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Skipper Duke

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Arnie Cunningham:"All in all, it wasn't a bad first day. Do you think Repperton will try to get even?" Dennis Guilder:"No. He's a douchebag. He'll find somebody else to pick on." Arnie Cunningham:"They kicked him out, you know." Dennis Guilder:"Good! What about Moochie?" Arnie Cunningham:"Probation." Dennis Guilder:"Those a**holes!"

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Christine Book and Movie fans... Will Darnell didn't deserve to be killed. I mean after all he did give Arnie and her a place to stay. Well her a place to stay while Arnie fixed her up. I feel bad for Will. But he discovered her secret that she drives by herself without a driver. When she came back to the garage to Stall 20 smoking and burned up. In order to protect Arnie and keep that secret, Will had to be eliminated.

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Mr. Casey: [after being told that 


Buddy Repperton has a switchblade] "Empty your pockets, Buddy."

Buddy Repperton:"F*** I will. You can't make me."


Mr. Casey:"If you mean I don't have the authority, you're wrong. If you mean I can't turn out your pockets myself..."


Buddy Repperton: [interrupting him] "Yeah, try it, you little bald f*** and I'll knock you through the wall! F***!


Mr. Casey: [turns to Buddy's friends] "You two boys go up to the office. Stay there. Don't go anywhere else. You got enough trouble without that."

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Regina Cunningham:"You're his best friend. Now what's going on?" Dennis Guilder:"I don't know. I mean, I hardly ever see him anymore." Regina Cunningham:"Neither do we. Ever since he bought that car, he's been obsessed with it! And you know what else? When we signed the registration papers at City Hall, they told us that the man who owned that car last, died in it of carbon monoxide poisoning." Dennis Guilder:"Jesus! Does Arnie know about that?" Regina Cunningham:"Arnie doesn't know anything about anything anymore!"

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