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This is a poem about Christine written by a Facebook friend of mine. Y'all enjoy!


My names Christine. And that's just the start. 

I’ll be your friend. And I’ll own your heart. 

Give your love to me. I’ll make you Bow. I’ll be the best car in your life. And make your Besties go “WOW” 
I’ll make you want me. And engage in your everyday life.  But do one thing to hurt me. I’ll slice you like a knife. 

Life with me can sometimes be a Tole. But If you push me hard enough I swear I’ll own your soul. 

I’ll pull you away from your family. I’ll pull you away from the Good. I’ll even drag you down a road of evil . If I could. 
I am a possession and full of the Horror . And have always found my ways of sitting alone. But If you chose me as your own. I’ll be Bad to the bone. 

You’ll love me forever. While I love you. You’ll wish you known me your whole life. And see me apart of the family. I promise that's true. 

If you hurt me once. I might let you by. If you hurt me twice. Its your time to die. I have told you my story. Now its all up to you. Will you buy me and have me and love me thru and thru. Im not going to pressure you. Cause this is all on you. You love me forever I’ll most certainly love you. Don't turn away or walk away. Or try to Fail. . Cause I really wanna adore you. But will mainly  drag you to HELL.

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A Facebook friend of mine had this to say about Regina not letting Arnie keep Christine at home...

"A ridiculous over the top reaction to a son buying a car on his own I can see her saying couldn't you run this by us first but her reaction was way extreme ,he bought a car he didn't commit murder , and how the hell can Dennis get blamed by her, he is just a friend not Arnie's dad there was no way he could prevent Arnie from doing it, in a way Buddy and his goons demise at Christine's hands could be blamed on Regina, if she hadn't been a pain in the ass about the car and let it be parked there ,i don't know Buddy and his goons could damage it."

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State Police Detective Rudolph Junkins:"The kid was cut in half Arnie. They had to scrape his legs up with a shovel." Arnie Cunningham:"Well, isn't that what you're supposed to do with sh**, scrape it up with a little shovel?" State Police Detective Rudolph Junkins:"Don't get smart with me son. You know, your girlfriend is a hell of a lot more convincing than you are!" Arnie Cunningham:"She's not my girlfriend. And since when is it against the law to fix up your own car when somebody else buys it up, huh?" State Police Detective Rudolph Junkins:"Since never." Arnie Cunningham:"Then you get off my back." State Police Detective Rudolph Junkins:"Ok."


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1 hour ago, HossC said:

Small correction, but it's a well-known quote:

"And since when is it against the law to fix up your own car when somebody else busts it up, huh?"

Oops. HossC... I don't know why it does that. I saw it said buys and fixed and it must have done it again and I didn't catch it. Dumb phone.

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I had to tell my Facebook friend Morgan this about Christine. She found something about a suicidal note left by Buddy Repperton and Arnie Cunningham finds the note and him and Buddy make love. Here is what I told her.

How many times I got to tell you? There is no such love scene between Arnie Cunningham and Buddy Repperton or Buddy Repperton suicide note. Never has been. Not in Stephen King's novel or John Carpenter's movie. That is just a piece of fabricated fanfiction somebody wrote. Someone who wanted those things to happen made them happen in their own world. That note and those scenes of love and suicide do not officially exist. I repeat do not officially exist.

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Christine Fun Fact: The guy carrying the boom box listening to Rock N Roll in the junkyard, was George Thorogood(Bad to Bone)writer and singer. He was supposed to speak in the cubed Christine scene. But his acting was very bad, he wound up with that non speaking role of the boom box music listener instead.

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Someone on Facebook said in a post "Moochie was a dope for not thinking the car was immortal when the radio came on by itself right in front of him." My Facebook friend Mary Lou Tringali said "That’s how it was written. He’s an actor. Duh." I said "Yep and plus to be fair he didn't know had no way of knowing couldn't have known it was haunted either to be fair."

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