Whose Rita?"


George LeBay:"His wife. He didn't give a rat's ass about 'er. She died the same way he did. And than I made him get rid of it. For decency you know. Course the car came back 3 weeks later."


Dennis Guilder:"What you mean came back?"


George LeBay (*glare look*)

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7 hours ago, Skipper Duke said:

Buddy Repperton:"If this is yours, why isn't your name on it anywhere? Why doesn't it say "Arnie Cun*ingham?"

What I said for nitpickers on Facebook where I also posted this. They say "Buddy said "Cun*ingham" I said "Yeah I know what Buddy really called Arnie. But I can't say that on here. I get Facebook Jail."

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Obscene language.
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